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Am i over weight? i want the truth i will not be offended!!?
i am the one in the black shirt
i am the one in the green shirt
i am the on in the white shirt next to the girl in the grey hoodie!

YOu look fine to me. Maybe 5 lbs. at the most to loose. I really would not worry about it.

Over-weight isn't the right term, it implies you're carrying an abundance of fat, which you aren't. Like most women you carry your weight around your midsection. I say you could focus on some core strengthening exercises. Look into purchasing a stability ball and pull some core exercises off the internet. You could trim your stomach and hips, but otherwise you're very pretty.

eric e
hey chick..ur cute:) Im to old for ya hahaha but u look good in the green and white...dont worry...u look good:)

that something u shouldn't really be worried about.whoever wants to go out with you has to like you because of the way u are not because of the way u look.if u have no diseases or aren't missing any body part u should be thankful for what u have and no u are not fat id hit it lol.j/k no but u do look hot ; )

no offense but ur face is kind of big your body is alright ... if you dont feel comfortable you should check your bmi and if its too high then exercise a little bit...

From what I can see you are not over weight. You look very nice. If anything needs worked on it's your self esteem that's all.

lisa n
im about the same size as you and for the most part i feel happy with the way i am

ur a Dee Dee Dee
yes...hahaha, really? all these people are just being nice or they have accepted the average american weight (which is overweight or obese) as an actual average

I'm not being mean, just honest. and for the person that said 5lbs...they are crazy! 5lbs only matters when you are skinny and can SEE 5lbs

a little bit

Your beautiful. And the layer picture with the black sweater and white blouse...really cute!

well if you feel you are, then work out, it's not about what other people think, it's about what makes you feel confident, so do it for yourself not because someone thinks you might be overweight, because I think your beautiful. Showing confidence is one of the best qualities someone could have.

Jackie O

Your eye make up looks good though.

you are not really overweight, just not skinny. Skinny girls are so overrated. Everyone is supposed to look different. Like dogs all look different and cats all look different and so humans all look different too and for good reason. I think you are super cute and as long as you take care of yourself and you are healthy then that's all that matters!

Although you'd think just be looking at someone you could tell if they were overweight or not this is not always the case. It depends on how much of your body weight comes from fat.

So my suggestion would be to have your body fat percentage checked out. Keeping your body fat percentage below 30% will keep you healthy.

Take care : )

Honey, from female to female, why do you care about what a bunch of strangers think of your body? What matters is what your are comfortable with, and how you feel in the clothes you wear. I personally think you are adorable, but if you would feel better to lose weight, do it the smart way: join a gym or get a personal trainer. Do not just stop eating; the last thing you need if you are unsure about your weight is an eating disorder.

Also, just a few tips, if you are feeling a little more "bloated" than normal at any point in time, I suggest the following:
- Stop drinking soda, and drink more tea, Vitamin Water, and regular water; you will notice that you feel much lighter and healthier too.
- Do not limit yourself to three meals a day. Eat healthy and/or small light snacks when you are hungry (like carrot sticks or a plastic baggie of Cheese-Its), and try not to skip meals. Eating one or two big meals a day will only foster weight gain rather than weight loss.

I am 5'4 and weigh about 125 which is fine, but when I feel unhealthy I walk more briskly, take the stairs when I can, park farther away from the entrance at the mall, and drink lots of water. You wouldn't believe how much better you feel! :]]

Good luck, and feel free to message me if you want to talk more!

tony ret8065
I would like to be frank with you and it is obvious you are overweight. Not to be offended. I am sorry. The are couple of factors that made you look like that. There are few items if annualized from this point of view will indicate what you need to do to rectify. Based on age and height you need to know your Body fat range, % body water range, Muscles Mass, Physique ratings, BMR, Basal metabolic Age, Bone Mass and Visceral fat. One you get these results you will know your evaluation.whether it excellent or good, medium, bad or alarming. I am a knowledge on this that is why I can answer your question. Physically you are overweight.

Just ME
You can go to www.dailyplate.com and enter your height, current weight and age. It will tell you how much you should weigh, how much your current BMI is (body mass index). It will tell you where you need the BMI to be healthy.

If you find out your over weight you can use that site for free to get your calorie goals for the day and things like that to help you get where you need to.

Your type looks a lot like mine, not bad over all but a slight gut right there in the middle which is not flattering in today's styles. I am doing a lot of exercise to work that area.

Overweight is quite a subjective term.

You're certainly not fat. In a culture or area where people are generally quite slender, you might be considered chubby, but I'd say that as far as Americans go (assuming you're American) you're curvy in a good way, and proportional.

You have a round face, like me, so hairstyle actually makes a big difference in the way people perceive your weight (round faces often make people view someone as heavier than they are). Your hairstyles in the last two pictures are much more flattering, in my opinion, because having the bangs/front of your hair fall beside your face generally creates a slimming effect.

Nope your not overweight ...but your not a twig either you have meat on you...but i wouldnt call you fat at all...your face is SO CUTE!...you seriously have a really cute pretty face...i love your cheeks....

you are kind of overweight or in other words atleast fuller in the body than those sninny idols of yours. You should probably diet or exercise that'll not only tone your body but make you healthier.

Nicole S
i think your cute!!
you remind me of how i am..althought im bigger than your are...haha, but im not huge!

I would say to lose maybe 10 pounds...nothing drastic...i think you look good!
just start exercising and watching what you eat, but I dont think you need to go on any diet or anything too drastic!!

i'm back again
no you are not over weight seems you could be a size or two smaller but hey what ever is comfortable for you is what you should be. I would have no problem with your weight at all if some guy does then you don't need him its a red flag when a guy is that picky.

Leggo My Eggo
I think you look good

No. You're fine just the way you are.

Personal opinion, you might be able to loose a couple of pounds. However, I wouldn't say you are significantly overweight. Look at the face. That's where excess weight would really show up. Your face shows only a small degree of excess weight.

nooooo way youre sooooooo pretty....trust me im not lieing i used to think i was overweight turns out i really wasnt i was average soo ya......... :) hope that helps

So what is the problem? You look real cute to me. I bet you look even hotter in person!

AK Nixon McGuillicutty
Yup, you're a little overweight. Fixing this COULD be a breeze, you're young enough to solve this problem very easily before your metabolism slows down.

Eat smaller portions more often, and get DAILY exercise, even if it's just a 1 mile jog or brisk walk. Cut out fatty foods like taco bell and mcdonalds and tha'ts all you would have to do.

And ya, you're cute too, I'm sure there are plenty of guys who would love you just the way you are so don't get a complex or trip out.

Overweight NO...But toning can help you to sculpt your body to bring forth your curves. Maybe if you are not comfortable with your body you can make choices based on just being healthy and not think of it as loosing weight but staying fit.

5th of Tuesday
Well, ok, yeah - only maybe 10 pounds or so. But you're as pretty as a picture!

you are out of your mind. overweight? absolutely not- a little curvier than some of the other girls, but overweight is pushing it.

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