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What would you do to help a friend with diabetes who had inadvertently taken an overdose of insulin?
explain, please.

It depends on what type of insulin was used and how much of an overdose. If it was a large amount and especially if it was humulin R, he will need some glucose fast to keep from going into insulin shock, which could be fatal. If it was just a small amount of extra, an orange juice with sugar added may be all that is necessary. A check of the blood sugar using a fingerstick blood sample would be appropriate to see where the blood sugar is at. Normal blood sugar level should be between 80-120 , but often will be higher in diabetics. If below 80, orange juice with 1-2 teaspoons sugar added should be given. If below 60 should get him to the hospital ASAP before it gets any lower. If unconscious, honey can be rubbed on the gums to hold him over til an ambulance can get there or you can get him to an emergency room. If it was a Long-acting Insulin such as humulin N or lantis, then the blood sugar will not be affected for a while and there is time to contact the doctor for further instructions before a crisis occurs.

Aldo 78520
should be taken immediately to the Hospital ER....

Call 911, nothing to explain.

Go to a hospital now! this is not a casual situation!!! this could be life threatening!

larry f
hello it depends on the type of insulin thaty was misdossed.lantus or Humalog?? lantus is long acting and has a 4 hr peak ,on the other hand Humalog has a 20 min peak and can severely crash a person in no t ime flat,if its lantus it can usually be staved off by drinking OJ or using BD glucose tabs [please consult your diabetic nurse or DR] Humalog is fast acting if a large enough overdose occurs take that person to the emergency room STAT> you dont want them going into diabetic shock....[yes i am a diabetic] good luck.L

dances with unicorns
It depends on how big an overdose - if it's a lot, then calling 911 is definitely the smartest option. If it's only a small amount over his/her usual dosage, I'd make sure they ate enough so that the blood sugar didn't drop too much. If in doubt, the ER is the best option.

william j
Really , You have some excellant answers here, Keep these things in mind. and always keep something on hand, In case this situation were to happen. I have been a diabetic for 35 yrs... and feel great,,, I am now 75, BJ

Glucose can be given by mouth. It is rapidly absorbed to increase blood glucose. Intravenous Dextrose is given after testing blood glucose in hospital casualty.

anne j
Feed glucose, sugar or any sweet things, check sugar level if it is possible and call 911 simultaneously depending on the situation and emergency.

Don't hesitate and immediately take the person to the nearest Baskin Robins!

Come on people are you serious? Call 911? No wonder medical insurance is so expensive with people using EMS and emergency rooms for non-emergencies.

Your friend just needs to make sure he/ she consumes enough carbs to equal the amount of extra insulin. Test blood frequently. No big deal.

I am a diabetic and have done this before. It is important to keep monitoring blood sugar levels. Ask your friend what her blood sugar level was before she took this insulin and how much of an overdose of insulin did your friend take. Also how fast acting is the insulin that your friend overdosed on. Depending on the answer I would give your friend some orange juice now and then contact a health care professional for more advice. If your friend doubled their insulin and it was fast acting or if their blood sugar takes a rapid decrease call 911 immediately! i have found that regular insulin starts working abt 45 - 60 min later and rapid insulin within 15 min.

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