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ok so i ve had type 1 diabetes for about 3 years know and im 16 and i got it in the 7th grade and my whole life ive been really healthy didnt drink regular soda or eat candy. and then i started to ...

 Tell me if you had diabites(lets say you have diabetes), what u can do 2 prevent it from happening 2 u.?
just tell me what you would do if you had diabetes as a kid
Additional Details
mkae it pretty detailed and give lots of ...

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 My legs are burning sometimes. I am a diabetic patient. I am suffering from diabetic for past 7 years.?
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 Can anyone make a concept map out of this?
John Rocke is a 45 yr old divorced man with no children. He has a history of diabetes mellitus and poor control of blood glucose levels. Mr. Rocke is unemployed and currently receives unemployment ...

 Diabetes question?
when you Drink alcohol do you loose weight I have notice two close family members who have Diabetes that were once over weight and now are very skinny what could be causing this?...

 What are the diffrences between type1 and type2 diabetes?!?

Why isn't there a cure for diabetes yet?
My son has had it for 6 years and when he was diagnosed the doctors said it would be cured within 5 years or so. What's the hold-up? Anybody know?

recently some resources found that there is a cromosomic errĂ³r in the codification but the scientific team steel finding some answers about, but its in the rigth way.
good look

I think I have to agree with Anoldmick here. Your doctor acted very irresponsibly when he told you that diabetes would be cured in 5 years.

Diabetes research is ongoing and the fact is that we could be 5 years away from a cure or we could be 50 years away from a cure. There is a lot of promising new research in a lot of areas and new therapies and new advancements are made each month.

However, it is highly irresponsible of anyone to put a time frame on any cure. The fact is that we just don't know. While there are a lot of promising treatments, there just haven't been enough human trials.

Everyone here with diabetes, Type 1 or Type 2, can't wait for the day that a cure is found. But, it would be foolish and irresponsible to imagine that we could put any kind of time frame on a cure.

I wished these scientist would come up with a cure I do believe I would fight a grizzly bear to be the first in line

Blue Polaris
Diabetes type 1 and type 2 has no cure. However, some less common diabetes called secondary diabetes (diabetes with known causes) can be cured if the underlying illness is treated.

There isn't a cure for type 1 and type 2 diabtes because the problem is in the gene. So far scientists haven't found a way to change a defective gene with a normal one. (Gene therapy is still in experimental stage)

In addition, for type 1 diabetes, it is an autoimmune disease. They dont know what triggers the white blood cells to attack the Pancrease, so they cant stop the process.

I'm sorry that your son has this condition but i think your son's illness will not stop him from becominig a great person as he has a great mom beside him. Consult your doctor and find out as much information about his condition as possible. Best wishes.

diabetes has no cure.. it all depends on your body like how much insulin can your pancreaz make... i dont know much about it...

they do not care to

No physican would say such a thing. One might say one hopes that a cure will come along shortly. There are promising new therapies, including a type of insulin that can be inhaled, but no cure is in sight.

One really exciting possibility was the hope that by injecting healty pancreatic tissues into a diabetic's own pancreas - a form of tissue transplant - that Type One diabetes could be effectively cured. But then the same problem cropped up as with any other organ/tissue transplant: rejection of the "foreign" tissue by the body's immune system.

For Type Two diabetes, it's even harder to find a cure because most such diabetics pancreas actually produces as much insulin as it's supposed to - the problem is the insulin is not transported from the bloodstream into the body's cells as effciently as it should be. That's why such people often have to use injectable insulin - they gotta have more than the "normal" levels of insulin in order for enough of it to get into the cells where it's needed. Any "cure" for Type Two diabetes would have to deal successfully with this problem, which is termed "insulin resistance".

Because once a cure is found the pharmaceutical companies will lose billions of dollars when people like your son and me can stop using their medications. It's all about the money.

1.because it is prophesied in the bible, that we will all have this kind of situations, now this includes high blood pressure, and heart decease all this will come, and this was stated 500 years ago, and now it's here. now to better with your question is 2. believe in him JESUS for he was the one who saved us.

they spend all the money on aids research instead of helping people like us.

I have had Type I diabetes for twenty years now and was told the same thing you were. Ha-ha.

Basically, the fat, rich, old white men with Type II are using their economic and political muscle to shift research efforts toward treating their diabetes, which is a lifestyle disorder and something they did to themselves, instead of helping more deserving diabetics who are suffering from a genetic disorder that they had no part in causing. The research efforts for curing Type I has been severely compromised by the explosion of Type II cases and the considerable might of those contracting it.

Basically, we got the shaft.

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