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Aruna A
My legs are burning sometimes. I am a diabetic patient. I am suffering from diabetic for past 7 years.?
My age is 35. I even consulted a heart doctor. My heart functions quiet normal. But my legs are burning for past one month. I am very much afraid. Please give me remedy. I have two sons at the age of 9 and 7. I want to live for them.

You have not mentioned whether insulin dependant or non insulin. Dibonil homoeopathy liquid is quite effective for diabetes. Taking one pinch dalchini powder at bed time with warm water is also quite effective. You should be under strict diet to control the sugar. One more thing, diabets and CAD are always hand in hand. Better start taking some ayurvedic product as prophylactic for your heart. Indian Mulberry herbal fruit juice is also quite effective to control both the types of diabetes.

Dont fear .you please refer the book Health in your hands by
Dr Veerendra Vora - Naveeneeth publications. in which he explained how to cure several ailments by accupressure.which you can do it yourself.No medicines. good luck and good health.

Also you can attend the art of living programme .to get rid of such type of problems,.

with in two months period you will be relieved from all your health problems.

good luck !!!and good health!!!.

-avoid refined sugar, honey, and the excessive intake of sweets and simple carbohydrates, fats and salt.
-if overweight, reduce weight.
-exercise regularly.Aerobic exercises ( e.g.,, cycling, jogging, vigorous sports, swimming, brisk walking) decrease the riskof heart disease and helps control your weight and hepls the body to maximize the effect of insulin.
-if you have a family history of diabetes, have your blood checked for sugar 2hrs. after a good meal.You should repeat this every year or two as many people have diabetes for years without feeling unwell.

1. tiptoe exercise
- hold on to a chair
- raise and lower yourself on your toes alternately
- repeat 20 times.
2. leg swing
- hold on to a table
- stand with one leg slightly raised on a telephone book
- swing the other leg to fro 10 times
- repeat the same procedure on the other leg 10 times.
3. calf strentch
- lean with palms of your hands against the wall
- keep your feet some distance away and flat on the floor.
- bend your arms 10 times keeping your back and knees straight without raising the heel.
- sustain the stretch for 10 second
4. knee bend
- hold on to a chair
- do deep knee bends keeping your back straight
- repeat 10 times ( start with5minutes and increase gradually)
5. daily walk
- take a walk daily of half to one hour
- try to increase duration every week
6. ball rolling
- sit on a straight backed chair, with your foot on a rubber ball
- grip the ball with your toes, then relax your hold

I have type 2 diabetes and have Peripheral Neuropathy in both arms and legs. The doctor prescribed Gabapentin 300 mg three times a day. It really helps with the pain and burning. See your doctor and see if this would be right for you. Good Luck, I know how you feel. Having Diabetes is no fun.

O.K. are you ready for this!You have periheral neoropathy.Its most of the time so painful that you get no sleep. That burning is one symtom . You may not even be able to have a sheet or even a nite gown touching your thighs or legs. O.K. Now for the treatment:::Mecobalamin sold by merck as Neuromet 500
it a b vitamin, but a special one. AlsoThe main one is carmapine, I think or know it a anti-depressant. No one knows why anti-depresants work but they do. Your doctor will probably start out with neorantin{SP}Most of the time it don't work. And until something works make doc. give you Tramadol for the pain..Most doc. are blase , but don't suffer like I did. PLEASE> almost drives you nuts.. By the way I live in Thailand now. Have a Thai-american doctor. And he fight my diabetes with a passion. My hba1c was 5.6. Perfect.Good luck with the poor health care in America. With love from another diabetic

You most probably have, diabetic neuropathy of neuro sensory type, you should have a very good control of your diabetes, need to watch your diet (no sweets, refined carbohydrates etc.). Take 1800 to 2400 calorie American Diabetic association diet, check your blood sugars and the fasting blood sugar should be between 80 to 120 and post diet (post prandiel) 140 to 150 or less, do your exercise daily the best is walking, and consult with your doctor for a referral to the neurologist, take vitamin B-Complex, one-Tablet-Daily but the key is good control of diabetes and regular follow up with your doctor

Strict blood sugar control will help, along with meds that the doctor can give you for the pain, burning. Lose any excess weight. Exercise will increase the circuation to your legs.
From now on, you need to be be very careful of your feet and legs, that is if you plan to keep them.
Check your feet eveyday for sores, cracks, rubbed places, numbness, tingling. Treat problems immediately. Never put lotion between your toes. Make sure your feet are dry before you put shoes and socks Make sure your doctor checks your feet every visit, does a visual inspection and a neuro check. Wear shoes and socks, never go barefoot. Never ever wear rubber flipflops, you might not want to wear open sandals, either.
See a doctor, it may be neuropathy.
Diabetics may heal slowly, allowing a bigger chance of bacteria to enter a wound, take hold, and spread infection, either into surrounding tissue, bone, or it can go systemic. Or it can cause gangrene.
Want to run and play with your son's children? Consult the American diabetes aasoc, follow their guidelines, keep your hA1c well below 7, do your foot care, and you will live.

I suggest that you go and see your doctor. It could be from any medication you take, or many other things. You won't know until you see your doctor. We are all afraid of the unknown... but don't be afraid to find out whats wrong, because then it will always be unknown and you will always be afraid. Be strong, and your sons will be strong alongside you.

I also have diabetes and have a similar condition in my legs. I am suffering with neuropathy (nerve damage) which can be extremely painful at times. My doctor has prescribed a drug called gabipenten. It has helped me tremendously. Maybe this would also help you. Good luck.

U are telling that you are a diabetic patient. In your question u did not mentioned that you consulted a doctor. u consulted a heart doctor. First go and consult diabetic doctor and take advice. No need to ask other what to do . Number of people give lakhs of advices. it is not good for you to follow those advices. Medicine depend upon our body constitution. Legs burning is the symptom of sugar it is due to sugar only. So, immediately to a doctor or Govt Hospital and take medicine for your two sons sake. If you neglect it is very dangerous. Sager person get silent heart attack. so, go and consult a doctor.

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