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Cory M
Am I fat? D= D= D= D= D= D= D= D=?
I'm 16 years old, 5'11" and 63 pounds. Am I fat?

I really need to know. :(
Additional Details
Oh er, I mean 163. >_>

Jack D
No. Eat now. Everything in the house. I hope this is a joke.

someone is obviously bored and needs attention.

your crazy.....not fat

Ashley A
No, just right. Nomarl weight for your height is between 135 & 176.

CH CH CH-Yeah!
You are a liar...that's what your are.

um do u mean 163!! and no u r talll so u shouldnt be as long as uv got some muscle to ya

ur such a liar there is no possible way that you are 63lbs!!!

Mrs. Chill
Your kidding, right?

Why do some people ask such ignorant questions. You sound like a bean pole to me. You could be 5' even and still not be fat.

Sam B
im 5'7" and im 175 lbs. but im not fat im muscular so it depends what your body type is. plus 163 isnt that heavy either way.

Chika the "Rudeness"
You're very far from it.
63 pounds is the weight of the adverage 7-9 year old.
Sorry to say but I think you have an eating disorder, go to the doctor or you will die from it.

EDIT: Sorry, I posted before I read that you messed up the weight.
163 pounds still is not fat. Even if people say you look chunky or the media is making you feel huge, or whatever it is that's telling you you're too big is wrong. As long as you look and feel healthy, you're a perfect size!

You ARE kidding, correct?

You must have left something out. I'm 5'10 and only 132 lbs...and pretty skinny. I don't know how you could possible be only 63 lbs.

Yes, you're a blimp. You must have to pay for 2 seats on airlines.

hehehehahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA haha, oh uh-hahaha hee he, hehe, heheehe ha! ha!



at 5'11 your bones would weigh about 20 pounds in your body right now, your organs might weigh another 15 and what little muscle tissue you had on your body would probably not be able to lift your skeleton if you tried to get out of bed in the morning, your brain would have shrunk by a lot if you had starved yourself to this point. You probably don't weight 63 pounds. If you're telling people that, they're going to think there's something wrong with you mentally. I knew an extremely thin 70 pound girl who was 4'11 but she was hospitalized before summer camp ended. She was also so depressed she was slicing her arms open every night.
If you mean 163, then no, you're not fat for your height but you might want to check your BMI to see how much of your body is fat and how much is muscle. An indication that you might want want to worry is if you carry most of the weight on your torso or have an "apple" shape. This can be a potential sign of inherited health conditions like heart problems or diabetes. But I said POTENTIAL sign. It's not a guarantee. Likewise, if you're so underweight that your health should be considered at risk, your heart would be the most in danger. Anorexics die of heart attacks all the time.
Be careful. Being thin isn't as important as being happy and being alive is easier to work with than being dead. Try to stay above ground, dear. I guarantee that when you're 25, you're going to look back at pictures of your teen years and wonder what your problem was because you looked adorable!
The world doesn't need another Mary-Kate Olsen... She's going to look back at pictures of how she is now and probably cry because she wasted time looking so miserable.

Matt H
you are probaly anorexic

Silly, boy! Tricks are 4 whores
FAT??? Are you high?? ...That's under weight stupid! Go talk with your doctor, of how to gain that weight up. You can get very sick or even die that way.

*Banana Burst*
If your only 63 pounds then you should be sick..thats not normal.

**Princess Nash**
u can't be 63 pounds..i think you mean kilos..if ur 63 pounds then i'm answering a dead person now..

he could mean 63 stone

Hard to say - a lot would depend on your frame and how the weight's distributed. For a basketball player's body, might be a tad overweight; for a footballer/wrestler, probably not; for a non-atheletic type, quite possibly.

Chris B
No, by those dimensions you are 'ribbed for her pleasure'.

Buff B
no heck no. 63 pounds!! you are as light as a feather!

you're not fat, just crazy.

QT Pie
sickly thin

please tell me you mean 163, if you were that tall and 63 pounds you would be dead because that's too skinny!

expensive soul
you are wayyyyyyy too underweight.

Are you sure you don't mean 163?

No, you are not fat. You are fine.

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