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 Very urgent question about Type 1 Diabetes?
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 How do you bring down high blood sugar levels fast?
I checked it afore breakfast and it was 246. Two hours after I ate it was 326. I am thristy all the time and have to go to the bathroom all the time.

I would like to know if there is ...

 What do they do to test for diabetes, and should I be tested?
My mother and grandfather have diabetes (not the kind where you take insulin). I don't think I have it, but I'm not sure.

I tend to get really sick if I go without eating for a ...

 Metformin 500mg?
Dr started me out on Metformin, 1 a day for 2 days than 2 a day 500 mg each, this is the third day after checking my sugar levels, they have been low, today after my meal I got a reading of 59, ...

 My foster mom has pain in her feet from diabetes. what should i tell her to do?

 Ok I've got my meter down to 103 am's, so Am I needing lower scores?
I read in Isreal they think after a study of normal men your blood sugar should be 85. I just got mine down from 535 and the diet is tough but doable. I was hoping I wouldn't have to add ...

Worried About Neice!Help!?
Ok i am so worried about my neice.First off all she is obeist.She is 11years old and shes 150pounds.She has stretch marks on her breasts,legs,side of her stomach,and arms.She exercises alot but it dosen't help her at all.What can she do to loose weight and loose the stretchmarks?Please help i am very worried she might get diabetes!


math htr
go 2 the doctor cut down on sugary drinks 57% of people that are obesit are obys because of sugary drinks

That's so sad. I'm sorry to hear this. I notice you didn't mention a diet? Maybe you can start her off with this type of diet...
Oatmeal or Cheerios for breakfast with flax seed and fruit.
2 pieces of poly o'string cheese 2% for mid morning snack.
Lunch is tuna fish on whole grain teaspoon of mayo and relish
Slim Fast shakes
Any vegetables she likes...
Any Beans, Mackerel or Cod Fish...
An hour of walking on the treadmill.

For the stretchmarks...here's some help.
Use a moisturizer daily. Palmer's is the best coco butter they have a butter type and an oil. Walmart has one called Everderm CL. I think it works by plumping or smoothing the skin. Also try scar creams if your stretch marks are new.

Ask her if she is satisfied with the way she looks, feels and her health. If she understands she is not, and can not do anything about it, she needs to:
1.) admitted she is powerless over food — that her life had become unmanageable.
2.) Come to believe that a Power greater than herself could restore her to sanity.
3.) Make a decision to turn her will and her lives over to the care of God as she understands Him.

she may have an eating disorder and she needs to go and see a doctor about her weight. A young kid that age should not weigh 150 pounds and she is looking at long term problems throughout her life if she does not take control know. Again get her to see a doctor. If she can't afford a doctor then write down a strict diet that she can follow on a daily bases. She has to stay away from all fried foods, soda drinks, and saturated fats that are in a lot of foods, so read the labels before putting in mouth. Make sure she drinks at least 8 8 oz. glasses of water every day to help flush her system. She can only loose the weight like she gained it slowly and over a long period of time. It takes a lot of will power and support from friends and family. With out any of these she will give up and fail. She has to pray every day and commit herself to that daily goal. Keep telling her one day at a time. Tell her do not weigh herself every day either. It is better to take measurements around the chest and hip areas from time to time. God Bless and good luck and may the gods of thin be within.
Dominus Vobiscum

A lot of people who are overweight do get diabetes, but only if it is in the genes. Does someone else in the family have diabetes?

If you both eat a low carb food plan: no potatoes, corn, carrots, peas, dried beans, cereals, breads, pastas, it will help her to loose weight. The above foods have proven to be fat makers!! Not the butter on the toast, but the toast and the oatmeal.

Have a small piece of some sort of meat and a nice dark green leafy salad with tomatoes and other nice veggies. Apples with cream cheese for desserts.

If you lead she will follow.

Yes,she may already have it or at least prediabetes,or metabolic syndrome ...hispanics have 1/3 greater risk of getting diabetes..she needs to see a Dr..or peds and a diabetic nutritionist!!!!!keep up with her..you are literally saving her life

Dr. Lee Williams
The best way to help someone who is overweight is to lead by example! Generally speaking, those who desire to lose weight do so more efficiently when sharing the task with someone else. For example, you yourself may not be overweight but work out with her all the same to encourage her. Go on runs together and start light! 20 minutes sustained work out at least every other day and then increase this as both of you see fit. Same with the diet, whatever she must eat let that be the example for the rest of the family. As she is only 11 she is still in her impressionable years and will learn things socially by watching those she looks up to.

Well the main thing to look at is her diet. Make sure she is not eating fatty foods and has a proper nutritious diet. Continue exercising and by time she will lose weight.

Hope this helps if not best to ask your GP.

It is amazing that not one person mentioned that she may have a physical condition that has caused this weight gain.
Too many people blame overweight people for simply "eating too much ".
Has a doctor checked her out and done a test for Thyroid function, insulin resistance and Cushing's syndrome ?
Are the stretch marks a dark color ?

Make sure she gets to a great doctor.The test for cushing's is a 24 hour urine test. Do not accept a blood test.

The following site may be of help :


I wish her the best. You are kind to be so concerned.

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