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sorry i ment i'm 5ft3"...

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Am I overweight??
I am a 15 year old boy. I am about 5 feet, 8 inches. I weigh around 175 pounds give or take a couple pounds. I am very muscular though and I have heard that muscle weighs more than fat. PLEASE BE HONEST, TEN POINTS TO BEST ANSWER!!!

I don't think that weight sounds bad at all your height also plays a facor in it also not just muscle!!!!!!!!!!!! And even if you were really big there is nothing wrong with a big guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ehh i dont think so... even if u are technicly "overweight" according to the defintion, girls like a little buffness. more to hug. not so skrawny :) im being totally honest. its so not fun to hug a twig. and ur right. muscle weighs more than fat. so dont measure ur body on pounds. i think thats pointless. id go by how u look and feel.

If your muscular as you say you are, then your definitely not fat.

Vicki ‚ô•
don't rely on other people for gratification. if you like your body, that's awesome.if you're muscular, it sounds fine.

there are way too many people focused on dieting anyways. also, there are much better things to spend your time worrying about.

no offense my 45 year old dad wieghes thet much thats over the average weght for an 19 year old i know that cause my 19 year old brother weighes around there and he has to lose 10 pounds in order to get into the airforce since hes over the average weight. i would have to see a picture though you must have a crap load of muscle to wiegh that much.

well if u r muscular thats not being fat
muscle does weigh more than fat

not at all and plus you have muscules

Well, you could have a bit of fat on you but I don't think it's anything major.

Most guys your age should be in between 120-154 lbs. But I don't know about the muscles, so that could put you above average by a lot. Check out this site if you want to calculate it yourself.


If honesty is what you want? Thats what you will get!!
Maybe just a little overweight, Maybe loose like 3 pounds or so, Or lose as much pounds as you think you need lose.
You know lose weight if you think you need to, DONT if people are telling you too. :)

No, don't be ridiculous. Its all muscle hun. :D
Just stay fit, eat healthy.

Yes muscle weighs more than fat. since your muscular and you are pretty tall that seems about right to me.and not over wieght.

Hailey :)
no ,
you arent ,
do you work out ,
jog ?

please don't get offend of anything by this question.

OK well 1st of all you shouldn't care of what other people think about you a long as you happy with how you look.your just perfect you could be skinnier but you could be fattier just think about all the other possibilities.But make sure you think about negative and POSITIVE!
anyway that's just my opinion!

Kari M
Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women.

I calculated yours to be 26.6 which is considered overweight but not by much. If you got down to 164 you would be considered in the normal range.
By the way...your muscles do weight more so this might not even apply to you.

BMI Categories:

Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

nope. ask your doctor, if your really worried. They give you the percentile of your age/height/weight average.

Alex F
You could use to lose about 5-10 pounds and if you are like super muscle no but no one is super muscle. But you should be fine and perfect if you lose 5-10lb
Also you are going through pubertiy so you will get heavier for a couple of years so not really

I don;t really think so. I'd have to know your mix between fat and muscle but 5'8" 175lbs is a good weight for a stocky muscular guy.

robert S
Youre height to body mass should be between 75 to 80kg 2.2 lb to the KG

im 16, 180 am i fat?? Muscle does weigh more than fat. You can't be fat. Your tall, muscualar, everything works out for you. Don't worry about it.

Chloe J
No! You are perfect! (Even though i dont know you.)

If you have a lot of muscle then you will weigh more. And you are tall (like me, I'm the same height and I'm a girl!) that adds weight!

if I may say
depends on your waist size. sounds like your not, but you have a lot of muscle. muscle is way more dense then fat, so that might ne why you think you're overweight. you're def not

you are still maturing! just give it a few years and you will be just right!

You sound like you eat a lot. Idc how much you excersize. Slow your eating.

Jenn H
Being 15, you could still have some baby fat. Being 5'8 with the weight of 175 isn't too much overweight. According to the BMI calculator you are about 10 pounds overweight, but you are right- muscle does weigh more than fat.

I wouldnt stress out about it.

Maybe a little bit. But not too much.

well it depends on how much muscle but you could maybe loose a couple but not much it depends if you oook fat and if your comfortable being chubby or skinny or masculen its all p to you but you dont have to change your body unless you want to lol but good luck sorry if my nwser wasnt much help

according to the actuary tables for life insurance companies, no

u can use lose a little bit

not too bad


roger w
No, thats really good for your size and weight.

Yes, muscle does weight more than fat but...

At your age you should not be too concerned about your weight because you still are growing.

You should be more concerned about not eating too much fried food and sodas. That should be good for you right now being that your young.

work out 30 min a day is good enough for a healthy life style.

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