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Why do diabetic patients have to change insulin injection sites every now n then?
i heard that if u keep injecting at the same site, u won't get the same effect after a few years. is that true?

the vains would close up.

Modern Major General
Diabetes, especially type 1 is not very nice.

Think of your injection sites like a garden; plant veg in one spot one year and move to another next year.

Your body will still accept the insulin regardless of site, but the point of application will need time to recover from localised assault - this is effectively what injecting in the same place repeatedly actually is!

It is usually injected into a muscle - well your whole body is covered in muscle - choose wisely.

Check with your doctor if you're unsure.

Good luck.

they change spots every now and then so they dont get too sore in the one area and it is not true that it wont have the same effect=they only have a harder time getting the needle in

My doctor told me to stop doing injections in my thigh because constant injections in that spot caused the cells to break down. He said not to do another shot in that spot for at least 2 years. If I did a shot in that spot, and it was not fully recovered yet, then it was like i injected water. My sugar would not go down because the insulin could not be absorbed in that area. If you rotate your injection sites you can avoid this breakdown from happening.

The Doc
With time, subcutaneous scarring will develop, which will cause the insulin to become trapped and affect the speed with (and degree to) which it is absorbed. It's the same reason why people have to chance the site of the needle in an insulin pump every three days. Ideally you should not use the same spot twice in a row, rotate through many sites to reduce the chances of scarring and fibrosis occurring anywhere.

One to reduce the possibility of infection. And also to reduce the rate at which you get hard knots or swelling in the sites.

evry time you inject anything into your body, the hypodermic needile damages the tissue where it enters. after a while, the tissue will become damage for good, and the absorbtion rate will decrease due to the damge tissue. plus, in diabetic type 1, the nerve endings begin to die resulting in already damage tissue before you even push the needle through. so why would you want to help the damage tissue along. good luck

Perry L
All injections should be at least an inch away from previous (24 to 48 hours) sites to maximize insulin absorption efficiency. The insulin is injected subcutaneously, in the layer between the skin and muscle, and absorbed into the many blood vessels there. The ability of those cells to absorb the relatively large insulin molecules degrades over time so rotation of injection locations gives the cells time to recover.

I am a diabetic and was instructed to inject in a circle around my belly button. So far so good...its been 12 years.

I also discovered the principles behind it in college Physiology and biochemistry.

I know my dad does that, i dont know if its to change the effect...i always thought it was because sometimes it bruises when he injects in one place and has to go to another one...

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