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Laura 2k8
Am i too skinny ?
i was recently anorexic, i have gained 4lbs since then but my mum still says i look skeletal.. i think i look quite feminine now.. but wat do you think ?
i'm not trying to show off, just settle a family argument
i'm 5'7 and 116lbs (8 stone and 6lbs)

is it just because she remembers me when i use to be 11stone ? (154lbs)

P'tang Ole Biscuitbarrel
your perfect stop worrying

Nico W
You need to gain more weight. Being too underweight is just as bad as being over weight. Increase your diet by .5(if you eat 2000 then eat 2500 kilocalories)

Jessica E
116 sounds pretty healthy to me. I can't view the picture because, I'm at school and they have photobucket blocked.

You should be 140 pounds

Benjamin M
nope...u are perfect

The B
parents eh lol take a look here but remember its only a guide and every person is different http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/body_weight/healthy_weight/chart.htm

I think you could do with putting on some more weight, but you should be proud of yourself for recovering. If you've only just begun recovering then don't worry, no-one can expect you to get to an ideal weight stright away. And its understandable that you mum would think like that if you used to be 11 stone, but just let her know that it will take time. I'm sure you look alot healthier with that extra 4lbs, but several more and you'll be perfect, good luck =]

Tom D
according to the bmi chart ur not anorexic nor underweight so tell ur family tht.

pakistani chap is spot on

um actually you look fine i think...the most important thing is that you are healthy....if you are eating a balanced diet with plenty of protein and maybe a Multivitamin.....i think there are really thin people that are healthy....being bigger does not always mean healthier...so make sure you point that out....as long as you "are" eating and maintaining a "healthy" lifestyle then that should be your backup.....good luck....

You are pretty skinny. I say just gain a couple more pounds and you will be fine. =]

you look lovely, I wish I were that slim. I really think you shouldn't loose any more weight though xx

♥ that dumb guy :/
According to your height you should weight between 126 to 130 for a small body frame.

Lydia :)
i wish i was that thin.

claire g
looks perfect to me!

You look good - thin, but not too thin. Speaking as a guy, I know that you would be too thin for some guys tastes, but I'd say you look mighty fine... maybe just some exercise for a bit of toning (e.g. fill your arms and legs out a little)

You need to be HEALTHY; that should be your focus!

Yes. You need to gain at least half a stone minimum. Yes i am serious.

You're thin but I don't think you're dangerously thin

L dog
your fine looking, but you could look a lot better if you gained 4 more lbs.

sleepy but can't sleep
you've got no butt. Yes

Too thin, sorry


A pound or two will still do.....

You want to see fat? go into google and type in cow! It looks NOTHING like ur picture...u are still skinny. try gaining a couple more pounds.

A few extra pounds would not go a miss but not like really skinny..

alexandra m
well you are still underweight ... you should weigh about 130-140 for your height and i'm guessing you still have the anorexic mindset. i do not think you look horrible but i can understand why your mom still thinks your too thin

i am glad you are recovering... and your mom is right you are a little too thin, yo have no booty or breasts... gaining a little more weight will make you look more like a women. i do not know how old are you but you look like an 11 or 12 yr old

you don't look anorexic to me but you do still look rather thin. A few more lbs really wouldn't hurt!!!

good luck!!


Uncle Tim
You're awfully skinny. Not un-healthily so, but yes very skinny.

Being anorexic - even a recovering anorexic - your view of your body is not realistic. You are still extremely thin. You do have breasts though, which helps give you a more feminine figure, but I'd say you could still gain a little weight - muscle weight anyway. Quit worrying about it and just eat normally.

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