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 Hello, my son is type 1 diabetic. Does anyone know other foods besides peanut butter to stabalize blood sugar.
Peanut butter is very fatty , but it is great for stabalizing his blood sugar. I would really like to know if there are any other foods that can do the same thing, so I can give him a variety....

 Can diebetes attribute the following symtoms.?
Low blood sugar can it cause you to zone out and feel like your knees are buckling.

Sometimes I get lightheaded and visual disturbances.

Very moody and constant sweating as well ...

 Is it healthy to be on birth controll or are there alot of side effects?

 I have a fasting blood sugar of 150..does this mean I have diabetes? Have not seen doctor yet?

 How to convince diabetic father in law to go to the doctor?
Hi! I was wonderinh how to convince my diabetic father in law to go to the doctor. He started feeling sick last Friday. He had horrible mouth pain. He went to the dentist and they took x-rays and ...

 Am I diabetic?!?
I have been feeling dizzy for about 2 months now(it started all of a sudden one evening), I can not focus, I have these crisis of diziness where I barely resist on my feet. The doctors did a CT, MRI,...

 How to get Diabetes?
can i get diabetes from eating alot of sugar? im 15
Additional Details
Oh yea and I also dont excersise very much :P the only time i ...

 Does a diabetics' breath a particular odor to it?

 How do i help the circulation in my arms and legs?I'm having extreme pain in them...help please?

Additional Details
Thanks for your answers...
i'm not trying to get diagnosed.
i was just looking for people that have ...

 Is soy harmful?
I have been diagnosed with hypoglycemia.I have been advised to take high protien diet and complex carbohydrate.
I am a pure vegetarian.My dietician suggested me to take soybean in the form of ...

 If you are diabetic can you see the sugar in your urine?

 Diabetic and belly piercing question.?
I am diabetic and i was wondering if i it was ok for me to get my belly button pierced? Can someone please help me with this. I dont have medical insurance. So i cant go ask a doctor....

 How low of blood sugar can a Type II diabetic have before going into a coma?
My husband has type II diabetes, he is on Metformin and Glyburide. He is now getting far more excersise and eating healthier, but has not adjusted medication. The other morning he woke up because he ...

 Type 2 Diabetes?
Hi,quick question,my grandfather had (using the term had because he passed away) type 2 diabetes,I also just found out that my aunt has type 2 diabetes too.Maybe more people in my family have ...

 Pre-diabetic, I just dont understand any of it or what to do about it?
Ok, so I went to the doctor she says I am borderline or pre-diabetic. I bought a blood tester (sorry not sure the actual name for it). Ive checked my blood sugar first thing in the morning it can ...

 I am 54 don't drink not o weight i have type one dbts i cant give up sugar how bad could this be?

 Diabetes - my friend died?
my friend had type 2 diabetes, was very fit and healthy, was not overweight, and took good care of himself, but he died at christmas last year, in his sleep, and i was wondering could ...

 Why is it that a long acting basil insulin like Levemir need to dosed in the evening?
From my understanding hypoglycemia is common in the evening for diabetics and long acting basil insulin side effect is hypoglycemia. So why would labeling recommend it be dosed in the evening?...

 Life span for diabetes people?
I have diabetes ,i am 30 years old .I take insulin shots .Doctor told me that the cells of my pancrease dont produce insulin anymore .
I would like to know the life span for diabetes people like ...

 Are these symptoms of hypoglycemia?
Okay if I don't eat for 3 hours I get REALLY tired like I just took a sleeping pill even after having a vente starbucks drink. And I feel nervous and anxious, shaky, difficulty focusing, ...

Beau†iful Nightmare
Im a diabetic, and i was wondering if this ia an ok blood sugar for me?
my blood sugar is 85, and i have a headache...is my blood sugar too low?

amanda f
my mom is a diabetic and last Saturday. her blood sugar was 80 and she blacked out. so u need 2 eat some sugar.

yes im diabetic too it is too low talk to your doctor or eat sugar things to get it back if its too low or too high the effects can be fatal it happened to my friend

barbara g
no this is not ok it is to high are you on medication for this see your doctor.i am also diabetic

Dorothy and Toto
It could be from low b/s. Eat a cookie or two and see if it goes away in a few minutes. If not, it could be dehydration--try drinking more water--pure water, not tap water.

I realize that conventional health care is necessary and appropriate. That having been said, there are also many things WE can do to overcome type II diabetes, and improve life as a Type I diabetic. I've been researching alternative medicine, and the amount of help that's available to diabetics is amazing.

Natural remedies are quite effective, and include:

Bitter Melon
Gymnema Sylvestre
Nopal cactus
american Ginseng
Chromium picolinate

Cinnamon regulates glucose, and has a polyphenol compound called MHCP that mimics insulin and activates cell receptor sites. A quarter teaspoon twice daily makes a difference. Fenugreek increases blood flow and inhibits the growth of infectious organisms. Everything on the list has a use in fighting diabetes. Learn how to use these herbs and don't fall victim to diabetes needlessly.You can find out about about them on line, or in a book I read cover to cover--

"One Son's Quest for the Cause and Cure of Diabetes", ISBN 7890766313

The author, a doctor, lost his mother to diabetes and spent the next 20 years finding a way to overcome it. My brother was dying of diabetes, and I was just starting to need insulin when we came across this definitive work which came out in February 2005. We both lead mostly normal lives now. It's a life saver, and the best money you'll ever spend on the subject if you decide to go that way.
You might want to check Abe Books, Alibri's, or Amazon.com for a good used copy cheap. I bought mine new, and I think it was about $35. I don't get any money from anybody for telling you this--just want to help, and the techniques in this book is what made the difference for me and mine. Best of luck.

Just recently found this 8-minute non-profit video http://www.rawfor30days.com/view.html , about diabetes diet. Click on the link, then click 'View Windows Media' to watch it.You'll be glad you saw it.

Peppermint Patti
probably for you. my son does not feel bad till about 70.

3D Farms
See your Doctor

my dr told me he wants to keep mine between 70 and 90... every dr says something little different.. but most depends on you and way you feel also.. talk to your dr about it. good luck

Your doctor should have given you a recommended target blood sugar range. For instance, mine is between 70 and 150. If you feel bad at 85, you can take a light snack to raise it just a little. 15 - 20 carbs should be sufficient.

Kate M
my friend is diabetic and the doctor recommended keeping her blood sugar between 100-180. Usually when her blood sugar is low she eats smarties which raises it up. i hope this helps!!

it's not too low, drink some orange juice.


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