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tracey l
I was diagnosed with type2 diabetes 3 months ago & told to change diet did this but i still feel the same, Y?
My symptoms are dinking uncontrolably, (needing the loo more) mood changes, dizziness, tiredness, sweating and shaking if i dont eat at regular times, something very sweet usually stops this, also, if I have had to much carbs or sugar i seem to shut down and end up asleep for hours. I would be very greatfull if anyone could give me some advise, on what else other than diet and exercise cos i cant go on like this for much longer.my last glucose test was 9.6 whatever that means.....

Cathy :)
Ok - firstly your symptoms: these could be cos your diet hasn't changed your blood sugar enough, or cos it's just taking a while for the symptoms to go away, or something that's not diabetes. Your dr should've tested you for things like a Thyroid prob, anaemia, a urine infection - incase this is causeing any of these symptoms so you could try asking about this.

There are 2 kinds of glucose tests that your dr should be doing - one is a random glucose test that shows you what your blood sugar was at that time, but also an HbA1c test which tells you what your blood sugar has been on average over the last 6 weeks or so. Either way, 9.6 is high, but it's not too bad - a random test is affected by when you last ate so might be higher than your average, ideally either should be down below 7.5 but don't worry it's v common for them to be much higher! Because your random test is so variable it is your HbA1c that your dr should be basing treatment on at this stage - ask them about this! Diabetes is a specialist subject n I'm sorry to say a lot of gps don't know much about it (they can't know everything!), so if they don't know what you're talking about, change n see a different dr!

What you're discribing when you're getting shakey etc. between meals is called a hypo. It's when you're blood sugar is too low so eating brings your blood sugar back up n you feel better. BUT (sorry to shout but this is important!) if you're not taking medication for your diabetes then you are definitely not having hypos!!! If you are taking medication ask your dr if you are at risk of hypos - if so they should've given you a blood meter so ask for one - check your blood sugar when you feel like this before you eat something so that you know what it is for sure. I often have hypos, but also get similar symptoms for other reasons - sometimes high blood sugar can give these symptoms, I think cos of dehydration; or if your blood sugar has dropped lower than you are used to, or has dropped quickly these can also cause symptoms. In these cases eating makes me feel better too so it's hard not too, but try chewing a sweet slowly or dried fruit, so that you eat less of the carbs and don't push your blood sugar up further! Also, make sure you drink pleanty of water (as I'm sure you are doing anyway!). It's v important to know if these are actually hypos or not cos treatment is v different either way - as I said if you don't take medication for your diabetes then these are not hypos, but spk to your doc anyway.

Eating too much (therefore having high blood sugar) can make you feel absolutely rubbish n v thirsty n tiard etc. so what you're describing is normal.

You really need to get on at your dr or sounds like you maybe need to see a different one - you may need tablets, or more or a diff kind of tablets if you're already on some - this isn't cos you've failed at your diet or nothing like that, it's just that your diabetes might have progressed passed the stage where it can be treated by diet alone. Type 2 diabetes is a degenerative dissorder so however 'good' you are it eventually progresses so that you need tablets etc. - this happens for diff people at diff rates.

I know diabetes totally sucs, but hang in there. High blood sugars can also make you v depressed so it feels even worse! Just focus on the fact that when you are on the right treatment you will be feeling so much better n prob better than you've felt in a long time :) Keep on at your doc n try a different dr once in a while (or perminantly) as a different oppinion can often help. Hope some of that helps - you've got lots of people here thinking of you - good luck xxx

jackie m
cut out the carbs and a diabetic doesn't take sugar?, 9.6 isn't too high for the symptoms you are having i would go back to the doctors, my partner has type 2 and has daily pills he has to take - if you need sugar for a boost it must be hypoglycemia - low sugar level, get a diet sheet from your doctor.

The test sounds like an A1C test it measures you glucose for the past 3 months 9.6 is high you should try for 7 or lower.

I seem to be writing this a lot lately but it's beyond important
you need a good team, including an endocrinologist, diabetics teacher and a nutritionist. It sounds as if your glucose is low at times, you should be testing with a glucose meter. Eating something sweet is not the answer, if you eat sweets what usually happens is you will feel better for a while and then your glucose can drop further or it you eat to much it will spike. Speak to your doctor he or she can give you a list of things to eat when you glucose is to low, I usually take glucose pills, you can get them without prescription, but please speak to your doctor first. When it comes to diabetes, you can't play around, I understand what you are going through I have type 2 also, I take insulin and I am on an insulin pump, what every your medications are please take them, and I know how it feels to stick yourself, I take my blood at least 5 times a day. Me who hated and couldn't stand the site of needles, it took me awhile, but it's really not that bad.
Good Luck!

judy s
This all depends on whether you are diet or pill controlled or both. It sounds like you need to see a diet specialist again n seek their advice. If you are tablet controlled you need to see the doctor and ask if they can try to have a look at your meds so that they adapt to you and your lifestyle.

James H
There is some useful advice here.

carpet guy
I have been a diabetic for 22 years and just found this website about 3months ago. This is a great website for diabetics.

Well the good thing is that you have type II which usually doesn't mean that you are insulin dependant and you have the chance to reverse it. You need to keep in mind that processed foods are BAD!!!! No further explanation really is needed if you didn't prepare it yourself, then you have no idea what you are putting in your body. Right now your body is producing insulin but not properly. You really need to keep and eye on your diet and make sure that you dedicate atleast 4 days of exercise a week. Now I am not talking spend three hours in the gym, but at least 45 minutes of brisk walking, or a light run. Something to keep your body active. Believe me you don't want to fall into the point of no return by becoming insulin dependant. You are at the stage hopefully were you are not. My cousin is type I and has literally abused her body for YEARS, and trust me at 46 years old she has the body and the strength of a 70 year old women. It deeply saddens me to see what she has done to herself!

Please see your doctor and get some guided instructions from a diet specialist and take care of yoursel

An A1c of 9 is VERY BAD !!! Your health is in serious danger!!! And you need to attend DIABETES CLASSES -- most all towns have them! DO NOT PUT THIS OFF, you need IMMEDIATE HELP from a DOCTOR and a DIABETES INSTRUCTOR!!!
You will need to learn to count carbs and you will have to learn how many carbs you can handle per day and how many carbs are in the food you eat. You will probably have to cut way back on your carbs. But you need help right away.
It doesnt sound like you're on any medication. Most diabetics (type #2) are put on Metformin, but I couldn't take it. it made me have bad reactions and Glipizide is the worst one they put me on -- I had EVERY BAD REACTION in the DOCTOR'S pdr reference book & almost wound up in hospital due to Glipizide. But everyone is different.
I finally found a good doctor who listened to me and she put me on Actos 30mg per day !!! It has been a MIRACLE DRUG for me!!! No bad reactions and controls my blood-sugar (diabetes) !!! If your doctor doesnt mind, have him/her try you on Actos first, it may spare you from any possible bad reactions that I went thru.
Most people do fine on Metformin or Glipizide, but they were very bad for me.
Actos was my answer !!!
But, PLEASE, go to the doctor or clinic today!!! Every moment you procrastinate harms your body !!!!!!!!!!

Steph j
You need to see a diabetic dietician for some guidance and support.
You really have to get it under control now, the effects of uncontrolled diabetes are horrendous. You need to be eating the right things regularly, not eating sweets to put the bad feelings right.
Go back to the doctor for more advice and education on your condition, you dont have it controlled yet and may need medication to help.
Good luck.

I know that you are looking for answers beyond diet and exercise but with the fact that you are "eating something very sweet" tells me that your diet is not at all under control. An A1c of 9.6 is very bad. It is proven that all the complications you hear about regarding diabetes (blindness, infections that lead to amputations) are as a result of uncontrolled diabetes and that the closer you get to the magic number of 6 the less your chances are of experiencing these terrible things.

You must go back to your doctor and ask for a referral to a diabetes education class. Most cities offer this in association with the American Diabetes Association. This is a beginner's guide to living with this disease and will give you the tools you need to manage. Another important aspect is that the class comes with a nutritionist that is certified in diabetic nutriton that will guide you to a proper diet for you.

Also, you don't mention meds...there may be some adjustments that need to be made there but you really need to be discussing this with your health care provider.

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