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What kind of diabetes requires you to intake sugar? What type of diabetes is this? Type 1/Type 2 or neither?

Type I and II generally refer to the treatment not the symtoms. Type II is insulin dependent adult onset. With either type you can go high or low. I generally go high and use insulin to maintain regular blood sugar. Sometimes I have a low that can case me to need to intake some sugar

In Type 1, genetic factors prevent your body from producing insulin (the hormone that helps your body absorb glucose from the blood into the tissues, where it can be used as energy). In Type 2 diabetes, you're intaking so much sugar that your body has to struggle to keep up and make enough insulin to balance out all the sugars you're intaking. Eventually, it loses the ability to keep up, so you cant absorb all the glucose into your tissues, so it stays in your blood and your blood sugar levels get too high.

What I think you are referring to is hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is when your blood sugar levels fall too low for your body to be able to carry on its normal activities. Sometimes, patients with diabetes get hypoglycemia as a side effect because the blood-sugar-lowering medication works too well. Some people, however, are just hypoglycemic and don't have diabetes. The easiest quick-fix for hypoglycemia is to eat small meals/snacks often (ie ~every 3 hrs). Hypoglycemics usually walk around with some candy that way if they're unable to get food at some point, their blood sugar levels won't drop to the point where they feel dizzy and faint

This is low blood sugar. Not diabetes. But diabetics can get it if their blood sugar drops too low. In people where the blood sugar goes low all the time, it's called hypoglycemia.

Julie C
The answer is neither. Low blood sugar would require you to take sugar. Hope you're seeing a doctor about that.

Ernie D
my friend has type 1 and she goes into a state where I have to give her sugared juice and toast i can't remember what the state of that condion is but it is rough for her when she is out of balance

If you need to take in sugar then it's because you are Hypoglycemic (low blood sugar)......not diabetic, diabetics are hyperglycemic (high blood sugar).

Both types require sugar intake if the level of sugar in the blood is too low. It's O.K for people with diabetes to have sugar and sweets like anyone else but they have to compensate it with shots of insulin.

Amy S
the only time a diabetic would need to take sugar would be if they had a low blood sugar. I know it sounds crazy for a diabetic to have low blood sugar. I mean the definition of diabetic is haveing way to high blood sugar, but a diabetic can have low sugar and it is very dangerous more so than high sugar really. If they were to take to much insulin, exercise to much, not eat enough, drink to much beer, or even just have a cold, their sugar can drop. I am a type 1 diabetic and i have had several low blood sugars and they are not fun. actually though sugar does not work the best to bring it back up oj works the best and fastest.

Adina T
The only time a person with diabetes (either kind) MUST intake sugar is if their blood sugar falls too low. They must take in a small amount of sugar containing food (juice, milk, toast, crackers, or a glucose pill) to bring their blood sugar back to normal. Most often it is people with type 1 diabetes that are most at risk of having low blood sugars. But people with type 2 can also have lows if they take certain medications or insulin.

But it is not required to use sugar as in SWEETS for either kind (although it's not forbidden either).

Your first responder is talking about hypoglycemia, though sugared juice isn't required, regular juice is the same sugar wise and better health wise. I've never heard about the toast.

Your second responder is completely wrong

Your third responder has it mostly right, but I would like to dispute one point. Diabetes does sometimes require one to take in sugar. Type 1's must carry some kind of item with quick acting sugar in it with them at all times, such as glucose tabs or juice boxes. They are also supposed to carry a Glucagon kit which is basically a huge dose of sugar in a syringe, which is to be used if they pass out or go into convulsions from low blood sugar. Hypoglycemia can be a condition within itself. But for type 1 diabetics it is a risk with each dose of insulin.

Your fourth responder is incorrect. Diabetes does not mean your blood sugar is too high. Diabetes Mellitus is a disease where your blood sugar can become too high. The word "diabetes" means siphon, and was named such because of the most obvious and major symptom, which is excessive urination. There is also a disease called Diabetes Insipidus that has nothing to do with sugar. It has to do with the lack of a chemical normally produced in the brain that regulates your kidneys. Without it your body won't store water so you have to drink water continuously.

The rest of what your fourth responder said is mostly correct.

So, the answer to your question is type 1. And they need to do that when their blood sugar gets too low. Blood sugar can become too low from too much insulin, or being ill.

Type I is the insulin-dependent form of diabetes that people get in childhood. This form is an autoimmune disorder, which means that your body's immune system is attacking its own insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. Adult onset diabetes is type II, although more recently due to the growing obesity problem in children, this form can also show up in children. This usually does not require insulin injections because it is a metabolic disorder where the body is not responding to insulin. Type II is characterized by hyperglycemia, which means high blood sugar. This is why in this form, you need to watch your intake of sugars and keep it to a minimum. Diabetes does not require you to intake sugar. If you have hypoglycemia, a disorder with low blood sugar, this is when you would need to regularly take in sugar.

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