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dacia a
Am i fat!!!! tell me the truth?
Okay so am "14" "5" foot and weigh "110"
for my age is that fat

heck no.

are you serious? lol you are anything buuttt fat. average 5 foot people are about 110-120 ask you doctor. and DONT try anerxia. every tiny teen ends up doing that crap and then dies. you are not fat. IF you hit about 300 ask again; then i might have an answer like, yes you are heavy. try walking.

that is average babe

Jason L
I don't think so

Marmosetâ„¢ Tea Party
rofl is MOOO a sufficient answer?

haha j/k without seeing a picture no one would know or could know...

it depends because some people have alot of muscle and as everyone knows muscles weighs more then fat so....
if your athletic it doesnt matter if your chubby...
honestly this sounds like a fat chick stretching her height and lowering her weight about 10-20 pounds so that she can feel better about herself... idk tho

no not at all. you are like perfect weight.

your height equals out your weight.

Will D
its midweight, id more worry about youre BMI. For me im extreme low, 5'10 100lb and 16

LeO MeSsi
You can try to calculate your BMI.If your BMI is 25 and above,then yes,you are fat.If it is lower than 18,you are skinny.If it's between 18 and 25,you're just fine.

Yer mom, Betch.
no. that is average.

I'm going to say this is the best way i know how
you're only 5', and 110lb
that's very good
but you're probably a little chubby
but at this age you'll get your growth-spurt, so you'll get taller, and weigh the same
no probably by next year you'll be like 5'4 and 115lb..which is a really hot body

Heck no.

James H
Uhm.. No?

Why does every girl on earth think shes fat.

If we agree, they throw a fit and say "I HATE YOU!" and slam the bedroom door,

If we disagree, they say "You're lying! WHy would you lie to me? I HATE YOU!" and slam the door.

Be ******* happy with your self.

I've got a big beer belly, and i'm fine with it.

I really doubt your fat. And if you were? No one REALLy cares.


90s chick
No way! Not at all. When I was 14 I remember being 5'3 I beleive and weighing 135 and being very small. So your a PERFECT size girl.

Evelyn D
hard to tell without a pic but you are in the normal range.

dont go by numbers, go by how you look

you probably don't need to lose weight, but if you want to tone up to build your confidence up, try doing lunges, crunches, and leg lifts

Optimum Physique
Your height and weight does not dictate if you are fat. You would need to find out your body fat percentage is. We ALL have different shapes, even if the person next to you is 5 ft and weighs 110.

You should be exercising so you will always feel good about yourself. Don't rely on YA answers, feel good about you and shape your body through exercise and proper eating.


Lil Mo
It all depends on how you "carry" your weight. My girlfriend is five one, 108 lbs. She's very athletic and used to be on the track team, so she has an athletic, yet slender, build.

♥ of Gold
no you are not fat for your age. the lowest weight someone of your height should be is 102 and the highest would be up to 118. so no

Omg Sweetie don't listen to them
I'm 16 and i weigh 135 pounds. and I'm 5'2
i just had bigger thighs and butt then the rest of the girls that go to my school
you most def not fat.
plus a little secret guys like a girl with a little meat on their bones. not to much and not to little. you should be perfectly happy with your body and your figure. and on top of that dear, you still growing. who know you might grow taller within the next year. your beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

definitely not....thats totally normal, your right on normal weight!

Your normal.


heres a BMI (body mass indicator)


Not really, not at all infact

i say no. 150 is fatt 110 is not

nope not at all

I'm gonna try & be nice
"why" are you "quoting" the "numbers"?

"no" you "are not" fat.

Jessica W
No, i hate these questions when you way 200 pounds, then ask if your fat.

LoL, hell NO.

no not at all. if you are happy with your body that is all that matters. not what people say. only what you think of it.

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