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Im not diabetic...but my urine is clear..that is good right?
I dont drink ALOT of water/diet juice....but I do drink throughout the day some.

if you were diabetic your urine would have a sweet or fruity smell to it

Clear urine only indicates there is probably no infection present. The urine gets cloudy (you can't see through it when present in a urine cup) with infections. The color of your urine is more indicative of how much fluids you are drinking per day. Dark yellow or amber colored urine indicates you are not drinking enough water each day; medium yellow is average and light yellow or straw colored indicates that you are drinking plenty of water.

fieldhockey chick <3
Clear urine just means there is more water in your urine.

Urine is made up of mainly 2 things. 1) Ureta 2)water.

When it is more yellow, you need to drink more water. So in conclusion, yes -- it is perfectly healthy to have clear urine.

p.s. one of the first signs of diabetes if urinating more then average. If you are, then I would go to the doctors and get some tests done. You don't need a blood test, just a sample of your urine.

Not to worry

Temperance in flight
If you drink a lot of water then you urine will become clear however it have have worries about it and want to be certain nothing is array talk to your GP. A quick urine test will rule out anything which may be causing you to urinate more than usual i.e water infection

Lacey G's Stalker :))
First let me explain the characteristics of urine:
1. Clarity:
a. Cloudy urine = has sediments, cloudiness, and could be an infection or dehydration and possibly a problem with the kidneys
b. Clear urine = if it were in a glass, you could see through it.. this is how your urine should be
2. Color:
a. Color of urine can range from very pale, almost no color at all, to orange, to dark amber like tea
b. Color can be an indicator of how hydrated you are... if you haven't been drinking and you are dehydrated your urine can be very dark yellow, or even orange or amber.
c. If you drink enough, and keep hydrated, your urine will be clear and pale or light yellow... this is healthy... Remember you should be drinking about 2000 ml a day, which is equal to 2 liters.
a. Urine has a mild odor which is familiar to most people.
b. If urine has a distinct, foul, awful odor it can mean an infection.

Risk factors for Diabetes include:
1. Being overweight... especially if you carry most of your weight around your midsection.
2. Age... the older you are the more likely to develop diabetes.
3. Diet... eating junk foods and processed foods will predispose you to being overweight which increases chance of being diabetic.
4. Exercise... lack of exercise increases likelihood of becoming diabetic.
5. Family History... if you are related to someone who's diabetic, you may be more prone as well.

Early signs that you might be Diabetic:
1. Polydipsia: Drinking more than usual... always feeling thirsty
2. Polyuria: Urinating more frequently than usual
3. Blurred Vision
4. Recurring Bladder or Yeast infections
5. Sores or wounds that do not heal or very slow to heal

If the risk factors or signs/symptoms of diabetes relate to you... you may want to ask your doctor for a test... its a very simple test... everyone over 30 should have this test.

Good Luck,
Nurse Angie

no one can answer you from the information you have given. If diabetes is a concern for you, get your blood tested and find out for sure.

I would not be overly worried about clear urine if you are otherwise feeling well. As many have said, this is usually an indication that you are properly hydrated and that your urine is not excessively concentrated. When I was in Kuwait (where it can get to be over 140 degrees) we were encouraged to keep drinking fluids until our urine was clear. Now, with all the sweating no one could possibly keep down that much water unless they had nothing else to do all day but drink but you get my point.

As the RNs have said, the clarity or concentration has nothing to do whatsoever with diabetes in which the typical finding in the urine would be excessive glucose (overwhelms kidneys' retention capacity) and microproteinuria (doc speak for too much protein in the urine). Way back in the day, wayyyy back in the day, some docs actually would dip a finger in the urine and taste it since the urine of diabetics was sweet due to the excessive glucose. NO ONE does that anymore, I present it as an interesting fact but not something to try.

There are some illnesses where people can have trouble concentrating their urine. One of these illnesses is called diabetes insipidus, which is a totally different type of diabetes and utterly unrelated. Its also not particularly common though some medications can precipitate it.

What I would say is that if you are feeling fine, there is probably absolutely no reason whatsoever to get bent out of shape about your urine being clear.

light colored urine is good, if it is darker it means you are not getting enough fluids but that doesn't mean you don't have diabetes. Do you urinate a lot. You really need to have your blood sugar tested. A diabetic i am

Clear isn't the problem, it's good. Yellow means you don't drink enough. If there's sugar in the urine (and only a test can tell that), then you should persue glucose testing.

Evidently you drink enough to make your urine pale. It is quite alright for pale urine. Your kidneys are working good.

The less you drink, the stronger odor and darker yellow your urine is. It is good that you drink throughout the day. VERY GOOD FOR YOU!!! We could all take a lesson,.

There are other symptoms of diabetes including drinking to where you are carrying a glass of water around all the time. You are generally feeling hot, so it might be ice water.

You are very hungry all the time, but feeling tired most of the time. You may be over weight. Oftentimes there is a family history of diabetes.

If you have these symptoms, see your MD for diabetic testing.

I am an RN

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