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 What do they do to test for diabetes, and should I be tested?
My mother and grandfather have diabetes (not the kind where you take insulin). I don't think I have it, but I'm not sure.

I tend to get really sick if I go without eating for a ...

 Metformin 500mg?
Dr started me out on Metformin, 1 a day for 2 days than 2 a day 500 mg each, this is the third day after checking my sugar levels, they have been low, today after my meal I got a reading of 59, ...

 My foster mom has pain in her feet from diabetes. what should i tell her to do?

 Ok I've got my meter down to 103 am's, so Am I needing lower scores?
I read in Isreal they think after a study of normal men your blood sugar should be 85. I just got mine down from 535 and the diet is tough but doable. I was hoping I wouldn't have to add ...

 Hello, my son is type 1 diabetic. Does anyone know other foods besides peanut butter to stabalize blood sugar.
Peanut butter is very fatty , but it is great for stabalizing his blood sugar. I would really like to know if there are any other foods that can do the same thing, so I can give him a variety....

 Can diebetes attribute the following symtoms.?
Low blood sugar can it cause you to zone out and feel like your knees are buckling.

Sometimes I get lightheaded and visual disturbances.

Very moody and constant sweating as well ...

 Is it healthy to be on birth controll or are there alot of side effects?

 I have a fasting blood sugar of 150..does this mean I have diabetes? Have not seen doctor yet?

 How to convince diabetic father in law to go to the doctor?
Hi! I was wonderinh how to convince my diabetic father in law to go to the doctor. He started feeling sick last Friday. He had horrible mouth pain. He went to the dentist and they took x-rays and ...

 Am I diabetic?!?
I have been feeling dizzy for about 2 months now(it started all of a sudden one evening), I can not focus, I have these crisis of diziness where I barely resist on my feet. The doctors did a CT, MRI,...

 How to get Diabetes?
can i get diabetes from eating alot of sugar? im 15
Additional Details
Oh yea and I also dont excersise very much :P the only time i ...

 Does a diabetics' breath a particular odor to it?

 How do i help the circulation in my arms and legs?I'm having extreme pain in them...help please?

Additional Details
Thanks for your answers...
i'm not trying to get diagnosed.
i was just looking for people that have ...

 Is soy harmful?
I have been diagnosed with hypoglycemia.I have been advised to take high protien diet and complex carbohydrate.
I am a pure vegetarian.My dietician suggested me to take soybean in the form of ...

 If you are diabetic can you see the sugar in your urine?

 Diabetic and belly piercing question.?
I am diabetic and i was wondering if i it was ok for me to get my belly button pierced? Can someone please help me with this. I dont have medical insurance. So i cant go ask a doctor....

 How low of blood sugar can a Type II diabetic have before going into a coma?
My husband has type II diabetes, he is on Metformin and Glyburide. He is now getting far more excersise and eating healthier, but has not adjusted medication. The other morning he woke up because he ...

 Type 2 Diabetes?
Hi,quick question,my grandfather had (using the term had because he passed away) type 2 diabetes,I also just found out that my aunt has type 2 diabetes too.Maybe more people in my family have ...

 Pre-diabetic, I just dont understand any of it or what to do about it?
Ok, so I went to the doctor she says I am borderline or pre-diabetic. I bought a blood tester (sorry not sure the actual name for it). Ive checked my blood sugar first thing in the morning it can ...

 I am 54 don't drink not o weight i have type one dbts i cant give up sugar how bad could this be?

Is it possible to get diabetes when I'm normal weight and young?
Well, I'm just having some suspicions. I am trying my best to eat as healthy as possible but often I can't because of my eating disorder. I'm exercise bulimic. I binge on sweets, then get freaked out and exercise 3 hours. And that's like every day...

Still, could I get/have diabetes? I'm 5'7 and weight 109 lbs. I may sound thin but I look extremely unfit, all flabby and fat. Anyways, I always get sleepy after eating, whenever I start eating I can't stop, most of my body weight is around my waist.
Additional Details
My grandma and aunt have it.
Fatigue. Like, I'm able to sleep the entire day. I have done it. Though, I woke up couple times for like half an hour.
Blurry vision, sometimes
Nausea, especially at night. I sometimes wake up feeling sick.
I'm thirsty only when I binge on sweets, but that's probably because of the salt content.
Also, I'm dizzy after eating sweets.

51% of all diabetics are underweight when diagnosed!!! Age has nothing to do with diabetes diagnosis!!

You are not being totally healthy if you are binge eating sweets then binge exercising to get rid of the percieved harm from them.

Sweets do NOT cause diabetes. Your genetic make up declares you have a 20% better chance of getting it.

At 109 pounds and 5'7", you are a little skin stretched over bones!! You need to go have a complete physical including blood analysis. You may need some psychiatric help also with your attitude!!

Get some help!!!

I'm so sweet I need insulin
There are two types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. Although they are both forms of diabetes, they are two different diseases. Only 5%-10% of all diabetics have type 1.

Type 1 is an auto-immune disease and usually occurs in childhood or adolescents, which is why it used to be called Juvenile Diabetes. It's not caused from eating too much junk food, sugar, or having a poor lifestyle. There is nothing you can do to prevent type 1 diabetes and there is currently no cure, although scientists say they are very close. Most people are usually thin when they're diagnosed with type 1.

Type 2 on the other hand, usually developes in adults and developes slowy over a period of time, although because of unhealthy lifestyle, more and more children are being diagnosed with type 2. Diagnoses of this type can be caused by obesity or by poor diet and lifestyle, although that is not always the case. You also have a higher chance of developing it if it runs in your family. Type 2 actually can be prevented.

Here are some of the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes. Some of them might apply to type 2 also, but I'm not completely sure...

*Increased thirst
*Frequent urination
*Increased appetite
*Drowsiness, Lethargy
*Sudden weight loss
*Sugar in urine
*Sudden vision changes
*Heavy, labored breathing
*Stupor, Unconsciousness
*Fruity, Sweet, or wine - like odor on breath

Hope this helps!

Yes, it is possible to have diabetes even though you are thin and young. If any one in your family like your parents or grandparents have it, then your chances of getting it is greater.

Your symptoms don't sound like diabetes, they sound like the beginnings of anorexia nervosa. A healthy weight for your height is between 130-140. At 109 lbs., your body mass index is only 17.1.

Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

There is no way you could be flabby with 3 hours of exercise every day...you have a body dysmorphic disorder, where you are unable to see your body as it really is. Your mind adds fat where there is none. Ask your doctor for a referral to a nutritionist and see where you go from there. I'm concerned for you...you are going to cause permanent heart damage and risk your life if you don't put on a little weight. Your body has no energy to run on, that's what your symptoms are about.

Nick M
yes you dont have to be fat to be diabaetic my sister has type 1 and shes normal weight.
some symptoms
-excessive urination
-etc look on webmd.com

**~Maybe Love Is Not For Me~**
yes, its possible, go see a doc if you are worried!

I ن٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥ﺎ
I'm ten and have had diabetes for 7 months. I'm 5'0 and 78 lbs. I was shocked when they said "your in a state of DKA" that means DIABETIC KETO ACIDOSES. If we were to wait another hour...hour and a half I could've been shocked into a coma.

How much body weight could you possibly have you only weigh 109 pounds. You need to worry more about your eating disorder more than diabetes. But the answer to your story is yes you could have Type 1 diabetes. What symptoms makes you suspect you have it?

Yes, it is very possible. I was 22 when i was diagnosed and had no other medical problems and have the same weight and height at 22 as i do now. I also had no one else in my family to have the condition. If you think that you may be developing symptoms get to your dr and have them test you. This will help diagnose your problem....Hope this helps

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