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Emily C
Am i fat? or just anorexcic?
i am 105 lbs and 5 2' there are skinnier girls in my class and i feel intimidated when i am with them. people joke that i am fat but its made me to beleive that i really am fat and need to diet. WHAT SHOULD I DO TO LOSE WEIGHT AND DO U THINK IM ANOREXCIC?

105 at 5'2 your perfectly fine and they can only make you feel like that if you let them

not at all you're at a healthy weight and you shouldn't be conerned about what other people think about you, they're probably jealous of your looks becaue how fat you are doesn't have a part in how beautiful you are. either they're jealous or all they do all day is make other people feel bad. you're fine

amber c
HUNN no you are not fat.
I promise you; you could actually gain some weight.

Wait; how old are you?

ok I weigh the exact same as you, and I'm 1 inch taller your not fat. Those girls are just too skinny i bet they'll be fat when they grow up beause they haven't finished growing yet just like you. So be happy with yourself :)

I think we all know you are thin but I also think you are looking for attention.

Honestly, no I do not think that with that height and weight you are overwight. I checked the Body Mass Index (BMI) and you are actually have a BMI of 19.2 (18.5 - 24.9 is normal). Your weight is fine. Actually, you should not lose anymore or you may actually become underweight which leads to many health problems. Stay the weight you are and ignore the other girls.

Katez x
your not fat your you god built you that way so stay like it------your a real women

aner. your fine no need to lose weight.

Johnny M
you are at a fine weight for your height.

ur fine and u'll grow intoo ur body

Joe J
your fine, jeez don't worry so much chill out

hannah b
first of all you are a perfect weight so dont loose weightt because there is no need. if people call you fat it is because they are jelous

and you arnt anorexic unless you starve yourself

i have been there and i have also had bulimia and i know that you dont want to go there it is serious and awful

you should never let others opinions make you feel anything other then what you feel...if your happy at your current weight don't change...if you're not talk to your doctor and he/she can help you with a healthy diet..or he might tell you, your perfectly healthy. Just ask yourself if people didnt make fun of me would i be unhappy with my weight?

you are SO NOT FAT. dont be intimidated by those girls. just keep reminding yourself that you are beautiful and special. i deal with this kinda stuff every day. my friend was becoming anorexic, but we all helped her and she got back to normal (we caught it early so she didnt really look anorexic). anorexia isnt a good thing. it can ruin your life. you are SO not anorexic, or fat either! and you dont need to lose weight. 105 is NOTHING!! but if you want a better diet, give up junk food - might cut a few pounds off. :)

You're perfectly fine.

I am exactly the same height and weight as you and I have the same exact problem. People call me anorecxic or however you spell it. You are a beautiful person and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Don't lose weight to make other people happy lose weight to make you happy!

if you think youre fat after people joke with you, you cant handle a joke. if you want to lose weight do it healthily, or gain some muscle. youre not fat, you could be unhealthy and unfit if you dont do sports or anything, but youre not fat. calm down. its your own fault if you become anorexic!

Mr Curious
Weight doesn't necessarily correlate to how good you look. You need to realize that diet isn't about losing weight it's about regulating nutrition.

Look at yourself naked in the mirror and then feel certain parts of your body. You shouldn't feel your bones in a majority of your body. You shouldn't also feel a lot of fat either.

Proper diet and exercise is key to looking good and feeling healthy. For those who lead a healthy lifestyle of eating right and working out on a regular basis find it very easy. Those who do not live a healthy lifestyle feel very sick when trying even a little exercise.

The key is to smooth out the transition and get from unhealthy to healthy. You don't have go full speed from the start, a little goes a long way. Just force yourself to do something until it gets easier and you start doing more.

Diet is important. You must realize it's not about not eating; it's about eating a balance. You need to make sure you are getting the right nutrients in your body.

You need to realize that everything is needed and not neccessarilly bad. Things like fat, sodium, and cholestoral all play important roles inside the body. It becomes bad when you eat too much of it, more than your body can use.

You should balance your intake of each nutrient. Hell, if you like Ben & Jerry's, you can have some, just make sure you're not eating something else chock full of fat. I actually ate a pint of ice cream a day and didn't get fat.

Then, again I was also in the Army and burning a lot of calories. I remember drinking 2000 calories worth of yogurt smoothies on top of 3 very large meals a day. Those MREs are also 2000 calories each and we ate 3 a day.

That was because I had a very active lifestyle then. So, you need to cap your diet based on how much you do in a day. If you just work out and then sit in an office all day, not much calories burned. If you don't work out, but do construction and lifting heavy objects all day, there's a bit more calories burned.

You should see a nutrititionist to tailored an exact diet and exercise plan to match your current lifestyle. There's a lot to it. You need to make sure you getting your essential amino acids (protein), oils and fatty acids (lipids), vitamins and minerals.

your fine. at 5' you should weigh 100lbs and then for every extra inch you should gain another 5 pounds. So really you are about 5 pounds underweight. nowhere near overweight. noone can make you feel intimidated without your permission =)

♫Heather Luvs Incubus♫
Your fine.

This is a very stupid question that doesn't make much sense.

You don't need to lose or gain weight. It sounds fine to me.

justin b
never compair yourself to somone else, if your happy stay the way u are

Ur like me! don't worry...ur not iether of those ur really fine....I would give anything to be the wieght u r...u se I am kind of the same but I am around 116...I think ur a bit under waieth but ur just fine...^-^...don't worry..XP

No you are not fat you are the perfect weight for your heighth.
don't let them intimadate you your beautiful the way you are.

Kat 309
I think that is pretty thin but not that bad but DONT loose weight

no ur at normal weight for your height

Baby no.2 Sydney due anytime now
Please I am the exact same size as you 5'2 105 and I am WAY too thin!! I could stand to gain a few lb's...

you are super super thin, you need new friends

Filimon A
you not fat are you ensuing, am 120 and i think am skiny

just ingnore them
and stay the way you are.
your neither.

i think you're ridiculously obnoxious.

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