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Vote John MCcain
Am i over weight?????????????
5 feet 4 inches, 157 pounds, 37 inches stomach.
P.S I don't care about that BMI crap.
just tell the truth
Additional Details
if you were 11 years old would you be fat

My brother is like you but he exercises everyday and you can see a difference. (If you want abs)

Yes you are considered overweight.
Plain and simple.

I had about the same stats as you, but I lost 50 pounds. I used the Idiot Proof Diet/Fat Loss for Idiots. I lost 9 pounds in 11 days. Plus I got cheat days! It worked really well for me. Even though it cost 40 dollars it was much worth it. I highly recommend it.

Anthony D
I'm not trying to be harsh, or mean, but the truth is, yes.

BMI is a very good calculation of your body mass. the simple calculator used on the cdc's website can give you a pretty acurate picture as to where you should be. Your doctor would be a better judge about your overall health and weight but yes you are over weight. 5'4" really should only be 120 and 130 for men.

Sounds like it. Be it female or male.

depends how much is muscel but ya you are

male or female?
may be yes

hmm... that 'bmi crap' is the actual way to see whether your overweight or not.
Not according to the opinion of other people (who can't even see you, btw).
This looks like you're just looking for valididation.

yeah ur alittle over weight

Yes you are a little over weight I am guessing. Your age is also very important though.

In my opinion--NO!

Nathan G
Yes, but not dangerously overweight. For your height most health experts would say you are technically overweight.

give me oreos! anti-mccain ツ

grumpy old man
yes but not obese

[email protected]
Well yes you are overweight. At 5 ft 4 you should be less than 157 pounds

not much.

but, muscle weighs more then fat.

Nooo honey, dont worry about what all those other losers said. You're not overweight

dont think so

Trixie-90's Baby
for your height yeah a little...and your age really counts on the weight you supposed to be.

sammi 'M
Your doing this for compliments im sure. Like, oh no honey im sure your skinny! You sound it. I hate when people ask, do you think im ugly?! Its the same thing. People are just fishing for compliments.

Maybe Im wrong, but you dont go on yahoo and ask this. Its up to your doctor.

kate s
it would be halthy to lose some weight, you should probaly weigh 145 at that height, but you may be more muscular than you say. (for a female.) if your a guy, good porportions

Cookie Monster
NO for male
YES for female

I'm 5'3 and i weight 147
I don't like to think i'm over weight.
I think i'm chubby and could drop a few pounds.

It depends on how you define over weight.

how old are you?? weight doesn't really matter as long as you are happy with yourself.

If you are a guy no ... if a female maybe a little bit...

yes. you are overweigth
NOT obese
you should try to lose weigth now before its too late
and its 500 pounds later;[


Gossip Girl 411
Yes slightly!


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