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Am I at the correct weight?
I'm a 20 yr old female, and I am 5'5 and weigh 111 pounds. Is that a good healthy weight?
Additional Details
p.s. the reason why i am asking, is because i've been told alot lately that i look pretty thin, so i wanted to get some opinions on this...

Try giving us this in kilograms. I can't understand metric.


check out this website: www.brandnewyou.com

you can evaluate your current health and make goals to change it using this site as a tool.

its really a fantastic website and its free to sign up!

I'm trying to lose 20 lbs and i am being encouraged by the excellent advice and even weekly meal plans that are emailed to me.

It seems to me that you have a healthy weight. When I met my wife close to 20 years ago (she is 5'5 and weighted 110 pounds), this looked perfect to me.

sounds right.

healthy and hot!

sounds ok..look for a BMI test on the net and it can tell you more.

Hard Hittaz
its ok but you may be stronger than normal woman and as long as you gut doesnt hang over your pants than i think ur good! DONT GO ANERXIC ON US!!!!!!!

Yep, you are. Keep it up!

Yeah you're at a good weight..... but just to make sure send us some pics with you in a bikini!!

Well, i'm 5' and I weigh 145 or so! You might be too thin but it all depends on your body type.

pittsburgh guy
That is an extremely healthy weight. Keep up the great work.

No, you're too thin.

My 5'4" wife, all curves and quite hot, is 130 lb. When she hit 119 before our wedding it was awful - ribs showing, hips sticking out, blah.

I'm 5'5 and I weigh 115. I think anything over 125 in our height is overweight.

Bear Naked
check your body mass index

I'd say you're on the border of healthy and underweight...check the links below.

send me a pic and I will let u know.

Sounds good and healthy but it wouldnt hurt to weigh a little more

Everyone's healthy weight is different. It depends on bone size, height, age, there are too many variables. Be happy with yourself no matter what your weight is.

Found one:
Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
Weight: 111 pounds

Your BMI is 18.5, indicating your weight is within the normal range for adults of your height.

Good Luck

That's a perfect weight. I'm jealous! LOL!

yea ur good to go sounds bout right thats not too skinny and not overweight at all

You are below the right weight at your height you should be 130-140
if you where 5'3 you should be 110-120

But you are skinny so if thats what matters dont change

go to google and search bodey mass index(or BMI)
a find a site that gives you teh guidlines to your body type. they should tell you how to calculate it. but if you think you are to skinny, just eat. don't over do it, butj you can afford to eat a little more. if you think you are un healthy, consulte a doctor, asap.

Yes your fine.

Miss Anthrope
You're OK, Just a little skinny, but some people can't help that!

That sound great!!

yes that is just the right age height and weight for the girl of my dreams.

There are too many factors to tell. Your frame may be large or small. You may have more muscle than fat, which will weigh more.

I think you're just looking for validation, but without knowing several other factors, it's impossible for anyone to accurately say what the correct weight is for you. Five people of the very same height and age could have five very different "correct" weights. We're individuals and what works for one person does not necessarily work for others.

good weigh . a very healthy weigh .

Sounds like the perfect weight if not less. I am 5'7" and my bmi (body mass index) says to be between 150 and 180 to be a healthy weight. Not under and not over. So you are probably right were you should be.

when and how
That sounds about like a healthy weight.

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