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Sarah C
Am I skinny, average, or fat?
I am 15 years old, 5'9 and I weigh 110 lbs, (50kg)
What do u think?
Thanks heaps ;-)

skinny ... hopefully you will put on at least 10 pounds.


You don't need us to tell you- just ask yourself if you feel fit and healthy and happy..
weight is just a number and muscle weighs more than fat, so a girl could be 80kg and look great because she's all muscle..
although the fact that you don't realise you are thin concerns me..

skinny, id tap you

skinny, a little too skinny though. eat some cookies

lovin' it
I'm 15, about 5'6" and weigh 100 lbs.
It's not only weight that matters though, it's why you're there. Do you have a high metabolism and are active like me or are you malnutritioned, anorexic or bulimic? As long as you're eating habits are healthy and you exercise then you're fine. =)

a gurrrrrrrrrrrrl

5'9 and 110? that is EXTREMELY underweight and very unhealthy. i'm 5'4 and i'm 117, and even that's almost underweight.

You need to start bringing your weight up, and fast, or you could get very sick and soon.

you're weight is normal for your size which means average. But, you're big for a 15 year old, not fat, just big. That's not a bad thing at all. You may not even be big for your age depending on your ethnic background and location.

skinny. im 13, 5'5 and 125, and im average/skinny. ur definetly skinny :)
coolio :)

Dizzy Izzy

that is skinny b/c u are tall....

dude i thk ur anorexic skinny. i am skinny and i am 15, 5'9" and i weigh like 130ish

skinny...im a guy 5'4'' and im 115

kellie s

You are definitely on the thin side dude.

Hiromi Taishiro
hekk skinny my friends friend is like younger than u and she weights about more than u

Jose L
According to several scales i found you should weigh 145 lbs.
give or take 10 % witch puts your weight range between 131-159. So yes according to this scale you are at least 21 ponds underweight. Try to shoot for at least 135 lbs.

Average. Do sports and try to eat more

I think you might be anorexic or on your way to it. If you are 5'9" and you weigh 110 and you don't know if you are skinny or average or fat, you have the beginnings of a body perception problem. You are skinny. You are still very young, but this is the time girls' bodies change and some girls get really caught up in those changes - don't like how they look - etc. Add stress of being a teenager and pretty soon you start controlling your life through what you eat. Anorexia is a serious illness that is the number one killer of teenage girls and young women, so it is nothing to fool around with. I recommend you go to a doctor and have him or her check our your weight and vitals. If you were much lower in weight your heart could malfunction and you could die.

betty b

Ok your most def. skinny...bc im 15, 5'5 ,and 120lbs...so you need to eat...thats like entirerly to skinny!
How do you do it?????????????????????????????
Please tell me! lol

You are a baby you will fill in when you become a woman. Have fun eat a pizza while you can.

I ♥ Tes
Very skinny! at 5'9 you should be 130-150!

you're skinny.

how the hell could you put the "..or fat?" at the end of your question?? you're only 110 lbs! does that sound like the weight of a blubbery whale to you?!!??
then theres the fact that you're tall..
with you're weight and you're height, you probably look like a stick.

eat a damn steak.

Too thin, it's unhealthy. You should be at least 120-125.

skinny, probably underweight technically

skinny. eat a hamburger!


You're skinny. Your BMI says you're underweight.

I'm 5'9 and I weigh..well, more than 110 pounds...so consider yourself lucky! =]

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