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Nicole L
Am i fat?im 13 years old and muscular,but kids at my school call me fat when im 5'3 and 116lbs?

At 13 you should be having fun and making the most of being youthful and carefree.

You are most likely putting on weight at this age in preparation for a growth spurt, meaning you will lose the weight soon again anyway.

If you are worried about your weight, see a doctor or peadiatrician who can offer expert advice, not playground opinion. You can also find out more about your appropriate BMI using the link below:

No, you aren't fat =]

Savannah's Mommy!
kids today have a very twisted perception of fat and skinny because all they see on TV are (unhealthy) stick-thin celebrities wearing size zero...you are a very good weight for your height...do not allow the silly a**holes at your school to make you feel bad about being a normal size...stay the way you are


according to your bmi you are a perfect weight for your height, kids tease all the time, ignore it and it will subside.

no your not just ignore them there no better than you god made you beautiful ur one of a kind okay... :)

muscle them up by kicking their butts

Notorious LJo
Kids are mean sweetie. No matter what, kids always will find something to pick on you about. Don't take it personally, I know it hurts but kids are so immature and insecure about themselves so they pick on others to make them seem like the more macho person. Just brush it off your shoulders and pretend like you don't care, that will drive them crazy.

♥ fuzzypeach ♥ Live.Love.Laugh
well you said you're muscular. If you're muscular, you can't be fat...or the other way around. Maybe the kids confuse muscle with fat? Anyway, always stand up for yourself!!!

According to your BMI it is only 20.5 so you are barely into the normal range. I suggest you ignore them. Anyone that isn't skinny as a stick kids will call fat. I don't know what their problem is- maybe low self esteem themselves. I would tell them look I am not fat so shut up and if you don't have anything nice to say them don't say anything at all. No worries hon.

george 2
your not fat even if you were not muscular. at that age all big kids are teased as being fat no matter how they look. just don't let them know it bothers you and sooner or later the teasing will stop.

kids at your school are morons.

no no no you're not fat! don't listen to those kids and that a.s.s hole at the top who said you were. I'm 5'6 and my doctor told me an ideal weight or me would be 160-165. Your only three inches shorter than me.

Wow girl.

By the sound of it, you are by no MEANS fat. The real question is are you healthy. But you're not fat, by the sound of it.

If you got it, don't flaunt it! Be Blessed.

Have a Great Day & Jesus Loves Ya!

Mariam knows best
nooooo..ur tall enough for ur age and also ur weight is great.

Phoenix Princess of Darkness
You are not remotely fat.

No one under 130 lbs. is fat.

I'm 5'2" and weighed 115 in high school and had a 23 inch waist, which is ridiculously tiny.

You are 13....too young to be worried about this. If you want to get healthier, eat a little better and do some exercise. Your body is going to change as you get older. Don't worry about it too much.

wow if your fat then i must be obese hahahaha

I'm 5'2 and 118 pounds

and everyone says that im tiny
hahaha so you must be teeny!!!!

Tell the kids at your school to **** themselves. haha

U still have baby fat. dont worry about what they think. here in about 15 years ull wish u had that baby fat back......believe me.

Maria b
No you are fine, pay no attention to those kids. Remember muscle weighs more than fat anyway

... kıııгsтεn :)
nooo noooo nooo ...

well im 5,7 and weigh that, but your not FAT

The King
No, that's a perfect weight for your height.

Definitely not fat!

Nope, I have a chinese girl in my class shes smaller than that but ways more.

sounds like a normal weight for the height...don't worry about it.

Pam H
5'3" and 116 lbs does not sound fat at all. Kids are mean sometimes. Don't pay any attention to them.

Cory G
you are skinny, i am 14 and 5'1 and i weigh close to 200 pounds, i use my weight as an addvantage and i have many friends because i make fun of myself and i dont feel bad at all. And i am a good blockin football and hockey so it works out fine, i dont care what people call me cause i will make fun of myself because that is how i am

I was always the biggest and tallest kid in my class. While I know what they are doing is hard, they are kids. Kids do and say mean things.

You have to either confront them about it, which in most cases they will back down or learn to live with it.

When I say confront, I am not advocating anything other than explaining to them that the behavior is unacceptable and if they don't stop it, to discuss it with a teacher..

go go gadget
no ur not fat ur just muscular tell the kids at skol to fock off!

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