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Am i too skinny for my age
im 13
5 feet and 3.5 inches
my weight constantly changes all the time but right now im at 93. i am anywhere from 84-95.
i eat all the time but cant seem to gain any weight.
so the question is, am i too skinny.

please no mean answers.
: )

Additional Details
yea i do have a fast metabolism.
and i started puberty when i was 11

Megan G
your fine im thirteen and way exactly 90 pb! just be proud your thin!!

Kylee H
You might want to try getting some muscle, because you might just be a little, well, you are under weight, but not dangurousely, so try to get some muscle, because it weighs x2 more then fat, and you are, I imagin, quite skinny. It's not your falt though, because you have a high matab. If you want some fat of youir bones, then eat AFTER 9:00 at night, because thats when your Matab. turnes off really.


DQ to the rescue
and when you get to my age, you'll be asking the opposite question: am i too fat.....hahaha..... you're just where you need to be right now.

skinnay u r

omg thats same with me to
i thougt i was alone

i know what you mean im 5'2
and like 87-92
also im 15

i eat all the time but i can never gain weight i personal hate it i want to gain weight i just cant

all the doctor tells me to do is eat fast food but i do i just cant gain weight

Dani Lynne
Maybe a little. But at age 13, you are probably okay. But yes, maybe try gaining some muscle or eating a bit more, certainly don't lose any more weight though!

i think you should eat alot of meat eat mcdonalds and lift weights i gess

If you are eating healthy (you have proportional amounts of protein, carbs, and fats in your diet), you have energy, and you feel good and are well physically, then no, you are not too skinny- you are as you are intended to be.

if you are eating regular and you feel ok i would not worry about it . if you want to gain some weight i would suggest eating some carbs like pasta. but some people just stay small, as long as you are healthy i'm sure it is fine

Patricia B
Techically you're underweight, but you're thirteen so you're going to be rail thin. WHen you get older you'll probably gain more weight...Just keep eating healthy and if you're really concerned ask your doctor about getting you on a weight gaining program.

Kari X
no your not to skinny and if you eat a lot then more power to you for being healthy. Way to go fast metabolism of yours. Jealous much?!

Crystal K
you're little skinny, you should probably gain about ten pounds. don't make too big a deal out of it, just make sure you eat three meals a day and that you eat healthy stuff. if you want to gain weight try eating peanut butter, nuts and avacados more often. you could eat a slice of toast with peanut butter every night before bed whether you're hungry or not. also try drinking juice and soymilk more often.

nah ur fine
im twelve and i have the same issue
you have a fast mitabilism, which means even if you eat a ton nothing really happens..
hope that helped!

Personally I don't think you are too skinny. Maybe skinny, but not to that extent. I am about 5'1 and weigh between 80 and 85 pounds. Don't worry about your weight because some would kill to be able to eat ALOT and not gain weight. By the way, I'm 14, so I now what you are going through.

Im not tellin my name
its ok. im only 13 and i weigh 80 lbs. everyone else in my class thats my age weighs about 100 and something

Hannah G
your fine if your under 80 hats bad tho

no sweetie,you are not to skinny. You are young and your metabolism is VERY rapid. I was just like you when I was your age. You have so much energy that everything you eat, just gets immediately used up (burned calories) thats why you cant keep the weight on. Your fine I promise..as you get older, your metabolism will slow down some, and you will grow into your natural shape

thats just like me... im 19 and i think iwas bout the same size or smaller when i was your age its just ur matabalism. (sp)

Your weight is fine.

your short, so not really, i mean your eating good and probably have high metabolizim

kelsey [livelovedance]
Some people are just naturally skinny. Just eat healthy if your trying to gain weight.
I'm 13, 5 5' 1/2 and 115-120, and I've never really been able to lose weight, only if I grow taller.
Hopefully I helped, good luck! =)

not at all you are just right!

No your not skinny your still growing though
dont worry about it

Nope, not at all. I am 14, 5 feet 3 inches, and I weigh on average 92 pounds.

84 is a little thin, but 93 is completely healthy for 5 ft 3 :]

no and the reason why you don't gain weight even though your saying you eat all the time is because you probably have a fast metabolism =]

nope your probably just petite.

Lara B
your gonna start gaining weight like crazy once you turn 15-16. You probably havent gone through puberty yet so thats why.

I have a friend with the exact same problem. The thing is that you're only 13, you have plenty of time to grow and trust me, you'll be fine. Just keep eating healthy and you should be ok in no time!

Caroline S.
I think your fine. I'm almost 12 and I only weigh about 68.

eh not really. but kinda. you just have a fast metabolism thats all :]]
and you are lucky. theres no problem with being skinny.

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