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Am I overweight or under weight?
I'm 17, 5'7 and 104 lbs. I eat normal. I usually have 4 meals a day but I just cant gain weight. Weird right? Anybody have the same problem? I've always been skinny.

That's perfect because then you will have a perfect weight in the prime of your life- your late 20's...the time when all the teens who had perfect figures are struggling with their weight and their wrinkles...

you are underweight but is just because you are so tall and maybe cuz of your metabolism

For most people though, those dimensions would be underweight. Since you're still growing, you probably had a (hight) growth spurt before the rest of your body caught up. Don't worry about it. If you're healthy and eating normally it'll sort itself out.


pandy lynn
everybody's different---you could have a very hyperactive Thyroid, or just a very fast rate at which your body processes foods---best 2 accept yourself as you are---sounds like u r eating well---as long as your check-ups are ok when u go to the doc, there's nothing much u can do---

T Rock
you sound normal and healthy


hahah.. I'm 15 and 5'01 and 90-92 lbs.. Beat that! I'm just petite, is all!

A little but underweight i'd say. For your height, you should be around 120lbs.

Alex S
under weight...

You are alittle under weight. I had the same problem until I had kids.. now I have the reverse problem... enjoy it now!

You're perfectly normal. I was exactly like you at your age. I started to gain weight after 18, so I'd say, enjoy it while it lasts ...


underweight. you could stand to gain 10-15 pounds and still be thin

You're young! You've probably got an awesome metabolism. You're fine though!

im 5'3 and 105 lb i think
i am underweight ... and i know how you
feel i just cant gain weight just like you....
but i guess its ok.. im 16
its better to be skinny than fat in my opinion..
at least we can eat lots of foods and not have to worry
about the next meal...

maybe you have a fast metabolism its maybe not your fault its in your genes

Michael XD
why is this a problem?

but if you have to gain weight i would try protein powders.

4 sis y
ur BMI is 16.3
u're underweight
the normal BMI is 19- 25

Thats the way God wanted you. Oh and God DOES NOT make mistakes!!!!!Hope that helps bye bye bye.

your underweight but don't sweat it..Just be happy..everyone is made different.

goodness!! u should gain some weigfht!!!! i am like110 pounds but 7 inches shorter than u..Shitake mushrooms!! u lucky dawg..but i think u shoul be at least 110 pounds..ure too light right now...ure bmi is very very low..

Your just skinny. If you want to gain weight eat healthy carbs and lots of protein.

Sounds underweight to me. But as long as you are being healthy and your doctor doesn't have any concerns, carry on.

Horse Gal
hmm.. skinny women. lol any way i do not know why u might have a higher mateblism then most poeple. but i wouldnt eat so much cause ur mateblism (sp) isnt has high when u get older and every thing u eat now gangs up on u. lol

Are you honestly asking this lol...? probobly under weight but i'm sure your fine. some people are just natually skinny and have fast metabolisms

youll gain weight if you drink protein shakes! oh and btw miss i want attention........"ive always been skinny" "i just cant gain weight" YES YOU CLEARLY KNOW YOUR NOT OVERWEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Pogo peeps
Sounds underweight. But if you're eating healthy & not starving yourself then don't worry about it. Likely you will gain at some point without trying (or wanting to).

well if yoou can`t gain weight then make sure you don`t lose any.

crazy gal
A little bit underweight, but don't worry, you are only 17 and will probably 'fill out' over the next 3 years or so....

eat lots of junk food & sit all day

Your a bit underweight!

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