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Why is diabeteson a rise???

Have you seen people lately? They're huge! I was just saying the other day I had no idea manatees migrated this far inland . . .

Many families have changed their structure and habits in the past 20 years with the rise in technology video games(lack of exercise), fast food restaurants(high fatty meals), latch key children and so on. America has the highest rate for obesity in the world. I use to play outside from the time I got up until bed we had no video games or cartoons except Saturday mornings. Now cartoons are on 24 hours and there are tons of video games even hand held. We have became a lazy society and have increased our health risk by doing so.

Well they haven't found the cure...so they haven't found the exact cause. This is almost impossible to answer...I think our unhealthy lifestyles are a lot to blame.

Dorothy K
People are making bad food choices; eating too much fat and too much carbohydrates, especially simple carbohydrates and sugars. They are consuming it quicker than the pancreas is able to create insulin. That is why a balanced diet and exercise is so important.

Kunwar Singh
In order to keep your blood sugar level under control, read the following paragraph to update your knowledge about diabetes:

You need not to panic to visit a doctor. There are no Allopathic medicines available in the market that will cure the diabetic conditions of humans but they will control the disorder up to certain levels. The disease is developed due to eating disorders and hereditary. In the first place, I have never accepted diabetes as disease but considered it to be a disorder. The medicine is readily available at home in the form of natural products and you need not to go to market to purchase expensive medicines. To keep the sugar level under control, follow my suggestions and see the difference. Drink the juice of one bitter gourd, one cucumber and one tomato on empty stomach in the morning on a regular basis (drink this juice twice a day if you are insulin dependent) until you start feeling relief and your blood sugar level starts decreasing and continue further for a very long time until your sugar level reaches border line. The sugar level will certainly come down. Eat plenty of cucumber before meal to quench your thrust and to fill your empty stomach. Cucumbers are considered and proved to be very good for diabetic patients. Diabetic patients are always hungry to eat but can not eat all. Avoid banana, mango, custard apple and sweets like ice cream, pastry and cold drinks totally. If you are insulin dependent, even eating rice would be very harmful. You can eat fruits like guava, pineapple, Pomegranate, papaya, muskmelon and watermelon. Taking one tea-spoon Fenugreek powder and quarter tea-spoon Cinnamon powder on empty stomach, before breakfast daily, would be beneficial to diabetic patients. Regular brisk walking for one hour daily would be the best ideal medicine for diabetic patients. Cut down on non-vegetarian, fast, spicy and oily food, aerated cold drinks and foods rich in calories. Correct constipation. Avoid alcohol and tobacco also. Tea and coffee are also bad for health because they promote Calcium excretion from the body and Calcium loss from bones. Drink plenty of water daily. Take one tablet of Diabecon (By Himalaya an Herbal Health Care Company in India) twice a day if available in your country, as a maintenance dose. Take care and be in good health.

john n
Diabetes is on the rise and is going to reach epidemic porpotions because of our lifestyles.
We consume more and more processed and sugary foods and get less and less excercise.All the precoursers for diabetes(obesity, poor nutrition, lack of excercise) are on the increase because of our face-paced lives.

Our immune system is on a-25% decline per year and factor in the increase of high fructose syrup in our food supply.

Diabetes has risen 700% since 1959! Since 2000 1 in 3 child born will be diabetic. But there is hope. Read my page.

Faulty life style and food habits.Lack of physical exercise, obesity,stress, energy dense foods, refined foods etc. all add to the cause.

computers. it's all because of computers!

probably because bad nutrition is getting popular

okbyajc- I agree with this answerer. They have stated in a most succinct way, why the incidence and prevalence of diabetes (esp Type 2 diabetes) is on the rise.

Obesity is STRONGLY associated with type 2 diabetes (the diabetes where your cells become desensitzed to insulin... and since insulin 'tells cells to let in glucose', this is a big problem).

Also, look up "Metabolic Syndrome" and if you have enough of the risk factors to be diagnosed with "Metabolic Syndrome", you are headed straight down the road to Type 2 Diabetes if you don't make some lifestyle changes.

When people become overweight and obese, the extra fat doesn't just SIT there. It is a very metabollically active organ-esp the fat around the belly! This fat sends out a lot of molecules (similar to hormones) that also increase a person's risk of type 2 diabetes.

So.... why is diabetes on the rise?

It CANNOT be blamed on genetics, friends. Contrary to popular belief, scientists have yet to find a 'gene' or a 'set of genes' that predispose people to diabetes (with the exception of an isolated group of North American First Nations people in Ontario, Canada).

It CAN be blamed on a few other things though:
Inactivity... laziness... lethargy... stress... sedentary jobs... sitting in front of a computer/TV all day... fatty, high-carb convenience food... high-kcal, low-nutrient foods... people avoiding medical check-ups... people not listening to their doctors...etc, etc there are soo many factors in our Western Society that increase our risk of becoming obese and developing diabetes. No wonder it is on the rise!!

There are no simple answers (ie eating too much sugar or whatever) because it isn't a simple disease.

But hey, that's just what I have learned in my 6+ years of post-secondary education in human biology and nutrition.

Cheers : )

Mr. Peachy®
Poor diet. Junk food. Lack of fresh vegetables. Lack of exercise. Too much refined sugar. Living to eat instead of eating to live, etc.

'nuff said?

it doesn't just come from eating sugar it comes from foods you eat all the time; since diabetes is now changed itself; the way it is put into our bodys from food and such not just candy.

Healing Health
Because the food is processed and it has not only sugar but high fructose which is corn syrup which is also a sweetner. People are not drinking any water just a bunch of soda pop and juice. Poor diet and lack of exercise has become an epidemic in our society that is one of the reasons diabetes is on the rise.

Poor nutritional habits, large scale consumption of beverages with corn syrup.

Let's be clear: There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 and Type 2. It's Type 2 that's on the rise.

In Type 2, your body no longer can properly use insulin, which is produced by the pancreas. It's often brought about when people are overweight and inactive.

If you look at the conveniences we have in the world--remote controls, microwaves, modern-day conveniences, etc. it's easy to see that our society is much less active then it ever has been in the past.

And the portion sizes are much larger than ever before. For instance, in McDonald's a regular sized burger is now what is used in kids meals. A small drink is what used to be a medium. In America, people seem to value BIGGER portions, which means that artificial preservatives have to be added to our food to keep the big portions fresh.

Too much food + less activity = overweight, which can lead to Type 2 diabetes.

lack of exercise, too many processed foods and calories,

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