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Am i fat. i am 14. 5'2 and way 143 and im a boy.?
Should i wait for my height to catch up to my weight?

yeah. work out, eat healthy.. but you probably will slim out.

your only 14, you'll probably get your growth spurt
later on.

you weight more than me and im 16 and almost 6 feet tall

cut down on the visits to ronald mcdonald and take a jog..........to subway

you are a little fat.

im 14, 6"0 and 185
Dont feel bad

You should exercise a little more and eat more healthfully. If you do those things you will grow faster and then your weight will evenly distribute. It is also important to do it while you are young that way you will be used to it as an adult and you will have less risk of being overweight. You also should skip lunch once a month and on those days you skip eat a slightly larger breakfast than normal and a slightly smaller dinner than normal before 7pm, and breakfast after 6am but before 11am.

a bored teenager

Shangri La
143 is chubby for ur height and age however... odds are u will slim out u still have a busy life ahead of u and i am sure u still have some baby fat.. i was 5'5'' and was 185 when i was 14-17 then i just moved out got a job and now i am 125-130... change in usual activity usually helps oh yeah and avoid fast food that is why america is so big and chill a lil on the soda...

Life Is A Dancefloor!
You aren't fat, but you do need to work on some things. Don't wait for your height to catch up, you'll only gain more weight. You need to eat healthier, like fruits and veggies, and exercise! Go for a walk with your dog (if you have one), go ride your bike, run around the block, anything to get you moving. Drink more water, and not pop. If you drink juice, make sure its 100% juice, and not high fructose corn syrup. When you go to a fast food place, order water and a salad instead of fries. Change a few daily habits, and you'll be a lot happier.
good luck!

i'm 5'11 and weigh 150..

your chunky but if you start to eat right and take a walk everyday this summer you should slim out..my friend whos a girl was like that not fat but heavey and she lost alot of weight just by doing that during the summer and kept up with it when school starts! good luck!

I am 5'11'' and 20 years old. i weight 135-140.

your a little overweight now, but your also slightly short for your age. It sounds like in a couple of years you'll even out. Just eat ok and stay active you should be fine. Play a team sport its a good way to stay in shape and keep your mind off of yourself.

i would just stop junging athers on ther waight,and narualy ul stop judging your self,and start eating when your ungey and stoping when your full make shure every theing u put in your mouth is helthfull and things should go great for you.

It just depends on your body bone type. I am 5'3 and 145lbs. I played soccer, badminton, basketball, volleyball and did running through my school years and continued volleyball and badminton in university. No one has ever said that I am fat and I think I am pretty much in shape. I have a medium size frame but my body doesn't look fat. Don't go exactly with what the scale tells you. Go with your waist size and that should tell you. If you feel over weight try running it will help. Good luck. Oh and plus you are only 14, so don't worry too much you will still be growing with your height till you reach 20 so the weight might subside...I mean ok Aishwarya Rai was chubby when she was small and look at her now!

$3xy pr!n(3$$
i think u should wait cause u r still pretty young .

*nicegg jonas*
you are slightly overweight. its nothing to worry about cuz youll get taller and it will even out. here is a bmi (body mass index) calculator

your not bad but you could be better...try and work out a bit more...now if you work out and turn the fat into muscle and you weigh even more...dont worry..its the muscles..so work out =) find a sport you enjoy and play it! Thats what i do =)

no i dont think so... im 13 and im about a 150... maybe im a little overweight but dont worry about it juist get a little exercise. (an easy way is to mow lawns for a job you can make a bit of money and burn off excess... porkyness)

Your not fat. Within the next year you will grow and gain more muscle and even out.

Taylor B
yes you are over weight i looked it up on google put in bmi (body mass index)

Don't listen to them.

"Based on the height and weight entered, the BMI is 26.2, placing the BMI-for-age at the 94th percentile for boys aged 14 years 4 months. This teen is at risk of becoming overweight.

Although not overweight right now, this child has the potential for becoming overweight so prevention of excess weight gain is important. Children and teens should NOT be placed on a weight reduction diet without the consultation of a healthcare provider."

YOU ARE NOT OVERWEIGHT. But you are at risk later, and just need to take care of yourself by making health conscious decisions!

If you eat unhealthy things, you should try to cut back... junk food isn't healthy for you to begin with. And join a sport if you find something of interest. I'd tell this to anyone your age though, fat, thin, or average.

It may just be your body figuring stuff out before doing the whole puberty mess.

Talk to your doctor if it really bothers you, but if you're in a sport and eat healthy- I wouldn't worry about it. :D

not nessasaraly sorry idk how to spell that but you deff could have muscle., It all depends on what you look like you weigh not what you actually weigh. It will prob help if you ask a doctor or a physician they have a more accurate answer for you,

well you could but what if it doesn't? start good life time habits now, cut down on fatty foods, fizzy drinks, walk places, go swimming or cycling or walking the dog, if you haven't got one borrow one!


Coral S

Gabriel S
well i'm 145 pounds at 6'1 well you might not be the slimmest ,but don't put yourself down for it just go work out at a gym or the Ymca

Elyse N
might be a little "plump" for a girl, but for a guy...its okay.
hard to tell because it depends if its in muscle or fat.

um, kinda? im sorry, that sounds really mean... :(

look in the mirror. You are significantly heavier than you school mates. Why are you asking.

You are SHORT and FAT. You are about as tall as you are going to get so start thinking DIET!! If you are 5'2 at 14...you might sqeak out to be 5'4 or something.

Your chunky.

maybe a little. But hey that is the American style.

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