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Am i fat???????? (seriously)?
im 13 5'6 and 114 ive battled with anorexia in the past and im still struggling alot
Additional Details
thanx so much to everyone alot of you guys were really helpful and although i realize its crazy that i feel this way i do and i cant help it but im recovering and getting better

no!!!!!!!!!!!! your skinny

your actually UNDERWEIGHT.

no your under weight
at 5 feet the recommended weight is 100 lbs.
for every inch over you add 5 lbs
thats around 130.

omg no way! for 5'6 you are normal maby even a lil skinny. im 13 5'4 and im 109, and thats only becuase im 2 inches shorter than you. serisuly, no way are you fat!

♫♫ Miss victoria's secret ♫


call ur dr asap

Help! I need somebody♥
um 5'1 and am 100 and considered skinny so you are not fat at all
and I know that after you have an eating disorder all you can think about is your weight but believe me you are very skinny!

♫♪Read My Mind♪♫
Girl I weight way more than you do. You are not fat. You are of a normal weight, if not, too skinny. Anorexia is a big deal, just tell yourself that you are beautiful and thin. See if you can take so pills that the doctor may perscribe. There is no way that you are fat. Like you have know idea how much I weight and people don't think I am fat.

healthy weight chart (females only)
(this weight chart gives a healthy weight to height ratio according to a BMI scale and even gives a few pounds to spare)

no ur not fat.....

you shouldnt be comming to yahoo for reassurrance don't put out your personal information here

You are NOT fat. I'm 5'2" and weight 118 lbs and I do not consider myself fat by any means...

If you are still struggling, please talk to someone about it. Anorexia is a condition that will stay with you and be a battle daily...try to surround yourself with positive, healthy people...and maybe you could take part in some type of therapy to help you through. I personally think 114 is too thin for someone that is 5'6"...and remember, you're only 13. Your body will change as you mature..try not to focus on the number of pounds you weight, but moreso how HEALTHY you are.

Good luck!

omg you are definately not fat!

Sdfa A
NOOOOOO your in good shape!
im 13 and i weigh 135-140 (5'5)

NO!!!!!!!!!! i'm normal weight and like a foot shorter than u and weigh almost eh same so no! gain weight!

Amy D
Girl you need to talk to a therapist! You need to stop thinking that your fat right now!!! NO YOU ARE NOT FAT!!!! i'm sure there arent people calling you fat. Try not to focus on your physical appearence only . Start trying to love yourself. There are more important things to worry about.


ugh how ridiculous!!! OF COURSE YOUR NOT FAT!! get help seriously, i weigh 145 so stop complaining ur perfect. and if ur struggling with anorexia asking onlinw people if your fat is not a good way to heal, stop worryng about your body first then you can start to recover.

noooooo not at all!
if anything your too skinny
gain some weight girl!

Jessica Doll (:
No, you're way too skinny.

114? No, you are NOT fat.

No you are not at all.
You can look up weight scales online and see what the healthy weight for a person 5'6 to be.
If you have struggled with anorexia than you should definitely listen to what other people are telling you about yourself, because you are probably thinking you look bigger than you really do.

Too skinny. Please talk to your mom or an adult that can help you. You need help right now!

you're not fat, your BMI (body mass index) is actually ranging from underweight to normal...chill...you're ABSOLUTELY not fat...

you are on the thin side of perfect!!!

5'5 120 lbs is the average for MISS AMERICA

♫Heather Luvs Incubus♫
No you are not fat at all.

heck no,no where near it!

Hello :]
nope, your just right, that's how my body type is. Keep up the good work and beat that anorexia! I don't know exactly what it's [anorexia] like, but I have dealt with anemia and you are much better off at the healthy weight you are at.


Evan M
5/'6 and 114. i think its horrible that we live an a world where young girls as skinny as you are insecure about their weight. this from a 15 year old guy. thats ****** up that society is like that.

you are not fat. at all.

u rnt fat. I am fluffy 250sh and I dont care. u jus rnt fat. ppl who think theyre fat and theyre like 160 and under really have self esteem problems y dont u gain some more weight


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