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mayella <3
Am I anorexic? Am I doing damage to myself?
On my "good" days, I eat 600 - 800 calories a day. I feel guilty if I eat any more than that. But I can only eat this much on days when I don't hang out with my friends, because when I hang out with friends we buy junk food and I end up eating a TON of food, anywhere between 2000 - 4000 calories. This happens at least once a week.

I used to be 112 lbs. I WAS 85, binged myself back up to 94, but now I'm 91. I want to get back to 85 but I can't because A) I'm afraid of how harmful this is and B) I can't stop binging. I'm afraid to hang out with my friends anymore because of the binges - I NEVER binge by myself.

I'm a total perfectionist and I'm unhappy with myself if I'm less than perfect. Most of my weight is in my butt and thighs, like the rest of my family, but I hate it, especially next to all my naturally thin friends.

I'm only 15 - do I have a disorder? Am I harming my body? What do I do from here?
Additional Details
I'm short, like 5'1.
And I work out every day, burning off 300-500 depending on how much I've eaten that day.

The average weight for a girl of your age is about 115. So you are a little underweight, but not too bad. But don't try to get it back all at once, go slowly. You should eat about 1,800 calories a day! Hope that helps!

I am no expert on anerexia and god knows I want to lose a few pounds as well. Wanting to lose weight is normal, but it seems to me as if losing weight has become a bit over the top for you.

I do not know if you have a disorder but you may want to get checked out by a doctor who specializes in anerexia. If you are afraid of someone finding out, I am sure there are ways to do this anonymously. Good Luck finding information!

you definitely have a problem. it sounds like anorexia. im not a doctor, but i do have some experience. i am 15, same height, but i weigh a healthy 120 lbs. anywhere from 106-128 is normal for our size and age. i was also anorexic in eighth grade. my friends got me through it, and i had a counselor for my self-esteem issues. if this is not anorexia, then you are surely on the way there. please get some professional help, even if it is just for the self-confidence issues. if you need some help, click my profile and email me. its anonymous, and i think i can help. good luck!

Sade Kline
Well, firstly, I would suggest that you not post such things like this on Yahoo! as you cannot discern any person's degree of knowledge. Secondly, if you're questioning your health practices, it is your subconcious telling you something is wrong. I would suggest a good psychologist, one who's specialty is either in eating disorders or in adolescents. Go to your primary care physician if it's not possible to walk into a psychologist's clinic, as they can then direct you to what is better for you. Please, please get your doctor involved; this might grow into a problem that requires hospitalization or even death.

Aubreigh S
Hi, first of all, you are so brave to realize that there may be a problem and to ask for help. I think that you do suspect that you have an eating disorder and although it probably sounds like you do to many of us, only your doctor should be the one to diagnose anorexia. Please do not wait! This lady's daughter was anorexic and hid it from all of her family. They thought she was on a really good diet. The danger is, even if you are not really in trouble yet, the day will come when suddenly there will be no turning back. I don't want to scare you, but anorexia is a really serious disease. So much damage can happen to your whole body, if you don't get the help you need. This isn't something you are doing to yourself on purpose, there is a real hidden reason behind it all. If you get the proper help early, you can find out why you are thinking the things you are, and stop the whole thing before too much damage is done. That lady's daughter waited too long. Tell someone you trust as soon as you can so you can get the help you need. Good luck, I hope this helps you, OK!

Coo Coo Kachoo
You need to eat normally. Don't have a target weight. Just eat when your body needs nourishment. Your body is growing and you are in critical stages that could affect your life right now. Be careful with what you do and know right from wrong.

well yes i do think soo

91 is quite small but it does depend on how tall you are

you need to remember that ur beautiful and i bet you that your actuly not big at all and 85 is quite dangerous i think i would at least stay at the mid to high 90's

You never mentioned how tall you were, but yes I think you are anorexic, go see professional help from here.

Danica D
You are 15. You don't need to weigh 85 pounds. That is what you should weigh in 5th or 6th grade. I think the problem is that you go from extreme to extreme. You pig out on junk food because you have been denying yourself food the rest of the week. Try to eat around 1500 calories a day and just exercise. I would rather weigh 112 than 85. I don't know how tall you are, but 85 is probably too thin. And about your butt...you are a female. You are SUPPOSED to have a butt. Haven't you heard that song by Sir Mix a Lot?

thats totally an unhealthy weight for your age. eating that little every day and then some days bulging out is totally harmful. your body is getting used to not so much food for like 4 days in a row and then you overwhelm your body with all of that junk food. you should keep a steady diet and dont go crazy with your friends. eat more than you do but not junk and bad things. eat healthy nutritious food every day and watch yourself when you're out with your friends.

eat more food, your not fat and you won't be any less of a person if you eat more.

Jon S
I don't consider this 'anorexic'. There is nothing wrong with being a perfectionist and wanting yourself to look good. You are only 15, and your weight is going to chance a LOT. As you grow, your body weight is going to increase. Let it. It's normal and it's supposed to. Just make sure you ARE eating everyday, and make sure you get lots of vitamins by drinking water, milk and juice. As well as eating plenty of protien, fruits, and veggies!

Hope this helps and Good Luck!

Please get some help from a counselor hun. I was like this for years. What they dont tell you about eating disorders is that 1) your hair will start to fall out from malnutrition, and it might not start happening until you start eating agian... and 2) your intestines can shut down functioning because youre not eating enough to keep digestion flowing. That means you may become constipated and bloated for the rest of your life , and not be able to poop normally. I have to take meds to poop. If I dont, my intestines dont pump on their own. The food solidifies and I get cramping so bad I feel like I want to die. If I had known there could be pain like this, I would have eatan what I wanted to all those years and been chubby. Nothing is worth this pain.

Please talk to your parents about getting you into counseling for an eating disorder. You definitely have one. You sound just like me at your age. Gl

Chloe H
I would def have to say that is at the anorexic stage. how tall r u though? you need 2 consume more than 800 cals/ day. as long as you exercise and eat healthy, then you'll b fine.

you have binge eating disorder.
you sound quite thin
even if you are short.
i just think you need to balance out your diet and eat healthy
and treat yourself now and then
no need to binge
try to eat slowly and enjoy your food

you are harming your body you should talk to your mom or a guidance councilor at school! the average person on a diet takes in about 1300 cal the average person 2000. try just eating more healthy....fruits veggies exercises, for 15 that's really a bad weight your body still growing!

well,i would say you were damaging your self what i would do is that most people think to gain more weight so you wont be anorexic is to eat junk but it isn't cause if you have a fast metabolism you wont get fat or bigger you will just get diabetes for eating the junk that will not do anything for your body.i suggest you eat healthy then have junk here and there but not too much then take a jog when you have free time or with friends that way instead of being fat or a little big or have diabetes you will get a good body and be healthy(it will only work if do daily)

The only advice I can give you is to accept and to love yourself. Talk to your family; they will help you. I am sure you are a great human being, do not harm yourself by not acceptiong the way you look.

to tell the truth, but yes. you should eat at least 1800 calories each day. and how tall are you??? it seems that 91 pounds is not a healthy weight for a 15 year old. you totally have a disorder. you are harming your body. you are giving yourself more stress and you are starving to death more effectively. start eating right from now, like 1800 calories a day to get back on the right track...

Its a disorder. You could be harming your body. What to do? I suggest eating a little more check sites on the normal calorie intake a 15 year old should have and follow that.

You are Bing eating then starving yourself. This is bad and unhealthy.
Go see a therapist, and figure why you have this habit.

Please don't lose any more wieght. Make sure you are drinking gatorade or something, your electrolytes must be out of wack.

Get them checked they can do real serious damage to your cardiac system.

Samantha ♥
Well... Honestly, yes you are harming your body and most likely do have an eating disorder. But, don't worry admiting that you have a problem is the first step to getting better!

First of all, you probably only eat so little because you are self concious, don't be! Girl, you should be happy about your body!

Seccondly, you should tell your parents ( if they dont already know.) Then you should go 2 your family doctor. He/she will help you for sure.

Good Luck!

And be confident in yourself!


you are anorexic
and you are harming your body
seek professional help
or else in time to come you will be very sick
please girl
childrens hot lines, therapists
there all there too help
get the help you need
dont be ashamed or guilty
alot of girls like you.

Yes you are harming yourself. Binging is not the problem. Please seek professional help..talk to your parents about this. There are some other ways to lose weight, granted you have to work hard but they are better for you. As I've said, please seek professional help.

jeff d
yes totally

WhO WhAt?.
Yes you are, Ive battles that problem FOR Years! I have gurd (it's like acid reflux) It HURTS SOOO BAD!!!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE PAIN IT PUTS ME IN! and my esophagus it totally ****** up, get help soon. If you don't kill your self from it when you get older you will have serous health problems from that!.
the temptation will always be there but just fight it! good luck..

ttc#14a long time
i would say you definitly have a problem talk to your parents and she can help you decide what to do

you're obsessed with your weight. be happy and accecpt yourself and your body. that's the first step. counseling is not a bad idea, either.

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