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 Im not diabetic...but my urine is clear..that is good right?
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 Blood suger level 222 at 14, should i get this checked out?
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 Why do some injections with the same type of needle hurt and others do not?
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 About diabetes and drinking alcohol?
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 How did i get diabetes?
ok so i ve had type 1 diabetes for about 3 years know and im 16 and i got it in the 7th grade and my whole life ive been really healthy didnt drink regular soda or eat candy. and then i started to ...

Is there a cure for diabetes ?
If a person gets diabetes is it possible to cure it or should one be recoinciled with leiving with the disease lifelong ?

Diabetes has no cure. You either control it following a diet or by insuline. If you follow a very strict diet you are going to have a quite normal life

No there is no cure and i guess no prevention either. u just need t control it, by having a good diet, exercise / physical activity and regular check ups.

Jimmy Vito
My mom had diabetes and at the time there was no cure. It is possible that if you have a kidney and pancreas transplant that you can aleviate the symptoms, I think. There might be another organ that needs to be transplanted as well. However, with diabetes, the risk of organ rejection is greater

Type 2 diabetes can indeed be reversed (although the pharmaceutical industry doesn't want that to be known because they'll lose out on the sale of profitable drugs and testing supplies). Lose weight, exercise and get your blood sugars back into the normal range. Once you do this, your blood sugars will normalize and auto-regulate again. Chances are, a type 2 diabetic needs to control insulin resistance through weight loss and exercise and dietary modification. But yes, once your body auto-regulates again, it means that you no longer have diabetes, even though the medical establishment will not tell you this in an attempt to make more money off you. I recommend the natural health sites below for your research into controlling and eliminating diabetes. The first thing to understand is that a low-grain (or no-grain) diet is the best thing. Good luck!

[email protected]
there is no cure yet..... however mny way to keep it under control . Talk to your Dr. about this

there is no cure for diabetes. you just have to eat right and follow doctor's orders. i don't think there will ever be a cure because no one cares about curing diabetes unless they have it. everyone else cares about curing AIDS and cancer.

Sorry but there is no cure for diabetes nor the common cold. But when they find a cure...let the rest know!

[email protected]
there is hope that a pancreas transplant may work no cure at present research being done

yeah there is...consult ur DR. (=

A Type II can reverse their condition and get back to living with no medication. They will probably have to control food intake and exercise for the rest of their lives.

They are the lucky ones. Type I is forever-no cure, no matter how well controlled you are. Nothing but a pancreas transplant can fix it, but then you are stuck taking anti-rejection drugs for the rest of your life.

Doris D
no there is no cure for type 1 and i really dont think there is one for type 2 one should be reconciled to living with it for the rest of there life. Lived through the pancrese transplant and it didnt work either. ive heard there going to try stem cell research next. all i can say is good luck to them.

[email protected]
I have been told with proper diet and Exercise along with a supplement u can get at Universal Supplements.com called Elleotin, that u can get rid of diabetes. I used it 3 months and my blood sugar levels were normal. But , I stopped. I am currently starting to use it again. But, right now have a money problem. It cost about $74 for a month supply. i have been told to double my dosage. They also have a doctors name at this site who can give u more information, if u email him and request it.

The Proven Natural Cure for Diabetes

The diagnosing, treatment, and testing of Diabetes brings in over $10 Million Dollars every single hour of the day to Doctors, Pharmaceutical companies, and testing supply businesses. With that kind of money at stake Big Pharma is going to extreme lengths to silence information about natural alternatives for treating diabetes. It's been widely reported that one company that was having successful results with an herbal treatment was offered $30,000,000 to take the product off the market. Fortunately the recent groundswell of interest in natural medicine has made it possible for companies with successful products to resist such pressure.

Recently in books, on the internet and TV there's been a lot of talk about a possible natural cure for diabetes. A combination of herbs researched at a Canadian University for over 20 years was hailed by the Asian Diabetic Association as "The Final Cure for Diabetes" Indeed there is recent research that shows that there is a natural diabetes remedy can regulate blood sugar and in many cases eliminate the need for painful injections. The herbs Banaba, Guggle, Bitter Melon, Licorice extract, Cinnamon herb powder, Gymnema Sylvestre, Yarrow, cayenne, Juniper Berries, Huckleberry, and Vanadyl Sulfate each have an important role to play in a scientifically engineered formulation that has been proven to be successful in going to the cellular level to lower your blood sugar level, lower your insulin resistance, and increase insulin production. This scientifically proven formulation is currently available under the brand name Diamaxol.
(Note: Originally this was called Diabeticine until the FDA forced them to rename it just because the name implied it could help diabetics, which it does... That's just how crazy these regulations are getting)

An inside source recently informed us-

"The recent explosion of interest in next generation alternative medicine has vastly increased the demand for our products. We don't have anything close to the marketing budget of a pharmaceutical company so we rely mainly on word of mouth from satisfied customers. Quite simply the success of our business relies on having products that work. We have the clinical studies and the satisfied customers to back that up and word is spreading fast thanks mainly to the growing interest in alternative medicine on the internet. We've developed our products with real doctors who have a passion for healing patients vs. just treating their symptoms. Instead of simply combining herbs they've discovered how to dramatically increase the potency of natural ingredients used for thousands of years in treating diabetes through the science of molecular bonding. Diamaxol acts at the cellular level to attack the root cause of the disease and this is why it is so effective vs. drugs which merely mask the symptoms. In addition, because it's created with all-natural ingredients it has none of the dangerous side-effects of synthetic drugs."

Diamaxol, along with a healthy lifestyle, has been shown to be 99% effective for Type 2 diabetes and 64% effective for Type 1 diabetes at reversing the root cause of diabetes, based on clinical studies and over two years of use. Currently it is still available in most countries without a prescription.

>>> Important News Update 7/24/06! - It has come to our attention that Canada has now classed one of the safe, natural ingredients of Diamaxol, l-carnatine, (which by the way is found naturally in many of the foods you eat everyday) as a Drug??? available now by prescription only! If Big Pharma has its way the USA could soon follow. If this and other supplements are available by prescription only it would force the formulators to either remove these key ingredients and sell a much less effective product or raise prices 300-400%!

Are you starting to get the picture now? This is the way Big Pharma intends to drive natural medicines like Diamaxol off the market! Render them ineffective by taking away their key ingredients or force manufacturing costs through the roof to make them unaffordable! Why? because these next generation alternative medicines are simply safer and more effective than their ultra-expensive synthetic drugs and word is spreading fast. Add to that the fact that they are freely available without a prescription and at a fraction of the cost and you can easily see why they'd want to eliminate this threat to their astronomical profits.

Fortunately, there is still strong resistance to these attempts to take away our health care choices here in the USA! (The Resistance in Canada and Europe is growing now too) We encourage you to spread the word about what's happening - as only public awareness and support for these advanced natural medicines like Diamaxol from the millions of people who have and will benefit from them can fight the deep pockets of Big Pharma!

There is no "cure" but there are ways to control it. Some people, by making drastic changes to their diet and exercising daily, are able to quit taking prescription drugs for it. I've never heard of anyone being able to stop using medications simply by taking herbs or vitamins/minerals though there's a lot of people saying chinnamon or Chromium will help lower people's blood sugar levels.

A local massage therapist claims a woman was able to stop taking her diabetes medications after doing a parasite cleanse because parasites were causing her condition but I find that hard to believe. (On the other hand, I'm going to do a parasite cleanse just to see if it does anything and, if I do get "cured," then I'll happily come and amend my answer, LOL! Heck, my doctor might write it up for the medical journals!)

There are diabetics who get "better" and think "OK, now I can eat anything I want" but they're just kidding themselves. You don't "cure" it, you "control" it.

Careful with people claiming to have "cures" because there's lots of folks out there preying on our fears and they'll just part you from your money.

I got my diabetes under better control by cutting out the carbs, doing LOTS of exercise but I'm still on meds and probably will be the rest of my life. I don't know, maybe if I lose some more weight, I'll need less medicine or none. But I can't go back to my old eating habits, ever.

Good luck!

There is no cure. You have to learn to manage the disease properly for the rest of your life. Check your blood sugar regularly, eat the proper foods take the medication prescribed by your doctor. If it is not taken care of, it can lead to blindness, diabetic coma, peripheral neuropathy--which can cause leg amputation.

This will help: http://www.diabetes.org/home.jsp

Consider yourself in a vast experiment.

The incident of diabetes is greater in America now than at any time in the history of mankind.

Only the most ignorant fool would not want to know why.

We eat food cooked in microwave ovens, we buy food with artificial ingredients including sucralose and monosodium glutamate which are suspects as contributors to the diabetes problem. Sucralose is made from sugar, but doesn't digest. Is this causing the body's normal blood-sugar regulating mechanisms to cease production? Not known.

Monosodium Glutamate's only function as a food additive is to serve as an appetite stimulant. After all, if you're already eating a product with this as an ingredient, when your appetite is stimulated, you're going to eat more of the same, aren't you? If you listen closely, you can hear the cash register over at Campbells . . . wait for it . . . cha ching! Mm mmm good!

Few understand the powerful lobby that is the food industry.

If you want to cure your diabetes, eat natural, exercise and control your weight. And don't forget to take your vitamins and minerals.

there is no cure for diabetes, treatments can keep it under control and prevent complications, good luck

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