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Am i really that skinny?

this girl just said to me"shouldn't you be loosing weight, oh ya you cant cause your already a toothpick." on msn, and its really getting to me, like i know im skinny but am i that skinny?
im 13 5ft2in and i weight 80 pounds.

please no mean comments, im already hurt enough with that b!tchs comment!
im NOT anorexic or bulemic. and i dont have an eating disorder.

It's probably because your metabolism is really fast don't worry and don't let her comments get to you. Just keep eating healthy and you'll do fine.

youre fine, youll fill out more as you get older anyway

Evelyn P
for your height, you weight less than you should. you should try gaining some weight. :)

um well you are thin, and yes skinny, but i would advise you to maybe gain a few pounds, don't let others words get to you, yes i know us human beings a succectable and sensitvie about feelings at times, but all you have to impress is yourself no one else matters.


Yes, you are incredibly skinny and extremely underweight. You have muscle wasting which is usually caused by extreme diets or starvation. But if you say you are not suffering from an eating disorer, then I'd recommend you get checked out by your doc because it doesn't look healthy at all.

Daniel L
Well, to tell you the truth you do look slightly anorexic, but as long as you're eating healthy meals every day, your body will keep what it needs, so no need to worry. Being thin is better than being fat.

Beth L
How tall are you? How much do your weigh? Are you small frame or medium frame. Look at this chart. If you're under the weight requirement maybe its time to think about your diet and put some weight on.


Yeah 80lbs would be considered underweight at 5'2". A teen girl should weigh between 95-105 lbs at your height. It's possible you have a very small frame in which case you could subtract a few pounds from the average but 80lbs is still a little underweight no matter which way you look at it. If you're just naturally skinny due to genes and you do not have an eating disorder then don't worry about it....your figure will fill out soon enough. :)

wow thats really skinny but hey if your eating right and your doctor says your fine then your probably fine but the skinnyness might have some reprocusion later like with your period or at least thats what i've been told

Railyn A
Um, is that really a picture of you? Sorry, it looks like sort it was taken from a video or something, but anyways...If it is, you NEED HELP! You obviously have some sort of health issue, no one is that skinny and healthy.

Even though her comment was rude she was right. You don't need to lose any weight at all because truth be told you are stick skinny.
Don't feel bad about it, use it to your advantage!!

Andrea J
You do look very skinny, and a bit un- healthy. I think you should put a bit on.
But don't let her comments get to you. If you feel comfortable in your body then you have nothing to worry about.

If you want to loose weight DON'T you are pretty thin.
I'd say you need to gain weight, but contact a doctor.
Don't eat high fat foods or whatever. Just increase the amount of healthy food you eat until you gain about 10--15 pounds.

Good luck!

Yes, you're thin, but so are many other girls your age. When I was 13 I was also fairly thin, and I didn't gain much weight until a few years later. A lot of girls at my school were also very thin - not because they had eating disorders or dieted, but just because that's how their bodies were built! Some of them gained a bit of weight in high school, and some didn't. It's just how our bodies work!

If you're really concerned about it, the best person to ask if a doctor or a nurse at school. Please don't let the comments left on here determine your outlook on your body. Try not to let somebody judge you based on a physical characteristic. Most people realize how terrible overweight people feel when they are picked on, but they don't realize how much their comments about thinner people can hurt.

You're very underweight; according to BMI charts, you're at 14.6, where borderline healthy is like 19/20.

Don't lose any weight please, sweety. You could do to gain some.

Erm.... you are abit too skinny...

And I dont often say that.

Being too skinny is just as unhealthy as being too fat. People wont tell you this though, as they are very shallow and the media portrays slim as good.

You are extremely underweight.

Little Miss Optimist 69
you are underweight for your height

your BMI is 14.08 and you should be between 18.5 and 24.9
which is about 7.3 - 9.9 stone. 102.2 - 138.6 pounds

you should go to your doctor and talk to him/her about your weight.

you havent finished growing or developing yet so go talk to your doctor

hope it helps

Richard Dickwith
yup eat a panini

I'll say it again, gain some weight. Its just not healthy. No matter what your age or height is, being that skinny looks horrible. I am being as honest as I can, you really look unhealthy and very skinny.

Too skinny.

I Like Pie
no offense, but holy cr _ap you are skinny im the same age as you, i am 5 foot 1 and 1 weigh 100 lbs. but you are skinny

you are a bit skinny. try lifting weights to give you lean bulk, not flab.

omg dear you need to go eat a LOT of steak... seriously though you might be really healthy, but you look VERY thin

charlie h
omg.......u r soooo skinny.....like really scary no offense.....you need to eat a lotttttttt more.....not tryin to be rude

Angelica 26
omg! your way too skinny hun!

Yeah, you really are.
Don't lose ANY weight.
If anything, gain some.

Wayyy too skinny.

A girl with a Dream
PLEASE gain weight. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE eat more.

katie s
You are actually far too thin. You need to gain some weight badly.
If you aren't anorexic or bullemic I would suggest seeking the help of a nutritionist. Since you are so young your body is probably changing. but I would go see a doctor to make sure nothing is wrong.

hey sorry bout that but u r really thin.
gud to kno that u don hav an eatin disorder. y don u start eatin really well n gain a few pounds.
gud luck
btw t cat on t cabinet looks cute.

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