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Additional Details
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Why do some injections with the same type of needle hurt and others do not?
Basically, as a diabetic, I inject insulin daily. I use a 31 gage needle which is only 5/8th of an inch long. Why do they sting sometimes and other times there is no feeling at all?

Cro Cops Kick
Some medications have a reaction inside your body, although slight you can still pick it up.

some injections are thicker or just plain ol' nastier than others. it's not the needle, but what comes out of it. lol that sounds naughty.

As another poster mentioned, some medications can sting when they're injected under the skin.

If you use an alcohol swab and your skin isn't dried completely, the alcohol can cause the injection to sting.

There are probably a lot of peripheral nerves just below the skin where you're injecting. Every centimeter of skin contains about 55 centimters of nerves. Hit one of those tiny nerves, and it can hurt. http://www.pg.com/science/skincare/Skin_tws_9/Skin_tws_9_03.jpg

You may have a blunt needle if you are using a Novopen or similar.
The best way is to squeeze about 1" of your stomach flesh to form a bulge.
You may also just be hitting a nerve.
I know the problem.

You know Micheal I answered the other question you posted, but I started thinking that you may need to check with your doc to see if your anemic or B12 deficient. You can check the inside lower eyelid to see if it is light pink or dark pink. If it is light pink you need to check into both suggestions.

I think it depends on where the injection site is and whether the injections is going into muscle tissue or some other tissue.

Mine sting sometimes because I didn't let the alcohol dry when I swab the area.

Are you careful to rotate your injection sites a lot? I know I get an "owie" if I accidentally hit a spot that hasn't healed yet.

If it's stinging, do you inject your insulin when it's cold, or do you do it at room temp? Cold insulin can sting some people.

Sometimes we hit one of the little nerves running throughout our bods, and this will sting but good!!! Sometimes we grab the insulin and don't allow it to come to room temp before injecting and it is acidic into alkaline bod and cold to boot so it stings!

All sorts of reasons for the occasional stinging sensation. I would much rather give my own injections for anything than let any nursy person do it. They always approach as if they were throwing darts at a dart board and mostly feels like that too.

If you want CHANGE cash a dollar
I have that happen all of the time too. I know it is gross, but I think maybe we pinch certain veins in certain places or slice through them with the needle, while other times we don't. Good question though!

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