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 Worried About Neice!Help!?
Ok i am so worried about my neice.First off all she is obeist.She is 11years old and shes 150pounds.She has stretch marks on her breasts,legs,side of her stomach,and arms.She exercises alot but it ...

 Can diebetics eat graham crackers and peanut butter?

 I'm a diabetic and have a blister on the side of my foot, should I pop it?

 What are signs that you may be diabetic?

 I was diagnosed with type2 diabetes 3 months ago & told to change diet did this but i still feel the same, Y?
My symptoms are dinking uncontrolably, (needing the loo more) mood changes, dizziness, tiredness, sweating and shaking if i dont eat at regular times, something very sweet usually stops this, also, ...

 Wondering if this is normal...?
A couple of nights recently I've had around four glasses of orange juice over the course of a few hours. I've noticed that after about an hour I begin to get a headache and feel warm and ...

 Blood suger level 222 at 14, should i get this checked out?
My father has diabetes and regurely checks his blood suger level. Though yesterday i was just courious of mine so i asked my dad if i could check it and i did and the level was 222! My dad told me ...

 How do you get drugs out of your blood stream for a blood test?

 Why do some injections with the same type of needle hurt and others do not?
Basically, as a diabetic, I inject insulin daily. I use a 31 gage needle which is only 5/8th of an inch long. Why do they sting sometimes and other times there is no feeling at all?...

 About diabetes and drinking alcohol?
Hello. I am a diabetic taking glucophage twice a day. Now, my prescription bottles always have the warning, "do not take or avoid taking with alcohol." NOW, there are all these new ...

 Is high blood sugar of different substance in the body than table sugar?
If so, what is it made of?...

 What is the highest "acceptable" blood sugar peak?
After you eat a meal, how high should your blood sugar go? Even if it returns to "normal" levels within 2 hours, what is the highest peak that is OK? Is anything OK as long as it returns ...

 I need a list of diabetic foods?

 Is the blood sugar level in a non-diabetic person normal at all times of the day ?

 How did i get diabetes?
ok so i ve had type 1 diabetes for about 3 years know and im 16 and i got it in the 7th grade and my whole life ive been really healthy didnt drink regular soda or eat candy. and then i started to ...

 Tell me if you had diabites(lets say you have diabetes), what u can do 2 prevent it from happening 2 u.?
just tell me what you would do if you had diabetes as a kid
Additional Details
mkae it pretty detailed and give lots of ...

 Is it possible to get diabetes when I'm normal weight and young?
Well, I'm just having some suspicions. I am trying my best to eat as healthy as possible but often I can't because of my eating disorder. I'm exercise bulimic. I binge on sweets, then ...

 Diabetic in look of help?
i am a diabetic and currenyly taking lantus and humolog and i dont like it i used to take NPH and that was worse any suggestions also would you recommend an insulin ...

 What are the best cold cereals for a person with diabetes's to eat?

 My legs are burning sometimes. I am a diabetic patient. I am suffering from diabetic for past 7 years.?
My age is 35. I even consulted a heart doctor. My heart functions quiet normal. But my legs are burning for past one month. I am very much afraid. Please give me remedy. I have two sons at the ...

Why should i avoid eating too much sugar?

because it gives u alot of pimples and do u want to have that they are bad

sugar is never good for you...neither is diet drinks...
get a natural herb supplement like Stevia at a health food store........you won't regret it......

try avoiding sugar always drink diet coke or diet pepsi since it has no sugar. sugar is very unhealthy for the body in large amounts.

You should avoid eating sugar because It's bad for you.It's OK every once in a while, but you could get big and end up with diabetes.

Thor's Hammer
Overloading your body with sugars and simple starches causes your body to produce lots of insulin. Insulin is the hormone that reduces blood sugar by causing it to be taken up and used by the muscles or turned into fat. If you keep eating lots of sugar and producing more insulin, your body eventually becomes 'resistant' to the insulin and needs to produce more to control your blood sugar levels. If this keeps up, eventually the body won't be able to produce enough insulin to keep blood sugar levels normal - this is type II or adult-onset diabetes. High blood sugar can cause kidney and nerve damage and increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

And you have diabetes, what about the teeth, the weight?
Go online......as they say...no dare....no care.

To have a lower blood sugar level since you are diabetic like me. And to avoid the many complications of diabetes later on because of a very high blood sugar level.

So you can stay healthy and drink diet sodas too.

you can eat a little sugar but not alot. it's really really really bad for your teeth and you can gain wait you can also got to a health food store like Lassens

Everybody should avoid sugar. Not completely, but many foods we eat already contains alot of sugar. Even fruits and vegatable (i.e., sweet potatos, watermelon, grapes, apples, etc...) The effects of high sugar in your system puts you in a risk of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. It may not appear right away, but it will catch up, and when it does you will pay handsomely with your life.
You can read about it, or listen to the statics in this country - processed food, sugar, salt is the killer, that causes too many illnesses. Avoiding is good, ignorance can kill you.

It's not worth it. We can all enjoy life without over doing anything. Everything should be eaten in moderation.

Snark, Modest Lips
It rots your teeth, which in turn is linked to heart disease. It throws off the chemical balance in your body and makes your pacreas work overtime, which can result in diabetes (which can inturn result in coma, amputation, dialysis and death), and it makes you fat. Need any more reason to curb the sweets?

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