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 Ok, am I to fat?
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What do u think?
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 Is too much water bad for you?
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in the news today "Chains refuse to put calories on menus "
Come On...everyone knows what's good and what's bad for him to eat...but we people like to blame others for ...

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 Am i too skinny for my age
im 13
5 feet and 3.5 inches
my weight constantly changes all the time but right now im at 93. i am anywhere from 84-95.
i eat all the time but cant seem to gain any weight.
so ...

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 How Tall Are You and How Much Do You Weigh?
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 I am 5'1 and 103 pounds, but?
I wear a size 1 in jeans, but people the same height and weight as me wearlike 0 and 00, and they are from the same place. Whats up with this? I know Im not fat, but it seems as if its all in the ...

 Am i fat?im 13 years old and muscular,but kids at my school call me fat when im 5'3 and 116lbs?

 Hi question?
i eat food but no matter what i eat it comes back up i could be icecrea or water or soup or anything and im not forcing it this has been happening for about 6 years ( im 14)
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 Is 330 a lot to bench press?
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Am I fat at all?
I have a couple of classmates call me "fat" I don't know if they're kidding or not.
Well I'm about 4'9'' and I weigh about 77-80 pounds.
Is that fat? Because I'm so jealous of the people in my school who are stick thin.

careful missy...if you allow your identity to be defined on what others think of you, you may end up anorexic...then you'll die.

Cierra C
how old r u and plus don't down ur self just beacause ppl call u fat there just being mean kids will b kids u kno so just ignore them

your are so not fat. Those people are very rude to call you that, just ignore them and remind yourself you are not fat, your perfect the way you are

Ohhhh no, they are just messing with you. You are not fat. In fact, your weight may be a little under the norm.

I see i want to see u in real life my love let me figure out by hugging u that u are fat or not it will take about a minute to solve your problem get in touch with me fast i m very busy man thats why hurry up come to me get your CHRISTMAS GIFTS from me too.

no, you're not fat. and stick skinny is not attractive. isn't most people in us overweight?? but i don't know where your from.

no not fat, maybe anorexic depending on your age.

Nope not fat at all.
you're just right

No. You're anything but fat.. and they were definitely joking. Seriously, you have no reason to be worried.

You sound normal to me.

our cultural aesthetic is completly insane. Pay them no mind. Alien stick insects that you see in magazines and on television are creepy and gross. The most attractive thing is someone who is comfortable with their body and who feels healthy.

you're so not fat.
dont listen to bullies. be confident and answer back.

My friend is 4'9 and weighs 100. She looks sooo great.
Dont determine your "fatness" based on your weight.
Determine it based on how you think you look.
Jealous people say mean things.

In Your Face!
YEAH go on a diet ASAP ur obese! OMFG

LI Guy
My ex girlfriend was 5'0 100 pounds. She had the best shape of all the girls I dated. She was petite to say the least. You are the same. Dont you dare go on a diet. They are using your insecurity as a weapon for their jeolousy.

El Dorado
dont worry about fat or thin. ask your question- are you healthy, do you respect yourself, do your parents love you, are you kind at heart...if your have a yes answer- you should be elated. if you have a no answer concentrate on improving the situation so you can have a yes!

Peanut Butter
1st of all, you are NOT fat.

2nd, stop listening to what STUPID people say. The only opinion that matters is YOURS!

3rd, have confidence in yourself and FLAUNT who you are and people will stop saying ignorant remarks to you and respect you for who you are.

I'm so SICK of teenage girls. You know what...Tell them to PISS OFF!

lol stop calling urself fat
ur probably beautiful

Maria D
actually your alil thin

Not even close.
My advice.Ignore those people,and think about how YOU feel about YOURSELF.

Baby girl,

this is FAT:


Not even close to fat, sweetie. Never think you are. :)


No, their Jokin' around :)

Are you kdding me...NO!

You wish you were my chapstick~
omg. dont worry about them. your definetly not fat dude. maybe they are jealous. don't ever let that bother you.

crack back at them.

Richard T
Nope. 50th percentile for someone under 20 who's 4'9" is 84 lbs. Someone over 20 who's 4'9

Now, the 50th percentile ("Average") girl that's 4'9 and 84 lbs. is also 11 years old. So you may be shorter or taller than average, for your AGE. But you are a little on the skinny side for your height.

Look at it another way. Your Body Mass Index is 17.1. An average 11 year old has a BMI of 17.5. Again, a little skinny.

Also, remember that this chart doesn't take race into account. Genetically, African Americans are taller than the average, Asians are shorter. So if you're Asian (I assume from your name you may be) you might well be taller than average, for an Asian girl of your age.

So - ignore them, they're either kidding, jealous or just bad people.

no your not fat at all ignore them people at school

Gilmore G
honey! you are beautiful just the way you are! And no you are not fat!!!! I understand being jealous of the people who are "stick thin" I weigh more than the average girl is "supposed to" and sometimes it is hard! But what you have to focus on is that you are a good person and that it dosen't matter what other people think! And the next time someone says you fat...say Yes I kno I am Fabulous And Terrific thanx for noticing! Im telling u they will realize after a while that they can't get to you and they will stop!

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