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Cary M
Why do diabetics inject insulin BEFORE they eat?
It seems like you would have to wait and see just what and how much you ate to know how much to inject.

Aldo 78520
there is different kinds of insulin. this one particular is probably short term acting insulin... which means it acts for a short period of time.

[email protected]
Because it takes time for the insulin to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Itis injected into
a fat layer of the skin, which only has tiny capillaries to pick it up- sort of like a timed-release pill.

Actually, you don't have to inject before you eat. A fast acting insulin (novolog or Humalog) can be injected up to 15 minutes before you eat or less than 30 minutes after you eat. It all depends on the person and which works best for them. I inject directly after I eat.

You can wait IF you are using a modern rapid insulin, such as novolog, but with an older type like r it takes too long to work. I almost always take it after my meal (I use novolog)

well my mom has diabetes and injects insulin...
some people do that because of blood sugar
the insulin prevents you from getting high blood sugar after you eat...according to my mom

we inject before we eat because if not then our blood sugers would get way lowmost diabetics are on some sort of a diet may it be a high or low carb diet or a calorie diet so we know how much we are going to eat b-4 we do {if you stick to what you supposed to do} and if you eat then take insulin your insulin will not be in the same curve as your food will be

Laura H
I am diabetic and had to take insulin before I ate while pregant with my first child. The reason that they inject insulin into their muscular tissue, this is where it has to go, before they eat, is so that the insulin can act upon the food that they eat and will not raise their blood sugars out of control. Just like diabetics that have to take oral medications, they have to also be taken any where from 30 minutes to an hour before the meal so that the glucose from the medication can get into the system and work upon the food that they consume. The diabetic diet has to consist of carbohydrates. Most doctors say the normal amount of carbs per meal is 45-60mg. This is what most diabetics should aim for when eating their meals.
In diabetics, the pancreas may produce insulin, but it is not enough to do the job that it needs to do when they eat. The insulin that the pancreas produces in a diabetic patient is much less than that of a non-diabetic patient.

Injections aren't in the vein. It takes time for it to go into your system. They check their blood and then take the insulin. Then they eat. Checking the blood helps them know how much insulin to take. They factor in what they are going to eat as well as what kind of activity they will be doing that day. Alot of thought goes into it. My brother got diabeties through an infection when he was 12 or 13. My dad got it through an infection when he was in his 50's. I saw my brother inject, in his stomach, every morning and also had to feed him when he needed sugar! My dad used to inject in his stomach, now he uses his upper thigh. Thanks for asking!

The first answer says it all.

Diabetics need to inject insulin before their meals because their pancreas doesn't produce it.

It depends on the type of diabetes. People with Type 1 diabetes must inject insulin.

Type 1 diabetes, previously called juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes, is an autoimmune disease in which the body destroys insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas.

Insulin is required by the body to use glucose, the simple sugar into which foods are broken down by our digestive system.

Without insulin, the body starves to death. It's important to note that everyone is insulin-dependent. People without diabetes make insulin in their pancreas. People with Type 1 diabetes must inject insulin BEFORE they eat to appropriately manage blood glucose levels.

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