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Am i fat..is my mom right?
Im almost 5'4 and im a 120 pounds. All of my friends say im skinny but my mom always laughs at me and says im gonna grow up to be an elephant. Shes 200 pounds and shes 5'3 and she laughs at me! When i asked her if she could order a pizza she said that i was so fat and one day i wouldnt fit through the door. Those words hurt me so much that i cried all nithgt. I felt like i didnt even belog in this family because im different. Why is my mom always teasing me by my looks and weight?The problem is i dont know how to lose weight. I eat healthy and i excersize for like 3 hourse a day but im always gaining weight while my other sister dont.Should i lose weight? Is there something wrong with me? Is my mom right?
Additional Details
Im 13 years old and im almost 14. I told my mom that she was the one who needed to lose weight but she said i needed to lose weight first. I started to hate myself because even my sisters say im fat and now my dad. But i dont listen to them anymore because they want me to be perfect. I feel healthy on the inside so im gonna do what im gonna do. Thanx for all those informative answers.

no she's not .you supposed to be in that range of weight.from 110-140 is the weight your supposed to be. if you a teenager it's normal. when you get older you'll eventually shrink (if you're a teen). you're mom shouldn't even be saying that.she's you MOM!! she's supposed to comfort you if your over wight (your not) if anything she's over weight.

No you're not fat at all, for your height that is the proper weight you should have. You are young and as you grow you're only going to get skinnier since you already eat healthy and excersize daily. In regards to your mom as tough as this may sound, she might just be insecure of her own weight and therefore takes out her frustrations on you. So my advice to you is don't lose weight, nothing is wrong with you, and everytime your mom critisizes you just be confident in who you are and just let it slide...Best of Luck!

There is something wrong with your MOM, not you. It's possible she's actually jealous of your body, and wants you to be as unhappy as she is.

If health problems and obesity run in your family, it is in your best interest to eat well and exercise regularly to avoid any complications later in life (three hours a day is a little excessive). If you have concerns, maybe your doctor can set you up with a diet and exercise plan.

Don't let your mom make you feel bad! The most important thing is that you are happy with your body.

you should NOT lose weight! you're a perfect size, trust me. many girls would wish they were as skinny as you :) but you really need to talk to your mom about how you feel. let her know that you dont like her making fun of you like that and discouraging you from eating. thats really a horrible thing to do. the only thing i can think of is she either 1) is jealous of your weight (sounds insane but its true) or 2) she knows theres a gene in your family for overweight or larger people so shes trying to protect you from that in the future. talk to her. good luck!


I thought this question sounded familiar. WHY do you keep asking it? Everyone tells you that you aren't fat, that your mother is WRONG. And you asked it again. So you REALLY just want attention. You just want people to continually tell you that you AREN'T fat, that you're just fine and that your mother is not only wrong but just a horrible person for even saying that to you.

Well, YOU are the one with the problem. Stop looking for attention.

I am SURE that your mother has NEVER said anything thing like that to you OR about you. You are making this up.....why?


Grow up.

Forever Pink
your mom is worng to call you fat. Even if you were (which your not) she should suggest new healthier food and excierise

I will refuse to tell you.
No, Your mom is wrong - depending on how old you are120 pounds is fine I'm also 5'4 but I'm 20 pounds lighter than you if you're like15 or 16 or older 120pounds is fine- your mom is just being mean to cover up her jealousy that you're younger, smaller, and more happy than her.

Catherine R
No you are not fat. I think what your mother is doing is mean, but I think the reason she is calling you fat is she doesn't want you to wind up like she is.

Check out this website:


It allows you to type in your height and weight and it calculates what they call your "body mass index". Anyway, I typed in your stats and you are NOT overweight, you're BMI is 20.6 which puts you in the "regular weight" category (regular weight goes from 18.5 to 24.9).

Your mom must just be being mean to you because she is unhappy about her own weight and body image. At 5'3 and 200 pounds her BMI is 35.4 which puts her in the "obese" category. I am shocked and sickened that she would treat you so harshly when you are of normal weight. Does she want to give you a complex or something? An eating disorder? Low self-esteem? You should either just ignore her or sit down and talk to her, tell her that medically speaking you are of normal weight and she has the weight problem...further, tell her that her comments are spiteful and hurt your feelings.

It sounds like you have a healthy lifestyle so just keep that up and you'll never have a weight problem in your life. Your mom is just a bully.

You do NOT need to lose weight.

Your mom is clearly insecure about her own weight (considering she's obese), and in a joking way, may be warning you of the genetics that lie ahead of you. She is probably jealous of your looks and metabolism, and likely depressed about her own current state.

Please talk to a counselor or another adult about this. What your mother is doing is considered VERBAL ABUSE and it should NOT be tolerated.

how old are you? i think what your mom is saying incredibly rude and not right. tell her hoe you feel! good luck :0)

Your mom is a conceited, disturbed, jealous shrew of a woman. You should listen to your friends and ignore your mother. She is just trying to make you feel as bad as her. Stay strong!

Sounds like mom is jealous of how she used to look.

Deep down she might be trying to help you avoid her mistakes, but she is going about it in a too hurtful way.

ohmigawd! wat a mean mom! that just IS NOT right! Your perfect the way u r! omg! I CANNOT believe her! Dont listen to wat she says! I think your at a good weight. Who cares about losing it? If you try to loose it & you cant, maybe its your body's way of saying "this is how you should be". Just dont listen to your mom when she says those things to you, be confident. We all cant be who we would like to be so we just got to hold our head high and strut what we got. That what i do!

Honey, your mother is not right. You are just fine the way you are. I think that your mother is just being so you don't get fat. Do let her words get to you. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

¸.•*♥P!cαŘα §☼Ňαd☼Řα♥*•.D®eαMe®
Keep in your mind that you are an awesome girl you are beautiful and maybe she is jealous of what she is not, and can't be.
Your mother has self steam problems.

sounds your mom need some help!! at 120 pounds you are NOT fat! dont listen to her..just be careful what you eat and exercise and you shouldnt get fat! =)

NO you are not fat, but your mom has a fat head, and it's also empty. Somehow she is probably jealous of you and wishes she could be as slim as you. Your mom probably has an inferiority complex and feels better about herself when she degrades other people. Don't worry sweety, you are just fine.

No, you're just right. Your weight fits in right with a scale. If you feel really hurt about your mom's comments, tell her. Either that or just ignore her. Don't be bothered by people telling you you're fat. When I was 5'4", I weighed just as much as you, and I knew I wasn't fat. Your mom is probably just bitter about being overweight, so don't worry about it.

See a doctor if you are concerned. I know that on the charts, your weight and height are great...I am 5'8", and I weigh 169...kind of on the high side of the charts for my height, but it looks good on me, I am curvy in the right places. Please try and ignore your mom and pay attention to what is good for your health...not a magazine, not your mom, nobody else. Pls dont cry, Im sorry she is so mean. It isnt right for her to treat you that way, perhaps you need to speak to a counselor about how to deal with her, get yourself some emotional support. Good Luck!

Allie wishes
No 5'4 and 120 pounds is just fine. Your mom is evil.

No you're absolutely normal!!

Your body mass index = 20.6
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9

J *
Show her this question.

Tell her what it is doing to your self esteem.

Low self esteem can lead to more eating out of depression/sadness.

She needs to know how you feel.

Best of luck.

Sounds like mom is a bit jealous.

at 5'4" and 120 you are perfect.

no you're not fat...I'm 5'2" and i weigh the same, your a fine weight.....you need to tell your mom to shut the **** up, and just stop caring what she thinks, she is just jealous of you. Don't listen to her, and don't become anorexic or bulimic....keep your head up!

Hey, hey.
You sound like you're at a good weight.
My mom actually had a mother exactly like yours, and believe me, it's her.
To be perfectly honest, your mother sounds like a *****.

Martial Arts Freak
noy ou dont sound fat at all. be happy. get exersize. eat right. ENJOY YOUR LIFE

no, you are soooo not fat. I'm 5'6 and 130 and that is what my wrestling coach says is right for me. My mother says the same thing... she tells me that i have a "funny" butt, but everyone i know tells me that its a great but, lol... my mom just compared me to the "modals" butts... you know, no but at all :). Don't take it to heart... if your friends think your skinny, and you think your skinny, then one persons opinion isn't going to be the total truth.

not to sound negative, but maybe she says that because your body fat is just in areas more noticeable. My weight is in my legs, covered with pants and i wear a tank top, so no one looks straight at my legs. My friends weight is around the middle and when she wears a tank top... people notice. People have their "areas", just some are good at hiding it. The modals and chicks in the magazines go threw a LOT more to hide it. One of my friends had to get a base tan... then they airbrush her so its smooth, then they give her a tone spray(making it look like she has muscle tone, lol) and then they put powder on her... all before they shoot her pitchers.

Rely on your own opinion. If not, take the mass majority's opinion.

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