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Naila A
My aunt is in a coma i need some reassurances plz help?
can you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me

I'm so sorry about your Aunt.

Pray for her and ask God to help her. Visit her and talk to her. Don't give up hope.

Its okay...she'll be back...just pray and do all that you can do

I will keep your aunt in my prayers...and watch she will get better...=)

Hang in there. Hopefully, you have some family to lean on? Don't worry, and try to remember that this life is only an illusion--reality comes in the next! And, it's all about love.

God's perfect will, always makes things better.
Remember that this is just a test and you (yes..you) are going to need to pass it with flying colors. Be strong but seek His guidance to understand the reasoning behind it all.

Let me know if you need help understanding this. God bless you and your family!

Talk to a nurse at the hospital on the floor where your Aunt is.

I will pray for u and ur aunt. Everything is goin to work out great and ur aunt will be ok. God bless ur whole family.

smart girl
It's hard to be rassuring without knowing exactly what her condition is. One thing that may help is to talk to her. Even though she may not visibly respond to you, she may hear what you say to her.
Talk to her doctors and nurses about her potential for recovery. Keep paper & pen handy to write down questions you want to ask because you might not remember what you want to ask when you have the chance.
Even the doctors will probably not be able to tell you exactly what will happen with her. I will keep her & you in my prayers.

L_H Qutub(Retired)
Sorry to hear that, is she in ICU?
You see when doctors fail, we have the Intrinsic quality of calling GOD, in the end the doctors also say "We are trying our level best, now better pray, as it all lies in HIS hands."
Sure you have done your level best, so let all on the net pray for her Aunt.

Aww.... It's going to be okay just make sure you tell your aunt everything you need to tell her because she can hear you talk to her and help her to be stong as well beause she would not want you to be weak!

just think to yourself that she is going to be ok have a cold glass of water to calm yourself down and maybe you should have a one to one with one of your friends so that they can help you out and dont be affraid to let your feelings and thoughts out and cry if you need to it always helps. hope you calm down soon x

hang in there and keep good thought in your heart for her. Hospital staff always say that people in comas can sense and sometimes hear what is going on around them, so speak to her, tell her family stories of good times, good memories.

I can't give reassurances nor should or anyone that answers your question. We don't know. I will tell you to talk to her, hold her hand. She is in there and can hear and feel your love. I had a son in comma and did all these things and more. My son woke up after 1 month. I was truly blessed. I hope your Aunt will be fine in time but this is entirely unpredictable. Love her and let her know it. She can sense you.

I am sure many would like to be of assistance, and offer you some reassurance. However, you haven't given much information here. Why is she in a coma? How long has she been in a coma? These are things that a person needs to know to offer up any kind of informed assurance hon. I know you must be worried, but try to remember that everything has a reason for happening and every happening has it's own time.

i can't actually help u but i can wish u and your aunt good luck and hope that she pulls through

Your aunt is in my prayers and I have asked that God also give you peace.

Suzy G
Go outside and take a deep breath and think about your life for a moment. Life is short. Let her rest. When she wakes the nurse will call you. Go out and live YOUR life while you still have it. Sounds harsh but hey is it beautiful outside.

I was in a coma this time last year for a week . Shes probably having dreams as i did when you sleep. the playing of favourite music and the hand holding and whispering love doesn't actually work I know we'd like to think it does but sorry it doesn't she's in another world you have just got to hope she comes through.

Just pray and have people pray for your aunt, there is no reassurances in this case I am sorry!

hate the sand ~ love the castle
what can we help you? =|
well okay.. good luck okies??
cheer up.. ^_^!! she'll be okay..
Blessed be.

I think everything happens for a reason. I am not religious, butI do believe that things in life aren't random. I do not know about your aunt's situation b/c you weren't specific, but many times people are in comas temporarily after severe trauma and can come out of it without problems. I would just try to be there for her as much as you can and don't get yourself too upset. You are doing all you can right now by having her in your thoughts so just wait and see how things turn out. Things have a way of working themselves out in the end a lot of times.

Sandy Sandals
Comas are a deep sleep while body works on what it needs to do. I know it's hard to see a loved one like that. All the machines and the tubes and monitors are intimidating and scary. If you ask the nurse questions you may find that some of them are doing very simple things. You may see a blood pressure machine, a breathing machine, a pulse oximeter which are all doing very simple tasks. My point is maybe if you know what's going on, you'll feel comforted.

Speak to your aunt because she probably can hear you, no matter what the docs say. My uncle was in a coma and they said no he can't hear you, he's just twitching out of reflex. We spoke to him anyways, because I knew inside he was fighting thru the fog to make sense of what was going on. When he awoke, he was able to recount things we had said to him. Let her know you are there and will be waiting for her when she's ready.

Talk to her in a nice soft voice whenever possible. Tell her about your day, even if it's not anything you would consider interesting. There are some good studies that show that coma patients can hear and do recognize voices that they know.
Good luck to you

Gossip Gurl
sweat u have to think abut ur aunt do u really think she wants u worrying abut her think abut wat she would want u to do and doing things with ur buds helps get ur mind of it and this is something that is better dicussed with ur friends rather than on the internet if its wart u can do to help i understand u asking on the internet but reasurance is up to ur friends because they no u best and that is wat they are for unless u dont have any friends i suggest u talk to them u might realize how much it helps give ur family mi regards srryi want to help but this is not mi place its the people who love and care about u

ps chocolate and icecream help with depression and stress oh an this is a gud time to find out who ur real friends are

sammy k
i was in coma for 3 weeks after horrendous car accident that my skull was cracked. during the coma, i felt i was in peace. i knew i was sleeping and i couldnt wake up but at same time, i didnt wanted to wake up. your aunt is feeling no pain. she is at peace right now.

i think i felt more pain after coma then during the coma. i felt so refreshed after i woke up from coma. she is at better place... jung hang on. read book to her. read newspaper to her, let her know what is going on outside. be with her. she knows that you are there. be happy =)

Random Dude
god bless u

the flyest kid kelvin rodriguzez

I am sorry to read that, what happened to her. Coma is just a way of saying that the body needs to heal. She may come out of it anytime depending on the reason. Make sure you visit and talk to her, maybe play some of her favourite music, something familiar is proven to help. Best of Luck, let us know how she's doing!!

Aman J Singh
God will help you. god is there for everyone. Have Faith my child.

danny d
talk to a pastor or minister and pray for her recovery!

hi naila its rgsiguana, im so sorry what happened to your aunt, and i send my deepest condolences and will pray for her and your family for her to get out of the coma and get better so she may enjoy her life with you all again. i know you say she is in a coma and what you can do is whene you see her talk to her by her side and reassure her that you are all their waiting for her to come back to you all and just be with her and pray to god that everything will be okay. i will pray for all of you and god bless you all, rgsiguana

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