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I am desperate PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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 Did I Eat Enough To Day????
I had
2 appels-80 cals
1 coco pops cereal bar-84 cals
1/4 plate of chiken korma-150 cals
2 caburys mini rolls-100 cals
1 biscite-50 cals
is that ok???
Ye i know it ...

 I'm 20 years old and i weigh 118lbs is that fat?

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AND IM 5 FT 4IN...

 Over weight???

 Im 13yrs old im 5'1'' and I weigh 140lbs all my friends were bikinis except me how do i lose 40lbs ?
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im 5'1 and weigh 140lbs
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Am i Anorexic?
i am going through a really hard time thats lasted for over a month now, and i dont feel the desire to eat or drink anymore, my aunt and mom are always asking me at night how much ive had to eat and how muchsoda/gatorade/ or water ive drinken, they are constantly on alert. is there such thing as being unvolunteerily anorexic?
Additional Details
i have mental health problems, not depression, but i do not like my weight and am siked that im losing so much weight

lately ive been down too and ive eaten less. my girlfriend and some friends were asking about it and worrying. it didnt affect me too much and i dont think youre in trouble, but watch youre wieght. stay healthy

Alaska Young
Well, if you DO eat then you are not anorexic, but even though you don't feel like eating, try to to maintain your health and physical fitness. if this really becomes a major problem try to see your dietitian. try to eat healthy things like fruits and stuff to please your mom and aunt. Smoothies are always a good tasting source of fruit ;) Hope this helps!

Douglas B
I do not know how you look so maybe you just need to eat right portioned meals that are not bad for you and exercise. Remember that for example you think those low calorie things are ok but the numbers add up if you eat too much. also you might want to go to a therapist and talk. a lot of girls think they are over weight when they really are not.

Lala Land
NO! your not anorexic hunni, you simply dont feel up to eating, unless you see yourself getting very thin and not wanting to eat anything what so ever then NO your not, and even if you are it could just be a sickness bug you have, if they believe it to be tht then they would take you to the doctors and find out for sure rather than be worried, they love you too much to not take the time to go visit a doctor - dont worry about it babe youll be fine - try and cheer yourself up abit and mybe eat something even if you dont feel like it - show them that you are capable you just dont want to as you feel down or whatever... (L)

My friend has a condition where she feels sick whenever she tries to eat. For her it's just a feeling, nothing ever happens.

Dylan Luver
i dont think so because isnt it when your anerexic you purposely dont eat and exercise because you are concious about your weight and you think you are to fat

sweetie pie
when something drastic or shocking happens in your life, you may not have as much of an appetite as you did before. this doesn't mean you're anorexic - if you're anorexic then you think you look fat, etc. it's obvious that you're not thinking that. it may take some time for you to get back on track, but you can do it. i wish you the best! and i hope this helped :)
good luck

if ur asking probably

stress can cause lack of hunger and u definetly arn't anorexic because people who are anorexic actually want to be freakishly skinny and also, you should see if you are sick because you might not feel like eating. Also, you might be depressed or something, just EAT MORE, even if you dont want to.

even if u dont fell the desire to try eating something light (since ur stomac is fragil right now) or drink at least one or 2 bottles of gatorade... and star rise the amount of food in a slow pace.... so in that way u will feel better

Sophie S
when you say hard time do you mean with your weight or like something happened and you don't feel th erge to eat. if you just don't eat because of your weight then yes that is anorexic but if something happened that you just aren't hungry so you don't care to eat then no you are not.

you are probably just a little depressed and therefore not in the mood to eat but you need to start eating again or you could do some serious damage to your body and have to stay in the hospital for a while and miss out on fun stuff.

Nathena B
No, if your going through a hard time, and it has effected your eating habits that definately doesn't mean you are anorexic.

It can happen unconsiously. If you do think you might have a problem tell you mom and aunt and they can help you or take you to see someone.

I had that problem and you HAVE to force yourself to eat. Never through up and drink a lot

Someone S
no girl you're just upset and i know that it's kinda weird to eat cuz when ya eat it upsets your stomach it's normal!! but make sure your drinking enough so you don't get really sick and try to eat some things every now and then until this is over.

No, you're just stressed out. Some people eat when they're stressed, other's don't eat. It's perfectly normal but you shouldn't let it turn into anything serious. I would consult your doctor or maybe do some activities that don't stress you out and get this fixed as soon as possible.

I think you're just stressed.

Anorexia is more than just not eating/eating very little, it also has a lot to do with a mindset that you're very fat, when most of the time, you're already very skinny and you're going to do anything to achieve your non-existent perfect body.

april l
i know ur bummed and going through rough times but that is not an excuse to not eat so yes i think you are......

No your not anorexic. anorexic people dont eat and feel a huge high from it. you cant be unvolunteerily anorexic

A lack of appetite that is involuntary is much different from the conscious avoidance or fear of eating that comes with anorexia.

You may, however, be suffering from depression. If your appetite continues to be this low, you might want to talk to your parents about it. If you're also constantly tired, have little energy, cry for no reason, or have suicidal thoughts, you should discuss the possibility of seeing a therapist with your parents.

Even if you aren't clinically depressed, seeing a therapist can help you build strategies to deal with some of the more difficult things in your life.

Anorexia is a psychological disorder where the individual is afraid to gain weight so they REFUSE and purposely avoid eating.

"To be diagnosed as having anorexia nervosa, according to the DSM-IV-TR, a person must display:

1. Refusal to maintain body weight at or above a minimally normal weight for age and height (e.g., weight loss leading to maintenance of body weight less than 85% of that expected; or failure to make expected weight gain during period of growth, leading to body weight less than 85% of that expected).
2. Intense fear of gaining weight or becoming obese.
3. Disturbance in the way in which one's body weight or shape is experienced, undue influence of body weight or shape on self-evaluation, or denial of the seriousness of the current low body weight.
4. The absence of at least three consecutive menstrual cycles (amenorrhea), in women who have had their first menstrual period but have not yet gone through menopause (postmenarcheal, premenopausal females).
5. Or other eating related disorders."

Stress can bring that on! Once you get over what it is that is causing the stress than your eating habits will return. Try doing things that normally excite you or make you happy. Once your mind is occupied by other thoughts than you desire for food will return!

i dont think so but you should probably try to eat more just to be on the safe side

I'm not sure about the anorexic portion of this question, but a friend of mine went through a very tough time and barely ate for weeks. Eventually the pain subsides and you go back to normal food habits.

Duncan R
Yes there is and it's often a reaction to stress. See a doc cos really you need to eat.


Ask Annie
I'm not sure you're anorexic but there's definitely a problem. Perhaps go see your doctor?


yes and yes. they are worried

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