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Scottie S
Am i fat? please answer this.?
i am 5'8'' and weigh 112.
i am always worried i am too fat.
is this true?
Additional Details
i weigh 112 and am 5'8'' and a girl
i really think im fat
yeah? no? help please

not at all, i'm 5'7" and 146. and i'm not fat. you must be crazy if you think that you're fat.

nope. if you are fat, then i am flabby, my friends say i'm eat too little

too skinny, i am 5'2 and should weigh 130 to be healthy, that means your ideal weight is more. in my keep it simple weight loss book it says u should weigh between 120 and 160 to be at your desirable weight. 112 is considered underweight.

Your not fat at all and if u have a little fat on u its probably baby fat look it up.

That's not bad at all. As long as you don't have a pot belly, I wouldn't worry about it.

old man
Souns pretty thin to me.

Are you kidding? no you're not fat, if anything your underweight!

no you are not. YOur BMI is 17 which is actually underweight. check with your dr, you might actually need to gain weight. do you have an eating disorder? something else to talk to your dr about.

sound skinny to me 5'8" 112 lbs.

You sound skinny to me. I'm shorter and weigh more than you and look pretty good. Don't worry so much.

no, not at all. You are closer to being underweight. You are fine.

No you are not fat at 5'8" you should weigh 125

Irish Girl
you may see yourself as fat, but your not.
dont worry about it. You could have a eating disorder if your having thoughts that your fat. your weight is normal.

Absolutely not. The ideal weight is 125-164 for a male 19-34. Slightly lower for younger people.

Roxanne H
No you are not fat .I am 5''4'' and i weight about 1115 and i now i am not fat at all.

u r way underweight..all u have is bones and skin, no muscle at all...
more like eating disorder ppl
u should weight more then 112 that's for ppl who r 5'3" like me

Depends mainly on age. I'm sorta fat... 5'3, and 110 pounds. And I'm in my teens. If you're like some little 8-year old, then yes you are. BUT: if you're a full-grown adult, then you seem anorexic, or bulemic. If you're in your teens with 112 pounds, then you're just fine.

are you crazy!!! you need to gain some weight for how tall you are!

If your gut passes your chest or hangs, that is a pot.
If your *** is wider than your chest that is a big ***.
If your thighs rub or jiggle when you run that is fat.
Other than that your OK. You can get measured and weighed calculated with your height by a doctor or at a gym.

you are not too fat. It's in your mind that you are fat. I used to think I was fat too but looking back I realize if I had been any thinner I would have been gross. I would do anything now to be as slim as I was back then.

Adrian C.
how old are you? depends on the age!

what do u think it is up to your heart you cant keep on asking everyone why dont you ask you heart see what the heart thinks because itis true what ever the heart says.

Unbelievable that you would think you are fat! reality is that you incredibly to thin!

Are you male or female? If youre a female you're perfect with even a buffer of 15 pounds to gain you are still healthy. If you're a male then you are too thin and need to gain weight.

Amanda R
no ur too skinny

when you get on the scale does it say for the two of you to get off or does it say one at a time ? if not then you are not fat.
actually at 5'8 " 112 lbs you are underweight.you should weigh close to 140 lbs.

luke v
it may be true that you are worried about being fat but these worries are patently unfounded. if you are serious take a nutrition class to make sure you are eating a healthy diet. ask your doctor his or her opinion. i would say that at 112 lbs you are most likely under weight to be healthy.

No you're not fat! But if you want to know your exact weight you should be go and talk to your docteur!

Ann W
It sound like you might be heading for anorexia. You are way underweight.

Hi Scottie,

BMI is 'Body Mass Index' and it gives an impression of the fat in your body.

Your BMI is currently 17

What does it mean? Well the professionals say the following about it:

Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

So Scottie, don't you ever think again that you are fat because you really are not! Eat healthy and just be happy and enjoy your life!

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