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loopy loo
My dr only sees me once a year, i am diabetic, do you think that is right?

Additional Details
yes i do get prescriptions, but only have to take a slip into reception and then pick it up later, i saw my dr for checkup a few weeks ago, have had bloods done, told him i am getting forgetful with my tabs but he never seemed bothered and said to make another appointment in another years time, i have been diabetic for 4 years now, and apart from first couple of months when i seemed to be up ther all the time, its a once a year check and thats it

Mr. Peachy®
I'm not sure I see the point of your question. Isn't it the general idea to take care of yourself so that you don't have to see a doctor?

Is your blood sugar under control...? Are you having any other problems related to the disease....? Unless you are having problems I would think once a year was enough.

Drinda C
Absolutely not ! Being a diabetic ~ there are many things that need to be checked ~ I would change doctors immediately ~

Your doctor should be seeing you every 3 to 6 months or at least 4 to 6 times a year. Also it depends how bad your Diabetes is. I suggest that you find another doctor.

You could get a second opinion from an endocrinologist if you don't think your treatment is going well. But if the diabetes is under control, then maybe that is sufficient (that is your decision..you are paying the bill).

no, should be a lot more than that.

if you are diabetic and you know this, you need to be checking your sugar at least daily. if you have a problem you can see the doctor, but if you can remain diet controlled, and just be careful of what you eat, you can say out of the office for a pretty good while. If you don't know how to check your sugar or if you don't have the supplies, you should ask your doctor about the proper method.
You can manage yourself at home, just stay on top of it...I've seen some really bad hospitalizations that could have been prevented by being aware of health needs and how to maintain it on your own... and you must do what the doctor says (as far as meds and diet) it really does make a difference.

i love my garden
Why wait 12 months to see him/her. Is your diabeties under control? Don't you need scripts for medications?

my brother is diabetic and has yearly checks. i think unless your having problems with it then thats ok.

Same as me you will most likely test you sugar levels
often,and if i have a problem i go see the Doc,other wise
i dont need to see him/her if its two years being well.

Most doctors do not know much when it comes to dfiabetes. You should find a good endocrinologist specializing in diabetes. There you will get the answers you need. Being a diabetic you should be seen at least every 3 months. Good luck.

cheryl m
find another doctor---you should be seeing him every 3 months --your suppose to have an AC1 test and blood work every 3 months--there is more to a diabetic then taking the glugaphage--you have to be watching your cholesterol and kidney functions--blood pressure---and how do you know if you need more insulin or less---hes to be watching you like a hawk

Cathy :)
It depends on the kind of diabetes that you have and the treatment that you're on (I'm assuming you're type 2 and not on insulin? - just be aware a lot of the above answers refer to people with type 1 diabetes) - really I'd say it's prob not good enough but it's the minimum that they can get away with - they have to check your bloods at least once a year to screen for early signs of complications but as long as that's ok they can just leave you on the same treatment - the prob is that type 2 diabetes is degenerative and I'm no dr but I think that it can progress significantly within that time so you really need your blood sugars checked a lot more regularly if you don't check them yourself. I'd go back to the dr at least half way through the year and just ask for a diabetes check up - say you're worried about new symptoms or something; or change dr! Good luck xxx

caroline ♥♥♥♥♥
my daughter has three monthly v isits to the diabetic clinic(uk)
type 1 diabetes

You should be seeing your diabetic team every three months on average, things happen which could change your diabetes management all the time so a more regular appointment would be better for better control thus having less future complications to worry about. See your GP or diabetes clinic and discuss with them your feelings on the matter.

Definitely not!! My father's been a diabetic for years and he's managed it well, still he sees his dr at least a few times a year. Even if you manage your diabetese well, your doctor should see you a few times a year. There are many important health factors/issues that diabetics must be aware of, and stay constantly aware of. It can and is often times too much for an individual to keep up with much less clearly understand, often resulting in other health problems such as stress, lack of proper diet, proper meds and their proper dosage--far too much for anyone, especially if that someone is elderly and has memory problems, has noone to help them with daily medical issues, etc.
Besides all this,don't we pay more than plenty insurance for healthcare that we should go to our doctor more than once a year especially if we have an ongoing, life-altering health condition/disease?

With diabeties he should be seeing you more often to check on your status. Anything can change. Sounds like to me you need to change doctor's. Find one that is a little more caring of his patience. I use to work in a DME facility. and I know that the people we supplied with diabetic supplies was seeing their doctors (depending on their condition) at least once every 3 months. So good luck and look for another doctor's opinion.

That is not standard of care according to the American Diabetes Association.
You need to be seen every 3 months or every 4 if you have good control.
They should also be available to you by phone, fax and/email to help you make adjustments as needed.

Your HbA1c needs to be check every 3 to 4 months! It needs to be less than 7.0% Anybody who says it's OK to be higher than that or that 8.0% is OK is using OLD, outdated thinking.

You also need your blood pressure and peripheral sensation, urine (for protein) and feet checked this often.

Dr Frank
If you are a tablet controlled diabetic, you have had your eye check, your foot check and your urine microalbuminuria check and these are normal. If your Liver function and kidney function tests are normal, your HbA1c is less than 8% and your cholesterol is less than 5mmoles, and finally your BP is no more than 120/80 then only a yearly follow up would be indicated.

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