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Note: its fat weigh not muscle ( my belly stands out as if i was ...

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they do not want to be like that.it is a kind of illness....

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Additional Details
You guys are the best, thanks !...

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can you lose weight from thowing up?
if so:
how much how fast?...

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Cant measure my age......

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-bowl of multi-grain cheerios with skim milk

-Peanut butter sandwich on wheat
-handful dried cranberries

-2 tbsp ...

 Best exercise for overweight person?

Am i overweight?
i'm a girl:) i am 15, 5'6 and 130 pounds, am i overweight?


[в] ツ♥
hells no! ur skinny

No Way! Your probley just really muscular and in good shape. Rememer; Muscle weighs more than fat!

נαу αη∂ ?є∂

i would say that you are like perfect. Im about youre age and i weigh about your size and the doctor said my weight was perfect! So... there's a good chance your weight is too...

Nope, just perfect :)


tila D
Oh god no! Lol. Your perfectly skinny! You dont need to loose weight! Believe me!!!! :)
Good Luck & God Bless!! Well .. Bye. ♥


Genevieve` T
Well I can only compare you to me at that age and I stood only one inch taller than you. I weighed 110 lbs. I was not skinny, nor was I fat. I was the average size. Considering you will grow more as you age just keep an eye on what you eat and the amount of exercise you get.




JEEZE no lol

I am...
No im 5'1 and weigh more than that...:[[

xUnsure -x- Confusedx
no way, I'm the same height and age but 145 pounds. I'm gonna lose more weight, get to about 135 but I'm in the normal range, and my bmi is 23, so not too bad. as long as your bmi is from 18-25, ur normal.

BMI = weight (lbs) divided by height squared.

No your normal.

not at all honey!

Steven S
Nope your deffinately not overweight....your in the area where you still need to exercise but your not fat per say. Just keep exercising and maintain that weight it'll get harder as you get older!

nope thats pretty good

Bobbie B
no. you are completely average. your bmi is 21. a normal bmi is between 18.5 and 24.9. at 15, your body will still be making a lot of changes, so don't worry if you have 15 year old friends under 100 lbs. it won't last forever.

Dani D
no im 5'2 and 120 and i look fine


no, just little bit undertall

nah not at all for your heigt


not at all

No, Not at all. You may think so, but all girls think that. I would say you are just right :D



I think for your height, you're at the perfect weight.

nope. But I guess it depends. You should check your body fat, because checking your weight on a scale doesn't tell you how much of that is water weight or muscle. So you really should check and see what your body fat is.

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