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Lizzy D
After you quit smoking, when does your body start to feel better?
I quit smoking 24 days ago and I don't physically feel any better. I even started walking 30 min a day and still don't feel better.

Right away, it's just that you don't know what good feels like & have to get addicted to feeling good.

you should start feeling better. things should start tasting and smelling better,

I've heard that about half a year. It depends on how many cigarettes you used to smoke everyday and of course how long.

Wrrrrr - I have to quit smoking as well.

I suppose everyone is different. It took me about 6 months.

The Ultimate Answerer
Wait a few days or so, it takes time for your body to adjust to the lack of poisons and chemicals in cigarettes.

took a couple of months for me.

after a few months...u can definietly tell, atleast my friend could

Remember you damaged your body considerably. You will respond and you will heal. It may take awhile, probably no less then 2 months. I smoked for 33 years, quit 10 years ago and it was almost a year before I really felt better. But the last 9 have been great. I am 59 years old my pulse is 50-60 my bp is 130/62. So I do believe it helped. Stick with, please. Don't go back. Get help if you need it, but don't go back.

if you stopped for 24 hrs, you ARE feeling better already. dont worry if you relapse. they say that cutting down doesnt lower the heath risks, good way for the pros to help out huh?1 smoke in like 2 weeks aint bad. smoking really isnt so bad. some ppl just cant control it.cant blame a product for a weak will. if that was the case, alot of other things would be just as bad.

i did but it's pretty gradual...what i noticed first was that i could breathe without that gurggling in my chest....and i was happy about not having an addiction and i was happy about not spending all that money on cigarettes....i think i felt empowered that i could quit...that is a good feeling right there....

Winters child
I dont think you really feel better...

unless you smoked so much that you were coughing all the time...Perhaps your frame of mind feels better, because, for myself as a former smoker...I always was worried, about what the cigs were doing to my health...and, that I should quit...and, I got tired of trying to find extra change to buy that pack of cig..

its a hard habit to break...it takes about 2 years to really get over it..(for me anyways)...

good luck to you!!!

FordGT guy
After about 3-4 weeks I felt better and wasn't going crazy for a smoke anymore.

I never noticed any changes from being smoker then non smoker but I kept it under 10 cigarettes a day, many times less than 6 a day so I would say that is pretty light.

It takes a while. I don't think I felt "normal" until about 6 months after. Hard to tell though, its a gradual process of ridding your body of the toxins.

One thing I did notice a couple weeks in ....waking up in the morning I felt much better, I could breathe and didn't have the burning lungs.

Its been almost 2 years since I quit and I still have cravings, and still dream about smoking. No way I'll go back to it though!!!

It'll probably take a few months. Right now your body's probably still going through the withdrawl stage. Once you're over it, it's AMAZING how much better you'll feel. I smoked for 13 years and I finally quit about 2 years ago. It did take a while, but I've never felt better

I think it depends on how much you were smoking when you quit

My BIL was smoking 3 packs a day, he started feeling better after about a year

I quit a 5 pack a day habit, I started feeling better after 15 months

I does, I quit 3 months ago it took about 2 to REALLY feel the difference. I went back to smoking (like an ******) for two days and quit again, just after those two days, I felt like I did three months ago---like crap!! Stick it out ITS WORTH IT!!! I'm with right there with you, your not alone.

§§ André §§
Within the first 2 weeks and then it improves rapidly...

that depends on your age, how much you used to smoke and for how many years. you can basically say that it will take your lungs at least 10 years until they get rid of the last chunk of tar.
you should feel getting a little better after a few days, weeks or even month. that really depends on you. maybe it can help you to also chance your eating habits. and, of course, your body has to get over the fact that it won't have any Nicotine anymore...
keep up that walking and stay healthy!
good luck.

I have been smoke free for 2 months now, and Nicotine has a way of fooling you to believe that it wasn't that bad for you, because all you get are the cravings at this point. Just remember it is a battle between you and cigs and you are going to win! don't let the cigarettes win. get the patch to calm your cravings and start an excersize program now!!! I gained 15 lbs and I hate it... almost makes you want to go back to smoking. Nicotine also numbs your body, so when you start working out you are going to feel more of the pain. good luck!

when i quit i felt better immediatly...like 2-3 days without smoking. and i noticed it right away. if you don't physically feel any better, maybe you should see a dr. and find out if something else is the matter. or...maybe you didn't smoke enough or smoke for long enough for your body to feel the full effects of being drug down by smoking. i'm notsure. we're all different so what happens for some might not happen for all.

It's not an overnight turn of events that will make you feel better all of a sudden. One thing I noticed that my lung capacity increased after a few months. I could do flights of stairs and still have lots of energy and strength to keep going. I wouldn't look for big differences, it's the small ones that add up to make your overall health better. And btw, congratulations on quitting. I know it's hard. My one year anniversary is in 2 days, and I still think about smoking at times, but I'm very happy I've quit! Keep up the good work, and enjoy the new you!

I started feeling better within a day or so. The first thing my body did was hack up a bunch of mucous out of my lungs. Did you go through that stage? Maybe some mucinex will Loosen up that garbage and let you get rid of it.
Consult your doctor. Whatever you do, don't start smoking again!!! 24 days is great!! Great job!! Congrats on a healthier life!

At least it stopped stinking straight away!
Keep it up! :)

Maybe you don't feel different yet, but internally LOTS of things have changed for the better. CONGRATULATIONS !!! Seriously, you have taken a major step in prolonging your life and the QUALITY of your life. Look what I found on the web site for the American Lung Association:

Search LungUSA

When smokers quit, within twenty minutes of smoking that last cigarette the body begins a series of changes.

At 20 minutes after quitting:

* blood pressure decreases
* pulse rate drops
* body temperature of hands and feet increases

At 8 hours:

* carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal
* oxygen level in blood increases to normal

At 24 hours:

* chance of a heart attack decreases

At 48 hours:

* nerve endings start regrowing
* ability to smell and taste is enhanced

The first year after quitting:

At 2 weeks to 3 months:

* circulation improves
* walking becomes easier
* lung function increases

1 to 9 months:

* coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue, shortness of breath decreases

1 year:

* excess risk of coronary heart disease is decreased to half that of a smoker

Long-term Benefits of Quitting

At 5 years:

* from 5 to 15 years after quitting, stroke risk is reduced to that of people who have never smoked.

At 10 years:

* risk of lung cancer drops to as little as one-half that of continuing smokers
* risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney, and pancreas decreases
* risk of ulcer decreases

At 15 years:

* risk of coronary heart disease is now similar to that of people who have never smoked
* risk of death returns to nearly the level of people who have never smoked

Good luck and good health

I thought the same thing when I quit but it was worth it. I no longer cough all the time (especially in the morning), I can exercise without labored breathing, skin and teeth clear up from Nicotine stains, etc. Keep it up and you'll feel better.

it takes time. i quit smoking a year ago and i feel great but it's hard sometimes to compare because it's not an instant thing. you'r body gradly works all the tar and crap out of your system so it wont happen over night, but it will happen.

Bad Mother Clucker
My lungs felt better pretty quick. You're probably still dealing with withdrawel issues. Keep going, it takes a little time. You probably feel a little bit better each day but aren't realizing it. Then one day you'll get up and realize you feel a lot better.

$Sun King$
Try going on some kind of an antioxidant diet. It will help move things along. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ACHIEVEMENT.

I smoked for 17 years, 1 to two packs a day. I was in the Air Force and just barely passed the annual PT test which was a 1-1/2 mile run with a time limit depending on your age. I thought I was going to die after that run and they almost called an ambulance for me. I quit smoking and the following year I breezed through the test. It took nearly two years before I no longer felt that urge to reach for a smoke. If you think about your ability to do physical tasks that task your breathing, before quitting and currently, I think you'll notice a gradual improvement every few weeks. Keep at it. The temptation to restart is there for a year or two. It's just a matter of whether you really want to give yourself and those around you a better environment and healthy life or not. one of my sisters wouldn't stop smoking and died of lung cancer three years ago. She's the only person in our family to have lung cancer. All the rest either never smoked or quit years ago.

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