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[email protected]
Am i fat for a middle schooler?
im 5 feet tall and weigh 135 and i know i am but how can i loose wieght in a fun and easy weigh? and im 11

angelica n
-all fruit diets
-workout tapes
-jumping rope
-hula hooping
-all salad diets
-a water fast
-using stairs instead of elevators
-walking to stores or other places
-kick ball
-learn to hip roll
-bet one of your friends money that you can lose more weight. That would be more motivation for dieting.
-dance 24/7
-run around the house

Annonymous Annie
... go on a bike ride everyday and dont eat alot

A little over, yes. Fat, no.

According to the BMI system, the ideal weight for a person who is 5'0" is anything between 92 and 128. So 135 is a little above ideal, but not bad. You only have to lose 7 lbs. to be at ideal range.

Eat a little healthier and you will be fine.

SPORTS are really fun and u lose weight doing them. Join the track or cross country tem and i'll guarantee that you will losse weight. For an 11 year old, 135 pounds, and 5 feet flat is pretty heavy, so just go for a jog, or swim 36 laps (a mile in swimming) or go for a long bike ride and it's not all about exercize. Like, people could do a lot of sports, but they're still fat because they don't eat right. U have to be 1. Active and 2. eat right and healthy. That simply means no cookies, candy, and junk. Try an apple or banana or grapes, those r great foods and water fills u up a lot also

You can just eat healthy,no McDonalds or fast food for awhile.You will be surprised at the fat you loose.I'm not saying go on a diet or only eat greens just lay off unhealthy foods.Even though its not fun it's really easy

Well I know many people that are fat but they lost a lot of weight by eating right and exercising! Since u want a fun way to loose weight u should do Billy Blanks! It is a very fun way to loose weight and it really helps! or u can dance! dancing is a really good thing to do! but remember if u stop dancing u might gain weight! and always eat right because eating healthy and nutrient food will help u have low cholesterol and other things that will help u in later on life! what every u choose to do stick to it! well i hope i helped and good luck!

Audrina :)
>maybe try to play a fun sport.
>go to the gym with some friends so its more fun.
>rollerblade, bike...
stuff llike that...having your friends around makes everything more fun so ask if your friends will work out with you...

Good Luck..

a little bit your supposed to be around 75-109 lbs
but dont worry about it

Stop going to fast food restaurants.
Eat healthy snacks.
Get off of the couch and get some exercise...walking everyday, bicycling, tennis, etc.
If your mom cooks fattening meals, talk to her about your weight concerns and help her learn healthy recipes.

It all comes down to you. If you want to change, you will...no matter how hard it is. If you don't want to change...you will be fat all of your life. It's up to you.

Good luck.

unfortunately you are here go to this site it will tell you what you should be http://www.kidshealth.org/parent/nutrition_fit/nutrition/bmi_charts.html

to be honest with you yes you are overweight and i would not say the word at. i am 16 and i weigh 120lbs and i am not quite 5'2. i have a really small body frame so i am about 10 lbs overweight. you can play sports, walk your dog and eat healthy, just cut out unhealthy foods especially sodas and candy and you will lose as much weight as you are meant to. DANCE, just put on a song and just do a crazy dance in your room, thats what i do and just keep dancing until you work a sweat and it is really fun! i no how you feel i am self conscious to. but you have to learn to love yourself for the way you are and you have to no that nobody's perfect and neither are you. all those celebs and models on tv look so skinny and it looks like they have the best life ever but to tell you the truth they don't. most of them do not eat anything and they haven't had a decent meal in months and possibly years. be yourself and you will be perfect just the way you are no matter what you look like.
Nitendo Wii FIT -- omg that game is so much fun.

a bit but not TOO much. Running's really god and dancing is awesome too. trink tons of water, and u wont be hungry that much. Go to sparkteens.com it is free easy signup, u make a weight loss goal, track ur excercise, track wht u hav eaten, track the calories u hav taken (but i cant get tht to work its confusing), and make an excercise thing to follow and see how many calories u hav burned.

PS I'm eleven too!!! Hi!!!

i have the same problem im 11 and 4'5'' and im like 124 125 lbs. and i think the most fun exersice would be bike riding. :D

No... you should not feel that way im sure you are a very nice looking human being God made evryone differnt you should really feel good about your sell and dont ask yourself these qwestions it just puts you down if you have any more qestions like this email me ill help you out ok. =)

chase skinny people and beat them up. just don't take their lunch money

Hunt B
to be honest, to loose alot of wieght it wont be "easy" the harder you work the better the outcome.

fun ways-
Sports, running with friends, diet (most importnt) and condition with a parent.

i am 12 and i only weigh 70 pounds

exercise 30 mins a day
chew sugar free gum
eat less or more but more healthy

ps that isnt that big for a middle schooler girl :)

you really don't need to be worrying too much about weight at this point, and you're not fat at all, but if you are worried just try making healthy choices like getting sorbet instead of ice cream with your friends or walking to your friends house instead of driving

hey I'm 10 in 4th going to 5th. I'm only 80.
Dance, I've seen many people lose their weight by dancing on TV.

well when i was young and in middle school i was about 108 but i always liked to go skating take walks with my friends i was actually always active do that and try not to sit around and watch tv

hmm maybe just a little
i think like up to 120 is avrg for 5 ft tall

u should get wii fit, its fun and ppl actually lose wait from it

the answerman
nintendo wii fit,

its so funn!

maybe you want to try weight watchers, it really works, speak to your mom about that.

if you are health then there is nothing wrong with your weight. you should go to the doctor and find out your body mass index....so the % of your weight that is actually fat.....

walking always helps, so if u cant do anything else try to walk everyday

Different people have different builds. What's fat for one persons build may be average for anothers. It all depends, so I'm not help with the overall, "am I fat" portion of the question.
If you want to lose weight, don't do anything stupid like dieting or not eating. You're too young for that, and it will just screw up your body in the long run. Do stuff like drinking lots of water, participating in sports, and other physical activities, and just like eating healthy.

go jogging.
if you dont like to run try swimming with your friends.
its more like fun than a workout :D
another thing is dont worry about eating healthy foods!
just eat exactly what you usually do but only eat half. like if you usually get a large ice cream, get a medium. then go down to a small. it helps you lose wright but you can still eat the foods you like :D

Nintendo Wii-Wii Fit

NEVER ever ever ever (etc.) call yourself fat!
Be happy with your body image but if you really want to lose some weight...

Sports is a great thing for your age, exercise, fun, and friends!
If that isn't for you, going to the gym or taking a run after school helps! Try eating healthy and exercising atleast 3 times a week! GOOD LUCK =]

address man
Just be young and enjoy your life. You want to lose weight? Cut out candy, cookies and ice cream for a while.

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