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Is it safe to get an ear peircing if I am diabetic?
I am 14 and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 6 months ago. Just wondering if getting an ear ring would be ok.


Ray z
that has to do with your blood not your ears i think well i think its ok


i wouldnt recomend it!

If you are talking about having the cartilage of your ear pierced, I would check it out with your doctor first. Since you have just been diagnosed, your system is still trying to process how to function without your own insulin. That is very taxing and causes other organs to overwork to compensate. It slows down the healing process and could result in an infection of the area you want pierced.

Truly, I would wait at least a year to allow your body to "heal" and to adjust to your diabetes. Once you have gotten it under control and understand it, then, as long as you have the okay by your parents and your doctor...GO FOR IT!!

Merry Christmas Sweetie!! :-)

Mike M

circulation problems in diabetics are generally in the extremities: feet and legs mostly. you may heal more slowly but you're young. your main problem is controlling your weight and blood sugar, thru diet if at all possible, but do EVERYTHING the doctor recommends, including exercise. you can live a long and relatively healthy life with this disease, but not if you're careless. good luck

Betrayed and Insane
it will be fine if you do.

Lemme guess
The risk with ear piercing to a diabetic is infection caused by poor circulation. Since you've only had type 1 for a few months, that's just not going to be a problem. Make sure it's kept very clean and be very clear to the people doing the piercing that everything must be very clean.

Go for it, you'll be fine.

Heavily Armed
u will be ok!

my aunt was diabetic at age 11 and she has you ears pierced i would still ask you doctor i really don't see anything that would cause a problem because diabetes is link to sugar and not piercing you can also ask the person before you get pierced what they would suggest.

^^^ she is right, talk to your doctor first off.

♥ keeplovealive ♥
Yep, that's fine.

Suzie H
You are always at a risk of infection when you have piercings of any kind and being a diabetic you are at a much higher risk. You can buy beautiful ear rings that work on ears that are not pierced. Many of them make it look like your ears are pierced. Check some of them out. This is a good time to buy. My daughter had her ears pierced and now her ears hurt all the time. She has been fighting infection off and on and she is not diabetic. My mother had the same problem, so had to quit wearing them..

my best friend is 14 and at age 3 she was diagnosed with type 1 diabettes. She has had her ears pierced as long as i can remember (we have been friends since first grade) I dont think would be a problem but you may want to ask a doctor.

Diabetics are more susceptible to infection, but a simple ear piercing is common for diabetics to get. Like anyone else, you need to keep the piercing clean and keep an eye on it while it's healing.

I have diabetes and I have my ears pierced, though i got them pierced before I was diagnosed. it should be all right, but ask you doctor.

♥ Black Adder
I am type 2 (9 years) and I asked my doctor if I could get a anklet tattoo. She looked at me kind of funny and said she had never been asked before and that it was okay; that there is a slight increase in the risk of infection.

With diabetes the circulation is not as good in your extremities (legs/feet, arms/legs) but your ear lobes are mostly cartilage

Keep the piercing clean (the piercing place will advise) and you should have no problem.

If you are still uncomfortable, call the doctor's office and ask the staff to check with the doctor for you. You should not have to go in for a visit since you see the doctor on a regular basis.

It would be fine medically, but I would still ask your doc

Diabetes has to do with your pancreas and glucose levels - your ears don't affect it - go ahead.

rebekah r
i work in a nursing home and i come across a lot of residents with diabetes. so yeah and no you just need to take the medication on it cause it would just take longer to heal. and you don't want it to go infected you know. its very ez for infections with diabetic

yes it would be ok, as long as it doesnt get infected.
keep it clean!

15 & Loving It!
It should be fine. But for sure, check with your doctor first!!!

Best wishes and happy holidays!!!

I wouldn't suggest it...due to circulation issues..but to be on the safe side call your doctor and ask.

Dont take any chances go to a doctor becaues if u get an effiction ur diabeates can kick in and make it worse.....

dont ask us!!! Ask a doctor!!!

umm try talking to ur doctor! it would b a good idea

You should ask your doctor. We're not doctors - and if anyone says they are, they could be lying!

Not a good move! You are too susceptible to infection.

go for it...you should have no problem

um it probbaly would, but just in case i would ask your diabitic doc. if you can. Doctors will no the most so instead of asking us, ask him, becase if u cant and someone says u can. and something goes wrong. it could be life threatining.

Mr. Peachy®
It appears that a little common sense is in order here....

How well do you control your blood glucose? How well do you heal from cuts and scrapes?

You see, the truth is that not all diabetics are the same. For those of us who control our blood glucose well, the risks are small. The risks increase in proportion to your average blood glucose levels. If your HbA1C is less than 6, for example, I would say, go ahead... but use care to prevent infection. If your A1C were more than 7, then I would say, don't do it.

If there's any doubt at all, then (by all means) see your doc. He should have those numbers on his charts.

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