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Shirely H
Am I overweight?
I am 15 years old, 5"4, and 79 pounds...Am I overweight? I truly feel huge all the time.

hunny, you need to gain some weight. it sounds like you have an eating disorder. i would get help, because thats sickly skinny.

No Name Girl
No, no, and no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are probably very beautiful. You should gain some weight.

I used to be a runway model with my sister and was 5'9" and 115 pounds. I think I wore a size 6 or 7. Anyway, I was way too thin and boney.

I am now 155 pounds and a Pilate instructor. I am very healthy and wear a size 14.

Take care of yourself and be careful.

Charles WE
You're skinny, skinny skinny. Are you sure this isn't a trick question?

eat a sandwhich, u skinny

Rachel N
no you are not overweight i think you would be beautiful even if people think you are overweight

omg !!! you are tiny ! I'm sorry sweetheart but you may have some body image issues. Also ! You may need to buy a mirror !

If you sent this out as a joke, its not funy. You kind of sound underweight to me

You're underweight. If you, seriously and honestly, feel huge all the time, you could try talking about it to a counselor at your school. It may really help you with your body image and your self-esteem

Yeah, I don't believe this. At that weight, you're either dead, or you're going to be within the next week.

I think you are just looking for attention because you know the answer to this question.

No you are not !!!!!!! I think maybe you should go to see some

one on a professional level .

That seems thin to me and if you feel huge maybe a professional can help to sort it out.

U R Xactly the opposit

Go fishing much?

Are you trying to get extra attention... Are you one of those skinny girls who says " oo im so fat" but ur not

You need to worry about your health becuase thats not healthy. The average weight at your age is 110-140 or something like that. Pictures dont lie!

Brigit B
Holy crap girl! Get some weight on you! Eat some meat or junk food. You are waaaay too skinny. Are you anorexic? Get some help.

Diana C
you r underweight

Johnny Bannanas
OMFG your tooo light, if at all you need to gain a few pounds, your tooo light!!!!! no lie!

tk b
Wow , Actually . . You 'r just trying to Showoff and Brag
you KNOW that you are Skinny .

Sounds like you are way UNDERweight!

Judge Judy is Back!
Yep, you're a fatty that's for sure (rolling eyes). Give me a break Nicole and go eat something. Annorexia is not an attractive look.

Girl, you skinny as hell.

LoveTheLife YouLive ღ
NO! you deffinatly underweight

By the way, when you grow up you better put some meat on those bones because men like a bit of meat on a healty woman.

Rachel W
if you really feel totally huge, see your theripist

You are underweight!!!!

i should take a dunk on you right nw...
what do you think? is this a joke? because if it's not then you need help

David J
Nope, you weigh less than one of my legs.
You are actually underweight.

Go call a doctor right away...you need to talk to someone.

Seek help.

Kristen A
if you are 79 pounds, and feel "huge" then you need to see a doctor, or check into a clinic, for people with eating/image disorders

Are you a double amputee? If not you are positively bony, right? ♥

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