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Am i overweight for my age?
im 14, 120 lbs, and 5"2'. i do look chunky

TX Cyclone

param p
yes you weigh alot, but it could be worse
when i was 14, i weight 220 lbs and i was 3 ft 4

not to bad, just eat healthy and exercise


No, thats average.

That guy
omg someone put lay of the twinkies fatty as an answer rofl, omg too funny, anyway, idk, probly not. if you had a pic up i could tell better

Honey, t.v. adds think that 90 pounds is fat. Love yourself. And p.s. you are NOT overweight! * oh and 90 pounds isn't fat, if someone got the wrong message from moi


no, not at all. . . .

im 13 and im that wieght. not overwieght at all. i dont even look chunky =/

alright listen. This is an age old argument with woman and weight. First off,your not even close to being done growing. Second off 120 pounds is not that much. If you grow another 2 inches and keep that same weight,your going to be thing. Im 6'4" 185lbs. I used to weigh 220. I thought I was "bulky" but everyone said no. 25lbs lighter and everyones telling me Im too thin. Honeslty you sound perfectly average. And If you dont like it,do what I did and still do. 60 sit ups a night. And instead of eating 3 times a day,eat 2. Also, quit the soda,drink water.

Jay G
Uhmm a little.. depends.

You have a picture?

& do you have a myspace? ill add ya if u want.

I wouldn't say you're skinny, but you're not on the heavier side either. I'd say you're average. Though, as you grow older, your diet and lifestyle will reflect on your weight. If you want to shed a few pounds, then do it now, as it's easy to take control of weight at a younger age.

The pharmacist.

no i rather be 120 then like 210 right?


your normal

Michael N

Albert G
5'2" 120... sounds good to me.

cRoSbY lOgGiNs rOx mY wOrLd
no every one is built a different way and any way you are not chunky

no; thats like right what you are suppossed to be

Teresa S
im 16 and 5 foot 2 and i weigh 107.

120 might be a llittle chunky but not much


no you are not according to your BMI( Body Mass Index) is 21.5 which is healthy!but you are still to young to be worrying about being overweight because you are still growing so no you are not over weight

sounds perfect size......


no not at all you just think your chunky because you are short

no u r not overwiaght. u r normal and the fact the u r still growing so its no big deal.

I dont think so.


Al W
thats what my mom weighs and shes an inch taller.
and chunkiness is attributed to fat, not weight.
if you were pure lean muscle, you could weight a good amount, where as if you were all fat, then 120 pounds of fat is a good amount. remember, fat is about 5 times the size of muscle. if you do feel that you are slightly chunky, just work out a bit. tone up. do a lot of light exercises, but a lot of reps

everyone that ever asks this questions knows it's rhetorical

Domino M
Your Body Mass Insect (BMI) is within the normal range. Your BMI 21.9.. Average is 19-25....BMI is not incredibly accurate though as it doesn't take body fat percentage into account.

Average body fat percentage for women is 20%-25%..Over 30% is considered obese. If you are concerned about your health, ask your parents to buy you a scale with a body fat analyzer. Not the most accurate but it is accurate enough.

There is nothing wrong with being concerned about your health. Remember though, if you want to lose weight, you can't starve yourself. This only slows your metabolism down and tells your body to store whatever food you do consume as body fat. You have to eat well spaced meals and the most important thing is to exercise.

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