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 Why isn't there a cure for diabetes yet?
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 Why do some injections with the same type of needle hurt and others do not?
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What is the best medication for type 2 diabetes?
Avandia is currently be used by this person and is looking for an alternate that is less expensive and works. Avandia has side effects which include swelling in the rear of the eye.

My husband has been on Metformin since day 1 he found out he had diabetes, He also has changed his eating habits and lost a lot of weight. No side effects i can see.Insurance pays for it to .

talk to your doctor...there are many different medications for differnent reason. some cant be used with some patients and some are better for others. your doc will know what is cheaper for you and what you can change to.

the person should talk to his/her doctor, what works for one may or may not work for others, ONLY a doctor familiar with the patient can make that decision.

Generic Metaglip

I take Metformin and it works fine with no side effects. I have lose 35 # just watching what I eat.

My father takes Glipizide and Metformin to control his. They seem to work for him. Have them talk to their Doctor about them. Unfortunately, most diabetes medicine have some kind of a side effect, I think. Just try to find the one with the least of them.

if you choose my answer as the best you will get three ( 3) points
i promise

The best NATURAL answer to Diabetes is Bitter Melon.

This vegetable is available in all Philipino markets. I think some Indian grocery shops also have this vegetable.

Wash the vegetable and eat it raw - about half the vegetable per day and check your sugar level after about 4 days - you will see the difference. Of course I must warn you that the taste of it is very unpleasant. Once you know that it is good for you you will come to like it.

I know a person who was injecting insulin daily stopped it after his wife started to crush the vegetable and made him to drink a half cup of this juice daily.

Of course you have to have it raw. Boiling it or cooking it and eating it will have no results. So I am not sure how well your dad will enjot it.

If you get good results post it as a question in this section so that others will know the value of this vegetable.

Excercise is the best solution. I don't know though, my mom takes insulin... hope that helps. She has to shoot herself with a needle.

Patricia K

Penney S

Dr Gus
Chewable Morphine

The best remedy would be to control your diet, excercise regularly and need no medications at all. But if you can not achieve this result with diet alone you need to go see a physician that you trust and follow through with his/her regime. Diabetes left out of control will cause damage to your eyes, kidneys, heart and extremities due to the poor blood circulation.

I'd consult a doctor, there's more medications but i don't think Avandia is past it's 10 year mark that will force it to license it's medicine to generic companies.

Aside from the side effects you mention, Avandia and similar medications damage the liver over time.


♥uncw shelley♥
I take FORTAMET...it seems to be working fine...and I haven't noticed any major side effects! What works for me, may not work for you...I had to find something that wouldn't react with my high blood pressure and Thyroid problems. I also have to take a different medicine for neuropathy caused from the diabetes. Good luck!

viabhav m
My Father has dm type II for the past 25 yrs and now at the age of 85 he is still very independent and very careful with control of blood sugar level.He meticulously follows doctor's prescription which has changed over the years from glyciphage to glynase to Obimet etc.He also takes herbal supplements like Jambulin extract, mustard powder . He maintains a regular regimen of exercise ( simple body movements) and long walks.He also keeps himself occupied with news update to be mentally alert.
To stimulate the mind he manages all his finances, to the last pie.So a combination of medication, exercise , simple sattvic diet and wholesome mental and physical habits will help you to easily combat dm and come out on top.

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