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Kimberly V
Is my daugthers blood sugar level high?
Took my daughter to the ER for some problems on Friday. They ran all sorts of tests on her that nite. One thing the dr. was concerned about was her blood sugar level. She is 9 years old and it was at 149. Does anyone know what it should be? They re tested her today and I will have the results in a day or 2
Additional Details
I don't know a whole lot about this but I do know that 180 is so not normal..

that is so not high the normal rate is 180

normal is 60 to 120 or so, though individual labs will have different normals. Anything could make the blood sugar high (not just diabetes). If she had a fever or some sort of infection, her blood sugar levels could be high. Also, I assume she has not been fasting; it could simply be that she had just eaten something. It sounds though like you're in good hands with your doctor. Hope it helps some.

the Normal range is between 70-120

I would keep a eye on her sugar levels.

Mikey M
Normal glucose levels fall between 70 and 150 mg. Levels typically are lower in the morning, and rise after meals. Blood sugar levels falling consistently above 150 are indicative of hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar. Chronic low levels, falling below 70, characterize hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Hypoglycemia is a potentially fatal condition. Symptoms of this condition are lethargy, impaired mental functioning, irritability and loss of consciousness. Persistent hyperglycemia results in diabetes mellitus, which is the most common disease related to blood sugar regulation failure. Diabetes can cause eye, kidney and nerve damage.

Stacy M
it depends on what she has eaten and how long before the test-----80-120 is normal but if she had something sugar laden,it could be higher----now if she hasn't eaten for about 8-10 hours and the test is like 200,worry then----best thing to do would be to talk to a dr----where ur child is concerned,please don't depend on help from strangers on the internet

Emyline Yvonne
When was your daughter last meal before she was been checked? Usually, the blood sugar level will return to normal in 2 hour time after meal. Like my body is having some problem with the use of glucose. I am not diabetes yet because my blood glucose result are usually high but I go for a further check up and finally my doctor told me I am just having some problem with it. My body can still produce enough insulin but it do take a longer time for it.

I'm type 1 diabetic, and my doctor wants it to be between 100 and 150....although normal for me is 80-180, according to my doctor. Above 180 can do damage to your body.

normal range is between 70-110 but it is fasting glucose level , like you said below 180 is normal if she eats something before the test, but this test is not specific and not much valid, and your daughter should do much specific tests like hemoglobin A1C, which would say how was her glucose controlled in last 3-4 months, take care

Poet G
Average fasting level is 70. 100 would not be too high. 149 is on the lower side of high, but in a child it's kind of unusual, so they are wise to get it checked out. It could have been a temporary spike, which happens from time to time even in people that don't have diabetes. Get it checked out, but don't worry too much in the meantime.

[email protected]
149 sugar is very high you must control it you doctor can lower with drugs you must change her died, no macaroni's or any starches lick pared ,rice,Cokes or any sugar drinks

Her sugar was probably high because she had something else going on
IE the emergency room visit
Have her checked when shes feeling well
Im type 2 and i know my levels go up when im sick or injured
180 is normal?
Where do you live?
With willie wonka in his choclate factory?

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