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What does it mean to be diagnosed as a borderline diabetic?
I was diagnosed when I was about 13. They wanted me to just not eat a lot of sugery foods before noon. It controlled it fine, but now I'm 30 and I've been having serious problems. Not with passing out like I did at 13, but with feeling bad, losing my temper when I'm hungry and feeling tired. I don't have health insurance so I can't get checked out. I haven't had health insurance since 18years old and haven't been seen since I was 13. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, I've had 3 kids and didn't experience any problems while I was pregnant. My youngest is almost 2 years old and the past month have started feeling bad.

Appreciate Each Day
Whichever doctor diagnosed you as borderline diabetic was the doctor to ask what to do about it. I believe you HAVE to get to a doctor again somehow. Many communities have free clinics. I think you need to find one. Otherwise, save up the money to see a general doctor. Most M.D.'s can tell you what to do. Do not eat corn, sugar or white breads until you get there.

If you were borderline diabetic 17 years ago those same number NOW would probably classify you as DIABETIC! The diagnosing criteria has changed since then and it's much lower now. I think a fasting glucose level at 150 was considered prediabetes. Now it IS diabetes. Borderline is no longer used either, it's now prediabetes. What that means is that your glucose levels are elevated, but not high enough to be considered diabetic. I find these numbers ridiculous, like how is it that at 101 you're considered prediabetic, but at 100 you're fine? Or 125 you're prediabetic but at 126 you're diabetic? I know there has to be a cut off point...but seems like there should be more than one point to separate things! Anyway, most communities have health clinics that are free or based on income. If you can afford insurance but just have not purchased it, you should do that before being officially diagnosed. I would forget the borderline diagnosis too. Once you're diagnosed with diabetes it's impossible to get affordable insurance privately so your only hope is a job that provides group insurance. You can buy a glucose monitor fairly inexpensive at Walmart. Check your glucose over the course of a few days first thing in the morning and two hours after meals. (fasting, first thing in the morning it should be under 100, two hours after a meal it should be under 140) These are not meant to diagnose anything, but they can give you an idea. They're not completely accurate either, so slightly elevated might actually be normal. Good Luck!

Heidi D
It means that you are on your way towards becoming full blown diabetic. It means that you have already developed insulin resistance, where it is that your muscles don't accept the insulin quite as well as it should, so your body would start to produce more insulin in order to keep your blood sugar normal. What would happen is that you would have for the most part normal blood sugars, but if you were to get a check as to the amount of Insulin you have in your blood, this would be elevated. It therefore means that you're not diabetic, but without immediate treatment/lifestyle change, you would almost definitely become diabetic.

I know that not having insurance would be a big deterrent from going to see a doctor, but it's best for you to spend something now to assure that you'll be around for your children in future.

Philly G
same as me, your pre-diabetic

Have you gone back to bad eating habits? As you get older, it can become harder to control your blood sugar levels. Did they tell you that you were borderline diabetic or hypoglycemic? I'm not too sure what the difference is, but I'm sure there is one. Watch what you eat before bed too, that can make you feel horrible all day long the next day.

Borderline Diabetic means just what it sounds like, you are teetering on the edge of becoming a diabetic....although my DR. says there really is no such thing, either you are one or you are not one.

In order to keep your sugar levels even throughout the day and keep you feeling okay you should eat consistent amounts of carbs....and eat regularly, a little something every couple of hours.

If you want to have your blood sugar levels checked you can go to your local health department and they can also provide nutritional guidance and other help if it turns out that your levels are abnormal.

Please get checked out somewhere, this is nothing to play around with and can cause severe problems in the future if you let it go too long!!

judith r
The first thing you NEED to do is find a free clinic or a doctor willing to take small payments. Until then, if you are overweight, start trying to lose weight, and look online for a diabetic diet to follow. Cut back on sweets and carbs. andget exercise and plenty of water. Eat small meals, 5 or 6 times a day instead of 3 large ones, and don't skip a meal. when you start to feel bad, grab a piece of fruit, or glass of unsweetened juice, it may help. other than that, there's not much you can do until you get blood tests done.

It means, literally, that you are close to being diagnosed with full blown diabetes but don’t yet meet the full criteria. It could very likely cross the threshold as you get older. You should really be controlling it though diet and exercise as much as possible and plan on the possibility that it could go to full blown diabetes in the future (start learning as much as you can, planning on becoming insulin dependent, etc.)

Look at Gov. programs that offer free or reduced cost insurance. If that doesn’t work then seek out a free or low cost clinic, physicians who will help you Pro Bono, etc. At the very least you should start doing your own research. There’s a federal organization devoted to diabetes that can help you on the road.

You are in danger of becoming a Diabetic Type II. IF you change your life style NOW, you can prevent this. Your mood swings are the result of low blood sugar and perhaps low potasium. IF you are bonking (like in a daze), eat a banana and see if that helps. If it does not, then you have an insulin problem that can be addressed with pills at this point. IF eating a banana does not stop the loss of energy, bad moods, etc, then the sugar is NOT able to be processed from lack of insulin.
You can reverse this by resistance training...start lifting weights regularly..about 1/2 hour every other day...works wonders! Do not delay doing this, as everyday you leave this unattendend, the deeper you will go into diabetes. IF you are overweight, get on a sensible eating program and loose weight ... we have an epidemic of diabetes II here, and it is from overwieght, lack of exercise conditions. Unfortunately, some people are born hypoglycemic, I am one of them. IT has not led to diabetes, but I am very aware of my sugar levels by checking in with my brain power...when it takes a dip, I know I need to eat something, and NOT carbs! Good luck

it means you are boderline diabetic. be cautious and learn what to eat, drink and do. Please consult a doctor about all the things you need to learn.

It might not be diabetes but if it is not having insurance will not save your life.
You need to be seen by a doctor.
I don't know about your community but our small town has a clinic that is on a sliding scale pay as you can type clinic. Most communitys have one or more Contact your local hospital and find out where it is. Most of the time it is conected to the hospital
Even if its not diabetes you sound like you need to be seen anyway. Try to avoid all the self testing stuff out there, and get a good check up first.
Good Luck.

Heather C
borderline diabetes means that you have syptoms showing that ur at risk for developing diabetes in the future. I would definately get checked out im sure there is a clinic with a sliding fee scale in ur area. diabetes is nothing to play with it dont go away and if left untreated could make you alot worse. please get checked soon!

Momma Jo
It means that in the near future you could become a full fledged diabetic, but you have time to change that course. Read everything you can about diabetic prevention, learn to eat the right foods, and exercise. In many cases, you can control whether or not you will become diabetic. Also, don't just think that cakes, cookies and ice cream have sugar. Look out for the sugar in breads and potatoes. Good luck!

Some doctors will let you make payments to them. There's no such thing is Borderline Diabetic.. Either you are or are not diabetic... Some people have low blood sugars during their childhood years. That means their pancreas produce too much insulin. When they get older, their pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin now so that means they will become a type 2 diabetic. In Garden City, Ks, there's a Mexican and American Mediacl Center for people who have no insurance. If you have one make an appointment and they will help you.....
Good Luck!

I'm no doctor, so don't quote me on this... but I believe borderline diabetic means you're almost a diabetic, but you don't quite have diabetes

This is serious, you need to monitor yourself. try to find free or inexpensive classes how to control and monitor your glucose levels. you can do your own daily testing with glucometers sold at drugstores. ask about free programs in your area. check out the web and the CDC
the makers of the test devices mostly have also assisting programs in place. do not delay this.
If you are feeling fine with diabetes, does not mean it can cause damage that you will discover years from now.
you owe it to your self and your kids.
also work on that health insurance.

I'm a borderline diabetic. I was diagnosed 10 years ago. Was told I would be insulin dependent within 5 years. I have managed to stay off of any medication just by being sensible about what I eat.
I would get the shakes 3 or 4 hours after eating sugar at breakfast, such as pancakes with syrup. What happens is the blood sugar goes up to high (above 140 is considered diabetic) and then drops all at once and too low( which is hypoglycemia under 72),
Follow the diabetic diet and you should see a difference in your energy. And you should be able to stay healthy and not have to be on medication for diabetes. You can get this plan from your doctor. Have regular check ups with your doctor.
And remember most insulin dependent diabetics' blood sugar get up to 500 or more.
Also, have your children checked regularly. If you start watching their diets now and teach them how to manage a healthy diet they can keep the risks down considerably.
Where I live, there are clinics that have a sliding scale based on income. Also there is a state program for medical for children( not medicaid) in Arkansas it is ArKids first, Alabama it"s AlKids. Check with your local Department of Human Services to find out about the programs available to you and your children.

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