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happy and pregnant
Am i fat i'm 6'2 weigh 105?
i'm 6'2 and i weigh 105? should i lose a little. I already have lost 40 lbs but do i need to lose more?
Additional Details
i'm a guy and i'm 25 years old

No, i would say you're underweight actually.

It's all about your BMI. Try the webmd BMI calculator. It will tell you if you're in the healthy range.


I ran it through and it says you're underweight. You're at a 13.48. The healthy level is around 21, but in the range of 18.5-24.9.

You are 6'2 & only weigh 105? Please tell me you are kidding about "losing weight"? I mean you are grossly under weight, you need to Gain weight not lose. If you have an eating disoder, my suggestion is get some counciling soon. You could cause yourself major health problems or worse at the rate you are going. Please remember in your case: Eat More not Less! Take Care!!!

well I'm 5' and weigh 100 so you definitely don't need to loose any weight. You are underweight for your height so no need to diet!

Rebecca H
NO U NOT FAT AND DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERSWISE!!!!!!!!!!! you are the perfect weight, mybe even under, but your NOT FAT!!!!!!!!! don't ever think that, no matter what people say. DELETE THIS QUESTION, and forget that you ever thought you were fat. YOU ARE NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you might be undweight actually. whoever says you'r efat is either blind or retarded or both.

Cherry D
Come on, seriously? You should weigh more. You need to work out your muscles if you feel fat but you'll gain more weight. Look in the mirror and be happy with who you are, if not don't change yourself, change your outlook.

Dami A
u should gain weight youre to skinny shove a burger up your throat

NO WAY you are not fat at all.
That is normal weight, if not underweight.


LOL, go get yourself some protein. XD


Big Red Ten
No! Check any BMI website.

You clearly want attention if you have to ask the question.

You must look like a stick figure. I'm 6 and weigh 150 and I am extremely skinny.

Miss M
No! Not fat at all!
For your height, you are actually under weight.

Get that fat image out of your head.

nancy m
Holy Crap! Eat a twinkie, ding dong, cookies, etc. If you are a man, you got one foot in the grave already. If you are a woman, You still have a chance, no one should weigh 105 pounds especially if your over 5'1''.

Hell no! If you're actually that tall, you should weigh even more than 120.

sehr Dang-Fliege
no freaking way. you're cool.

thats less than half of me

Put some rocks in your pockets or you will blow away.

Your tall and you only weigh 105? thats super skinny for someone that tall.

no way- that is actually very skinny! stay at the weight you are at now- just live a healthy lifestyle and you will be fine: exercising, eating healthy, etc.
actually, it kind of sounds UNDERweight...

see this website for more info:

just enter in your height, and look at about how much you should weigh...

ellen degenitals
NO. no no no. you are underweight.

look up Chanel Iman. she is 5'9" and weighs 110 lbs. and looks like a stick.

i'm 5'2 and 105. people ask me if i'm anorexic.

no,but u iz stoopid

you are so not fat!!!! I have a friend who is 5'5" and she weighs 120 pounds. She is not fat... she's so skinny

I'm 5'5" and I weigh 110, and everyone says that I'm the skinniest girl they have ever met. You have problems and you need help. NO you arent fat. that's stupid.

Hell no..i'd say you are WAY too skinny. Gain some weight. If you are that tall you should be like 150 and above.

MSC Lieu
Ummm, you need to see a therapist. If you're 6'2" and weigh 105, you are dangerously UNDER weight. You need to gain about 40 pounds. I'm 5'9" and I weigh 150 and I'm a healthy weight. You need help and start eating.

nope i think you need a steak and a cake, your wasting away!

your not fat 105 isnt fat thats skinny

omg no that's wayyyyyy too skinny u need to gain some more weight!

laura d
You are way too skinny! That is not healthy.

that hot chick
your joking right?

no that is way way way to skinny

yea about 20 more pounds , then youll be dead . Go for it idiot .

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