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 Am i over weight?
I am 5'2 and i weigh 117 pounds.. am i over weight, or not?...

 My friend said i am to fat!! and i weigh 95lbs i am 5"0!what do i do??

Additional Details
i am 13 years old and i am a ...

 Am l fat??
Hey everyone,
l just wanted to know if l'm fat cuz l always think l'm fat,
l weight 109 or 108, l don't know how much l weight cuz l been on a diet that made me lose weight ...

 I'm 14, 5'1 1/2 and 110 pounds, am I fat?
I eat up to 500 - 800 calories a day, but I'm not on a diet. I'm just not hungry. I also exercise for two and a half hours everyday, and I'm NZ size xs, 6 (lowest size in stores) and 8 ...

 What is the best way to build yourself up to jogging?
Right now I walk 3miles a day with my baby in the baby jogging stroller. I want to try jogging, but I want to make sure that my body is ready for it. When I walk now I don't feel the burn as ...

im 13 and my friends have started smoking, they smoke at lunchtime at the field at school i gave in and had a few puffs but now i feel really bad, my friends have turned really popular and i do?nt ...

 How can i teach myself to throwup?

 Is it wrong to call someone fat?
If they are, and they need to lose some weight to keep/maintain good health, is it really wrong?

If you just want the best for someone, is it wrong to want them to stay healthy?...

 Does FISH OIL really help improve your memory?
I heard from my girlfriend at Church that if you take FISH OIL it will improve your memory and help you not to get Alzheimer's Disease. Does anyone know if this is a fact?

Where can I ...

 How can you tone up your leg muscles realy fast?

 Am i overweight?
I Am 11 years and 8 months old

i weigh 95 Pounds with clothes on

i am 5'1 and 1/2

i relized i gained some weight.

am i overwieght and does anyone have ...

 What the best and fastest way to become anorexic?

 Is 115 a good weight for someone who is 5'7?

Additional Details
I'm 13 years old by the way.
Personally, I actually wish I weighed less =/
I feel so intimidated ...

 I'm 15 years old, and 235 lbs.. I want to lose 15 pound before August 12, my birthday and school starts . How?
Please help me!! I so scared of being fat and dying from it. Please someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(...

 How tall are you?
how tall are you?
do you consider yourself: short, medium, or tall, compared to everyone else?

I am 5'2'' and feel very short.
Additional D...

 Do i have an eating problem?(no nasty comments please)?
Recently ive been making myself sick after eating big meals and i ive eaten too much junk food and i know this isnt normal at all but im not underweight or skinny so do i have an eating disorder or ...

 Im 14 and i weigh 220 pounds..is that horrable?
ive been overweight all of my life and i weigh 220 pounds now and im only 14! i cant seem to make the commitment of dieting becuase i know that i will fail..i take p.e. this year but i eat really ...

 I'm too skinny!!! Help?
I'm 5'5'' or 5'6''
and i weigh 95 lbs
help me gain weight!!
make my metabolism slower!!!...

 Is eating veggies and fruits is good for u?
I've been trying this new thing where i just eat fruits and veggies with exeercise tapes and drinking plenty of water and i have stopped eating meat. Is this good for the body?...

 I want to be fat?
please tell me how to become obese

provide links


Am I fat? (pictures)?

I am about 13-14 and i weight around 120. I am 5'5''. Can you tell me?
Additional Details
sorry. ive been having some up and down times lately and ive been really self consious about things and yeah. all my friends are less than me and im just being stupid. im not fishing for compliments (it made me laugh when i heard that) but now i feel like i shouldnt be bulimic or anything (just kidding, i would never)
thank you for talking some sense into my sensless self. :)

nope your not

Oh of course not bbygirl!! I'd kill to have a stunning body like you(: I'm 4'11 weighing about 120 lbs, I'm the fat one! D:
Hope I helped. But, for the record, you shouldn't really think you're fat, everyone is unique with different shapes, learn to love your body, yeahhh(:

wel... no jk your not fat im 14 so i should no =] and ur 5'5 im 5'6 well not to get off of subject ur not fat ur slim

no ur 5 foot 5 and thats tall so its a good weight and ur prolly strong and have a strong bone structure. i am 5 foot and weigh 80 pounds
no big deal what ur weight is
ur too young to worry about it

Jimmy L
no just stay around that weight and you'll be fine

dreamland 3^[]^3
you are almost skinny but not even close to being fat.

Well, it's hard to tell with that star going supernova on your head.

you wasted yahoo answers points on that? youre not fat youre just stupid... congrats

Ninja Glare!!
im blind next time plz dont use flash my eyes hurt now =( and no

bbycakes,come on now.
Not at all :]

is this a joke? ur too thin.

Yur jus jelous cuz boys like me.
OMG freakin stop. You look like skin and bones in dat pic!!

Amusing...But pointless!

nope, im 14 as well btw. And I really don't think you should be worrieing about weight from what i see.

No you are not! You look fine.

no, you're not. that is healthy....

wow no way are you fat

ummm no! i way 130 but mine is muscle. im ur height and 14.5 years young

Corporate Mom
my god, you are SO NOT FAT. Puleeze.

Paramedic Girl
Most girls would kill to be as slim as you. Far from fat kiddo... and glad to see you didn't post your face too (flash)... too many weirdo's on the internet.

Brad B
No. Have some self confidence.

Giselle G
not at all

Are you serious?

investigative sponge
you are the size of a twig!

ur definitly not fat

no you look perfect!

Dani D
what is with you young skinny girls thinking your fat..

you are a skinny betch. go die you compliment-fisher.

fat? what fat?

dont let people lie to you!

No. You aren't fat.

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