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 Hi question?
i eat food but no matter what i eat it comes back up i could be icecrea or water or soup or anything and im not forcing it this has been happening for about 6 years ( im 14)
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 Why is it bad to eat almost nothing for about a week?
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 Do you think im under weight?????
I am 13 and i weigh 97 pounds. I really do not have a diet except i eat one sweet a day and one carbonated drink a day. I also eat a fruit or veggie at every meal and after school.
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I have a belly apron, should I cut down on burgers?
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14 pounds to a stone

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I'm trying to loose weight
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I swim 2500 yards a day
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i am the one in the black shirt
i am the one in the green shirt

 If you are 12 and weigh 160, is it bad? Does taht mean you are overweight?

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10lbs a week too high of a goal?
Is 5-10lbs a week too much weight loss in a short period of time? I've known quite a few people who have been able to lose that much weight and have been healthy about it..
Additional Details
lol, no I'm not striving to be on the next GQ cover. I just thought about trying to lose 10lbs or so..but I hate dieting. I eat a pretty balanced diet that helps me maintain my weight...but after the holidays..well I gained about 12lbs. Trying to work off those xmas cookies. lol

Unless you have a lot of weight to lose (well over 100lbs.), that's way too fast. You may lose more the first week or two in water weight, but after that you shouldn't be losing more than 5lbs a week. Slow and steady helps in *keeping* it off.

If anyone is losing more than that on a weekly basis, they're either not being all that healthy or they're spending their entire day at the gym.

☺ Sheepie
Yeah. Be fat and happy, my friend.

Brandon H
10 is quite a bit but if you want to know how to come close to that really quick I will tell you how I lost all my weight and got a great body. I went to Muscle Max bought the Muscle Max PM Fatburners so when I slept I was still burning fat and then I also bought Venom which is like stacker except without the comedown and I lost weight and felt good while I was doing it. But this stuff is only at Muscle Max or maybe online don't accept and substitutes. I tried a lot of stuff and these are the ones that work!

It is too much at a time to lose. Try losing 3-4 a week for a longer period of time. You don't want to damage yourself losing the weight. You also want to develop healthy habits that will help you keep the weight off.

test pilot
That is definitely too much. It is a proven fact that quick weight loss results in regaining the weight and usually you will gain extra pounds also. I had a doctor tell me that 10 pounds per month is an ideal weight loss goal and told me to count calories and stick to 1500 calories per day and I would lose at that rate. I followed his advice and I became discouraged when I hadn't lost a pound after 10 days but I stuck to it and all of a sudden the weight started to come off. After 2 months I had lost 20 pounds and that was my goal. Try it .... it works as long as you stick to it and dopn't cheat.
Also you may want to check out this weight loss website www.guardianangeldiet.com it is the best program around without a doubt and easy to follow.

Pookey B
kinda, unless you starve yourself which is not good.

yea it is

the most i lost in one week was 7lbs( & thats not healthy)
i stay stick to like 2-5 lbs a week

Erik L
no but it will be hard good luck

Yes, that is too much. It takes 3500 calories burned to lose 1lb of fat. That can be in either calories not eaten (in other words, eating healthier foods) or calories burned in exercise. So to lose 10lbs in one week of fat, youd have to burn 35,000 calories beyond what you currently burn. Now, you might could lose 5-10 lbs in a week if youre just looking to lose water weight etc, but youll gain it all back when you start eating again regularly. Any more than a few lbs per week is unrealistic if you're hoping to lose fat and keep it off.

♥say what?
I think ten pounds the first week is pretty normal if your used to eating really unhealthy but after that about 2-3 pounds a week is what you should expect.


Miss Mango
yes!!! unless you weigh like ALOT
but if not, that is way to much
not safe at ALL
try 1-2 pounds

if you go about it the healty way like eating and working out, its fine, jsut dont go anorexic or bullimic or something like that

It sounds like to much to me. Diet experts will tell you that losing 1-3lbs a week is normal and healthy. Losing that much quickly can cause things like a lost period. Be Careful.

It depends on your current weight. But really, that sounds very unhealthy. You should really aim for that in more of an extended time period, like a month. Losing weight too fast is extremely detrimental to your health. Your heart can't handle it sometimes, so be very careful.

The Pirate
Well as long as you can loose it and you can feel good and there no side effect then do it =) don't push too far when you start feeling weak or anything stop and may be try to do less if you are not rushing don't try 2 hard i use to be quite big when i started training it took me 1 year to get fit i could of done it in 6 month if i wonted to or 2 years as long as it feels right and it don't do no harm to you its cool, but still though you might wonna contact you GP and see what he has to say =)

Boris in da hizzle
age and stuff matters, i would say its a bit high, if u work out every day and dont eat past like 5 of 6 u could get like 5 but its a big maybe.

lil miss prep girl
It depends. if you are excersising your heart out, then you might lose up to 4 lbs. if not, then the max might be 2 lbs

Alex J
5-4 pounds is ideal, dropping 10 pounds a week could reek havoc on kidneys and heart. a person never want to drop that much weight that quickly.

YES...it is

You're only setting yourself up for failure

It depends on your body. For some people they have a fast metabolism so when they diet and exercise they lose wait and get results fast. If you are this type of person then, you can do it. If you lose weight over time and build muscle then maybe try and lose 5-10 lb's over a month or two months. Just don't overwork yourself.

How old are you?

If you are under 18, it could be pretty unhealthy.

Aim for 1-2 pounds a week or 5 a month. 10 seems a little risky...especially for a week.

I think that's too high.

jacob g
i think it would be better at like 2 to 3 because wat u want to do is eat the things u like just in proportion because if u dont eat wat u want (in proportion) the diet will never work out..=)

It depends entirely on how heavy you are to begin with and the method you use for achieving this weight loss.

That depends on how much you weigh.For most people that is too much.Then you start losing lean muscle.Lean muscle helps you to burn calorie and metabolize fat. So by losing that much in one week,your affecting your body's ability to burn fat.

The Chairman Of Jazzy Films
Way too high, you should only loose about 3 or 4 lbs a week

That is very unhealthy, especially for long periods of time. Also, weight loss in those proportions will easily come back quickly.

5 ok 10 pushing it....

That's a steep goal, especially if you want to do it safely.

It's better to lose weight slowly. It is a proven fact that if you lose it slow you will keep it off. Where as if you lose it fast, you're more likely to gain it back.

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