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hahaha hell yea thats fat
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Elizabeth G
Am i fatt??
well im 15 i weigh 145 and 5'5
i exercise everyday i run for 45 min well only if my parents drive me somewhere to run cuz i feel embarrased around my area. So i at healhy too.. helpp

ohh and any suggestions if i need to loose weight.what kind of exercises should i do to loose weight faster??

doting grandpa
According to the BMI, you are on the high side of normal. At 15 you MAY lengthen out some more - you neglect to indicate your gender. Basically - you're fine.

-S- -
you dont need to worry about if ur fat {which your not} or skinny ur a perfect size plus thats all prob musle :)

cena kid
YES, YOU are the fatest chick i ever saw. now try to run for 3 days straight. and maybe you'll get skinny.

Cardio exercies such as running and swimming to lose some of the weight then to tone up do some weights etc. Dont eat over 1800 Calories a day

for your height your bmi is good, but i do think you probably have some noticable weight around your stomach and thigh area, just do crunches and start eating a little better, it well go away in a few weeks, also work on leg lifts

joining a gym well help lots!

If my memory serves me right you are within normal weight ranges for you. I think that at 15 you are still growing and developing. I think you could eat really healthy and excersise a bit more, but in the end the determining factor is how you feel. Swimming and yoga are really good options for loosing weight/fat mass since every muscle group is used. There is a difference between loosing weight and being the size that is best for you. I weigh more now that I have had 4 kids, but am still the same size that I used to be. My mass now is mostly muscle so my weight reflects that. Keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat, so as long as you feel good about yourself and are taking care of yourself you are fine.

keep on working out, it takes time but no I wouldnt say youre fat, u probably got some nice curves


You might be a little over weight or muscular. I don't know but it sounds like you maybe should eat healthy foods and exercise daily for at least an hour.

Height Ideal Weight
4' 6" 63 - 77 lbs.
4' 7" 68 - 83 lbs.
4' 8" 72 - 88 lbs.
4' 9" 77 - 94 lbs.
4' 10" 81 - 99 lbs.
4' 11" 86 - 105 lbs.
5' 0" 90 - 110 lbs.
5' 1" 95 - 116 lbs.
5' 2" 99 - 121 lbs.
5' 3" 104 - 127 lbs.
5' 4" 108 - 132 lbs.
5' 5" 113 - 138 lbs.
5' 6" 117 - 143 lbs.
5' 7" 122 - 149 lbs.
5' 8" 126 - 154 lbs.
5' 9" 131 - 160 lbs.
5' 10" 135 - 165 lbs.
5' 11" 140 - 171 lbs.
6' 0" 144 - 176 lbs.
6' 1" 149 - 182 lbs.
6' 2" 153 - 187 lbs.
6' 3" 158 - 193 lbs.
6' 4" 162 - 198 lbs.
6' 5" 167 - 204 lbs.
6' 6" 171 - 209 lbs.
6' 7" 176 - 215 lbs.
6' 8" 180 - 220 lbs.
6' 9" 185 - 226 lbs.
6' 10" 189 - 231 lbs.
6' 11" 194 - 237 lbs.

You're fine. dont worry about what others think. Its not their body or life. Now if it is YOU who wants to be healthy and look good then go for it but dont let ANYONE make you feel bad about who you are. keep exercising and keep it up! you are beautiful no matter what.

KayKay 永久に =]
Sound perfectly fine to me! Love the body you're in! :)

i think you sound perfectly normal.. Google "body mass index" to see your BMI and it'll tell you the ideal ranges and what you are. :)

Weight is only a number. You can have 2 people with the exact height and weight. One looks athletic and the other looks unhealthy. It seems to me you look healthy.

Rainbow Neon Warrior!! RAWR :D
i am not saying u r fat, but if you want 2 lose weight, do water aerobics.

you are a little fat, srry i study nutrion and one thing that can help you is eating a big meal in the morning and a medium meal in the afternoon and a small meal for dinner and make sure you only have no more then 2,000 calories a day and plenty of hard working exersize for more then 2 hourse a day and no fast food or unhealthy food and u will lose weight in a couple of weeks.

You are perfectly fine!

no you are in the normal range.
here you can calculate your bmi

!!amy nicole!!
ur NOT fat!!!! if you run, you probably have a lot of leg muscle, which weighs more than fat. A lot of times, you can't go by weight, you have to go by inches!

Eat healthy. Most problems people have is that they're doing everything they can to lose weight, but yet they'll still eat really unhealthy.

Try eating less at night, for some reason people say that eating at night, and then falling asleep does something to your metabolism or some other thing.

Spence H
I'm just about the same weight and height myself, and I'm not fat, not even close. You're ok the way you are.

please young ladies FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF!


Honey you are NOT FAT!

I'm 5'6' and i weigh 147, I'm a size 12/13. ( i am by no means fat at all or even over weight looking)

Lifting weights and eating fresh veggies will also help you loose weight. Running and exercising will make you also gain weight because at the same time you're burning off fat, you are building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat.

Also Soy protein shakes are great! Try to eat smaller portions several times per day instead of 3 big meals. The best meats for you are chicken and fish, and if you make yourself a salad, buy spinage instead of lettuce its way better for you and tastes better, you can even put it on sandwhiches! Be weary of "LOW FAT" items because usually they subsitute more sugar to lower the fat, and SUGAR ALSO TURNS INTO FAT! and one more thing, keep the sodium down by staying away from pork and items that just have way too much salt in them, they will make you retain too much water.

Good Luck, but please just because you're not a size 2 dont feel like you're fat.

Live ♥ Laugh
No that's average. If you ever want to know if your overweight look up bmi calculator and you will type in your age, weight, and height and it will calculate it for you. If you want to know how to loose weight you have to exercise for more than 45minutes more than 3 days a week. If you wanted to maintain the same weight you would have to exercise three times a week so to loose weight you will actually have to do more than that. Something that worked for me was to jog about a mile then do about 200 crunches then i just stretched and did what ever else i wanted to do that day. I did it about 6 days a week and gave my self a day off and it worked great! Just stick to it!!!! Also you should always eat because not eating can actually make your body think that your going into "starve mode" and it will start eating away at your body's fat. That could actually help you gain weight. Instead maybe try smaller portions. Don't eat til your completely full, just eat till your no longer hungry and the results will show. Good luck and best wishes!

vahagn K
ok who cares about that!

You're a normal weight!

ur not fat nor ur not skinny either so u r normal for u size i guess.

Hermione is Back =]
i think you are perfectly fine.

Oklahoma State Alumnus
fat is spelled with one t

If you want to learn about exercising and burning fat you should google tom venuto and sign up for his free newsletter you get some decent and safe tips lol

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